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we want to move to Ireland

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but we have no job lined up. How is the best way to go about moving over there without a job? I think what we learned before was that there is a minimum salary that you have to earn to be allowed to stay in the country and you have to prove to be making that amount before you can be granted permission to stay... or something like that. What do we need to know to move there? We tried to go with a missionary we know who lives there, but there were so many complications it didn't work out, so we just want to move over there and live - how hard is that?
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I would assume that that would depend on what you do for a living and whether that is in demand at this point, in order to get a visa. Typcially it's easier to get a job first...however, Ireland's jobless rate is REALLY high right now. So, unless you are able to find employment, and there are a lot of people who live there who are looking, it might not be a great time to move!
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I just got back from a visit to Ireland. The economy is collapsing, unemployment is rising daily, and the government is completely corrupt and incompetent. It would probably be a really bad idea to move there right now, sorry to tell you. The chances of getting a job are miniscule.
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Everyone here is moving elsewhere due to the reasons listed by the previous poster. It's impossible to find work at the moment, kids graduating from college are just emigrating.  We moved here from the US 8 years ago. I'm Irish by birth and my family is all here, but I grew up abroad and DH is American, we would move back to the US in a heartbeat if finances allowed.  We're also considering looking at Australia or New Zealand, there is nothing for us in Ireland.  

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there are a lot of people leaving but its also one of the best countries to be unemployed in as far as getting payments is concerned...possibly becuase we are so currupt...but aside fromt hat..i know opeople who have moved here to do courses in ireland they are full time payed courses...they just had to say they had been living here for the last nine months..if you cna find someone nice and corrupt and it wont be hard as verified above...to sya youve been living here for the last period of time you should do ok.if your from the eu that is...i dont know if you are....then you can sign up for a course and possibly job seekers benifit..if you ahve any family ailing relatives you coudl say you had to move here to look after them...or if you can find someone to give you a job on paper then youc an say you moved here for the job and then the job fell through leaving you destitute. the basic economy seems to work by the general principles of scamming.. blagging your way and generally pulling the wool over osmeones eyhes somewhere. of course there are some genuine people and msot of them opt to livein a civilized country that at least if it has harder rules sticks to them and doesnt blatently and constantly adn obviously bend them for their friends and colleagues. it also rains all the time..the general greeting is "miserable weather isnt it?" which can get you down as it sactually one of the nicest most temperate climates you will ever encounter if a little damp. housing and rents are also a balls at teh moment rent rates havent come down despite the flooded market..people are struglging to pay mortgages that have already been paid off by the tax payer and so cant afford to offer lower rates... accomadation can be fairly abysmal if you dont have money and arent entitles to benifits...if you dont mind living in remote areas there are cheap houses in counties cavan and leitrim whichare miels from anywhere but some of the more genuine places in ireland althoguh you will find abundant corruptiont here too..and coudl easily live here on a holiday viza doing some bodging esp if your american..you coudl set yourself up easily by blagging your way with an accent ..consultant financial advisor the the government is probably done by someone who blagged their way here on a holiday visa....you coudl also do woofing here for long enough to fulfill the tiem requirements on organic farms but to be honest if it doesnt work otu you coudl end up screwed so dont come over with no money and whatever you do keep hold of it in case you need to flee the country when it all goes belly up. thats my two and a bit cents anyway.

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We had the opportunity to move to Ireland in '06 - '07 with secure job opportunities for us both. We decided to stay in the UK for a few more years, I do kind of regret staying because now we can't move there because we'd never sell our house, we'd never get jobs there etc. Really, there is nothing in Ireland at the moment. What the people above me have said is so true. And it would be silly to pick up and move there unless you can get a job... which you probably won't be able to do. If I were you, i'd hold of for a few years. That's our plan

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