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Columbia MO Mamas Need relocation advice

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Our family will be moving to Columbia this fall for my husband to go to grad school. We are both raised Alaska kids and really have no clue about MO. Our biggest question is where do we look for housing? We must be with in 15min of the vet hospital. I want to really know where not to buy. Anything else about moving there in Aug and what I will need would be great.
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I don't have advice but just wanted to say that Columbia is really nice!!
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I live in Columbia. Depending on if you are renting or buying the areas to move to would be different.

Will you use the bus system or a car?

Also OT but for a pedi...Namaste Healthcare in Ashland. Can not say enough good enough stuff. Dr. Kate LISTENS to you. Not just hears you. I have been going there for about 2 years now. Wonderful ppl. On breastfeeding, she is super wonderful and has classes once a month for those who are new or considering and for those who are long time nursers. I nursed for three years with her "ok" She is vax friendly but tried to push the polio and chicken pox but was alright when I said no.

Our first appt was an hour long and most times they are about 30 minutes with close to no wait time...

OH and they caught a life threatnign problem in my neice that the main hospital missed at her birth. It was two holes in her heart. She ended up having open heart surgery that she would have DIED of if not for Dr. Kate being on her "A" game. She is my sisters kids pedi as well. We love her
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The Vet hosp is right on campus and traffic to/from can be REALLY rough during peak commute hours. If you want to be within fifteen minutes I'd try to stay in the area of campus or a surrounding neighborhood. Or some of the downtown areas/neighborhoods.

We love Columbia. I also second the rec for Namaste Health in Ashland.
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Thanks for the pedi advice. We are looking to buy in the end but are most likely going to rent at first until we find a place we like. We are trying to get a fairly cheap home as we are not planning on living their forever and will be on a very tight budget. We will both have cars in the end. We currently do not live in town and enjoy having an acre or more of land. I know in town this is not possible. So larger lot areas with less people is preferred and we cant do a place without a yard.

Also my husband was told that the city has a 2 dog limit per household. We currently have 4 dogs we would like to keep them and were wondering how strict they are about the number of dogs you have.

Thank you
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Not to steal your thread, but we are also possibly relocating to Columbia for my husband's job (professor). I'll be following this closely!
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I'd suggest you look around the hwy 63 corridor. You can get pretty far out into the country with low housing prices and lots of space while still being a 15 min or so drive from downtown.
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Thanks we were seen some lower priced houses out there but not sure how long the drive is.
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The lake of the woods area has large yards for chepaer prices. It is not really in city limits in some spots either. But easy to catch i-70 No access to city busses.

I live near "indian hills" and every one has rather large yards. This house is for rent just down the road from me. Literally a hop and a skip from a city park. http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/apa/1658236183.html It takes about 10 minutes to get to MU taking city streets.
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Hey guys, welcome to columbia!

I'd like to point out that Columbia isnt that large of a town so you aren't likely to every be more than 20 minutes out from campus. And that's like being out in really rural areas. My husband and I lived off route K which is what providence turns into if you go south enough and our drive to campus was about 15 mintues. I'm not off Providence on the norht end of town, same deal. There is a lot of student housing south on Providence and off Nifong, though this is mostly undergrad from what I understand so I'm not sure that it is exactly family friendly. The town is full of duplexes though, and finding somewhere to rent really shoulnd't be a problem. Columbia doesn't really have a *bad* area of town per say though some neighborhoods around Hickman are a little more sketchy than you'd expect. Even those aren't bad compared to some bigger places.

Ms. Kate is great and Dr. Early is great for mamas too. I love how they are two sisters, one NP and one doc. Just seems like a great family atmosphere. My kids aren't vaxxed and we didn't do well baby stuff so I don't get to see them very much but every time I've needed them, they've been great.
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we Just got back to columbia we moved for a year and relocated back to columbia and love it here. I agree with quietserena there are places were you would want to keep your eyes open and be aware but nothing horrible. I work on the nifong side of town and there are a ton of places really sprouting up out there. It is really pretty. The school isnt half bad either I am almost tempted when we move out of my mother in laws we might go over that way it does mean peanut will be in yet another school but atleast he is young.
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I know I'm late to the party and you've surely found yourselves a place to live, but I just joined the forums and wanted to add to the welcomes! Columbia's a great town. I have several friends who work in or have graduated from the vet school, and it seems like a great program. Best of luck to you guys as you settle in!
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