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doterra essential oils and supplements-- who uses them?

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I recently ordered some doterra supplements and an essential oils kit in hopes to help my mental and physical health. I love that the kits are available and the high quality of the oils. My husband though thinks I should look for the supplements elsewhere because he thinks they are too expensive (about $65 a month) I am willing to try anything, but I'm not sure a cheaper alternative is the best way to go, and I'm not sure I could even find these combinations elsewhere.

Does anyone else use doterra? What are your results? How do you like it? Is it worth the price to you?
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Do you have a link? I don't know of doterra.

I love Panserbjorne's new flower essence site: www.taylorhomeopathy.com

Oops, I see you mean oils, not dilutions.

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I use Young Living Essential Oils for 13 years and love them. I am familiar with how doterra started and am disappointed at the lack of integrity of the founder who pretty much studied under Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. I personally believe that the integrity of the company affects their products. Young Living has their own farms, Gary has decades of experience in farming, owns several patents in distilling and is motivated to educate everyone on the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I would not purchase 'cheap' essential oils as they are adulterated, diluted or chemical altered or created. 'Cheap' essential oils can cause more harm than if you never took them.

If you would like to discuss YLEO's I'm very happy to do so. I cannot recommend any oils by doterra.

To check out Young Living's website: www.youngliving.com.
Gary's blog: http://www.dgaryyoung.com/blog/

I think there are rules about me posting my business site, so I will refrain from that.

Both Young Living and doterra are mlm's so it is very important to choose wisely the person from whom you purchase.
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I don't sell any oils. We do use many Young Living oils and have heard both pro/con about their product and sales practices. But, we couldn't live without (expensive!) "Peace & Calming" as part of our bedtime routine.

I wonder if the herbal mamas might have some suggestions on making tinctures yourself to defray some of the costs? Or maybe there is a way to dilute the oils to last longer?

I'm going to take an herbal tincture course locally. Maybe your dh would be supportive of that?

Also, consider the flower essences, perhaps they are a cheaper way to meet your needs? Or consider posting for alternate suggestions (nutritional or health issues to consider?)

Here is more info about Bach Flower remedies: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...r#post14734615

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