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ISO friends in Elk River Area

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Zimmerman, Princeton, Elk River type areas.

I just moved out here and love it. But done have many friends I would love to have a meet up of some sort to get out of the house. With or without kids! I have a 3yo and expecting our 2nd.
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I live in Northfield, but my folks live in Princeton so we are up there several times a year. We also have a 3-year-old DD and would like to try again for a baby soon. I love the idea of a home birth before we're all done! Where do you live exactly?
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I live literally, right across the street from Elk River High School! Off of Hwy 10
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Oh, that's easy! My mom actually does a lot of teacher subbing at ERHS.
We won't be passing through for Easter, but maybe we can meet at a coffee shop or something the next time I'm passing through.

Congrats on the new baby coming!
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Sounds great! Let me know when you're around
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Hi I'm from St. Cloud which may be farther than you want to come, but would be happy to get together if you are ever up this way. Also, I know one of the moms currently comming to LLL meetings here is from Princeton and also looking for connections. If you pm me your e-mail address I could pass it on to her.
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Ill PM you, mama.
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Hey there Fanatic- I don't get around to Mothering all that often, but Carla Hartley asked me if knew you, so I looked you up...
Anyway, I'm in Cambridge, I go to Princeton a lot, Elk River sometimes. Many of my old friends live in P-town. I actually lived in Elk River for the first three years I was married, we were in the ugly brown brick apartments behind Cub foods. Nice to "meet" you!
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I am that Princeton person! I think we talked about getting together on here once before but I haven't been on in a while.

Anyway, I would love to meet up. Do you belong to the Y? We are always down there going to the Y. We could meet up there or hang out one day when we are down for that.

We're actually heading there around noon today. I will PM you my info so you can call me if you want to set up a day to meet.
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I just looked at this I would love to meet all of you, Vusmusi, Ill reply to your email
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I recently recieved this information and thought it might be appreciated here

Please pass this information on to any pregnant or nursing mothers you know in the Elk River area. The first meeting is Wed May 5th at 10am. Babies & children are welcome and moms are encouraged to attend to their kids during meetings.

La Leche League of Elk River
10:00 am 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month
Union Congregational Church
1118 4th St, Elk River
One block of Main St, across from Handke Center
Leaders - Michelle 763.391.7774 & Jessica 763.300.4295

If breastfeeding is so natural, why doesn't it seem to come naturally?

Sure, some moms do breastfeed and never experience any problems. But many of us need some help. In times gone by, before the 20th century, when every mother breastfed and families weren't so mobile, you'd turn to your mother, grandmother, or aunt for breastfeeding help. Unfortunately, today we've lost that breastfeeding community. That's where La Leche League steps in to fill the gap. If you're pregnant, try to think beyond the labor and birth of your baby, to the months of breastfeeding ahead of you. While you're pregnant is a good time to prepare, by going to several La Leche League meetings. It will help you build your support network.

La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.
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I got it! I wish it wasnt at 10am! Ill be able to attend once the little tyke gets here though.
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