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Low-lying placenta... grr!

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A lot of us have had our mid-point ultrasounds, so did anyone get the news of a low-lying placenta? The tech didn't tell me during the u/s, but my mw emailed me yesterday with the news. It's not covering the cervix at all, but it's close, though she said that it's highly likely that it will move up and out of the way by the end. I will have to have another u/s at around 32 weeks to make sure.

I'm not supposed to worry, but I'm bummed. I don't want for my birth plans to get messed up. Anyone else in the same (or worse?) boat?
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Im sorry to hear that you have a low lying placenta. The good news is, even complete placenta previa can resolve. You just have placenta previa. Not even partial. This will not cause a problem for delivery. You can be sure of that. Its not going to move downwards, only upwards and away from your cervix.
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I actually asked the tech specifically while she was measuring the placenta. She had the wand high up on my belly so I asked her if the placenta was up there at the top and she said it was.

I would try not to stress about it. I've never heard of a placenta deciding to move closer or over the cervix when it wasn't already covering part of it from the start.
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After I thought about it, I realized that I had seen the placenta way down low and that she even mentioned a few times that "there's the placenta, down there..." but it didn't even click. I wasn't thinking about placental issues at all since I haven't been bleeding.

I know you're both right -- there's little reason to worry. Odds are something like 95% that the placenta will move up, but the mw did say there is a slight chance it could move down.

It's a surprise because there was never anything even remotely high risk about my first pregnancy, and yet I worried all the time. I haven't been worrying much at all with this one, and then this happens.

But, it will be fine. I know it will.

Thanks for the support
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I had a similar diagnosis at my 18 week scan. Low lying- possible partial previa.

I had a 28 week scan and it was completely up and out of the way.

Honestly, it seems like such a long time ago and like not a big deal at all now that I'm well past it. But I remember it stressing me out at the time.

But chances are almost for sure that it'll move.
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I had partial placenta previa my last pregnancy and it resolved it self! I was so relieved!I think in most cases that is what it does. Hang in there! Anything is stressful when it is not in the "norm". Try to stay positive.
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ddc crashing...

I've read that pregnancy belts can encourage a low placenta to move upwards.
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just hang on to the likelihood that it will move UP not DOWN.
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I am sure you will be fine. The uterus stretches upwards from the cervix. I have never heard of a low lying placenta becoming a previa of any kind. Good luck!!!
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I hope it moves way up for you...I'm sure it will!

I had a partial previa in my 3rd pregnancy. It was covering about 1/2 my cervix at 12 weeks, and it was discovered because I had some copious spotting after sex. So, I went on pelvic rest. At the 20 week, it was low-lying, but had moved off the cervix, and by I think 28 weeks, it was totally up high and no longer an issue. I was quite concerned, as well. I pray everything straightens right up for you in that regard!
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I'm in the same boat. Just had my ultrasound today and the technician couldn't see exactly where the edge of the placenta was, but they knew it was very low and possibly partial previa. I'm going back in 3 weeks too to see if there are any developments.
I had to postpone a trip overseas just in case--the midwife said I wouldn't want to be stuck on a 12 hour flight with placenta previa. I also really hope it doesn't mess up a natural birth, but I'm going to try not to worry about it until I have to.
Btw, I had the same situation with my very first pregnancy, but it resolved itself.
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