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Molluscum contagiosum

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I think my 5 yo DD may have Molluscum contagiosum. I first noticed a couple of lesions end Dec. She has only about 5-6 lesions - all near her belly button and thigh, the largest one disappeared 2 weeks ago. Should I just wait for the others to disappear too or is there a natural cream I can apply? I thought about trying tea tree oil or should I just leave them alone? Thanks.
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My five-year-old has molluscum as well. The doctor recommended a natural cream called Black Cream which we used for several days. It is literally black and rubs off on clothes. It also smells like BBQ chicken cooking on a charcoal grill! We didn't stick with that very long! We are currently trying a liquid medicine called Zymaderm which I ordered online. It was recommended by the doctor and is applied sparingly to each bump twice a day. After using it for two weeks a few have gone away, but a few other have appeared, and others remain the same. From what I've read, the virus will run it's course, but it could take a year. In the meantime, it's contagious. Another option our ped. gave us is to freeze them off. If we don't see more progress in a couple of weeks, we may go that route. A friend whose son also has it was told by her dermatologist not to break them open or they will really spread. Her dermatologist is applying something to several bumps at a time which is supposed to make his body start building immunity to the virus to knock them out. Hope all this helps and good luck!
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my son had this as a baby. i went to a homeopathic doctor and it took us a few tries but when we got the correct remedy it just cleared right up. i don't remember the remedy as it was many years ago...
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