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buying CD's off Ebay?

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just wondering if others have bought diapers off Ebay. I was looking at one-size bamboo diapers but open to other materials...prices are cheap when they are not one of the main name brands of diapers (bummies, fuzzibuns, bum genius, etc) and you buy a lot of 6-10 diapers. It's just hard to know what the quality is like.
any recommendations from those who have bought these? how's the quality?
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I think you have answered your own question.. the reason why the main name brands are pricey on ebay is because everyone has a good idea of what their quality is like.. if you buy a no name brand, the quality is questionable..

personally I think ebay is a great place to find diapers that you ALREADY KNOW. Try one or two "off brands" and then if you like them buy them in quantity on ebay..
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Are they Kawaii diapers? If so, I have some and like them. I've only had them a couple months though.
There's one other brand of cheap diapers that people seem to like...nubunz, that's it.

I've read too many horror stories to buy any other brands on ebay without reading some good reviews first.
Even those two brands are probably not as sturdy as some name brand cd's.
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I tried some cheap ebay one-size pocket dipes. Hated them.
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