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Husband's Keys

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I didn't know we had a forum like this, lol.
OK, this may seem like a silly questions but its causing a lot of grief and finger pointing in our house.

I'm needing direction to my husband's keys if possible. I've checked everywhere I can possibly think of including calling every place we've gone to over the weekend. I'm desperately looking for any help I can get to locate them! If it helps, they are bulky with a black mesh wrist strap. Also attached is a red USB drive he uses for school and has the pictures from our recent Vegas vacation on it. Last place we remember having them is in my office/room when I was unloading pictures to my computer, but none of us recalls where they went after that. Any help pointing us in the right direction or helping us determine the fate of his keys is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Remote viewing is not my specialty, but I'll certainly give it a try.

I feel like the keys have been taken by somebody or something. I see you do not have very young children that could have walked away with it. Is there a dog perhaps? Or have you noticed things coming up missing before?
I feel like they have been taken to another room from the office. Check the bedrooms. Particularly the Master bedroom. I think they are pretty well hidden. Like in drawers or something.
Please let me know where you find them, I'll be curious.

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