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I'm sure this is a super boring question for everyone, but I'm pretty curious about this. This is my first pregnancy, and I'm 38 weeks and I'm almost positive baby hasn't 'dropped.' I keep reading that usually it happens a couple weeks before labor in first time mothers. Does that mean I for sure won't go into labor until past my due date? Is it possible for me to suddenly go into labor out of nowhere even though she hasn't dropped? I just want her to drop already so I can feel like I'm getting there!

What is your experience?
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It doesn't mean anything. DD never dropped until after I was already in labor, despite being my first pregnancy. The norm is for first babies to drop sooner and subsequent babies to not drop much before labor. DD did not drop and this baby has dropped a lot. I'm always telling DH how much I wish there was some formula for different things, as in "Once X happens, labor will start in Y days or hours." Sigh.
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That's kind of what I was hoping to hear! Hopefully I am just not of the norm and can go at any time!!
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I definitely think this baby has "dropped" I just look like that and my pelvis feels it. This is my 3rd
Unfortunately- or maybe fortunately- there are so few real clues that tell you anything!! Basically- we are all going to have babies pretty soon! LOL
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With my first pregnancy 6+ years ago, I remember being at the store right before I went into labor and hearing all of the little old ladies gathered around saying I "still had a long way to go because I hadn't dropped yet" etc.

At that time I was seeing a CNM practice and I allowed cervical checks (not really a fan any more). A few days before that I was already 2-3 cm, 80% effaced (walked around like that for a few weeks actually), and the baby was very low...forget what station but baby was low.

I've really had no solid indicators of when I'd go into labor with my other two. No loss of mucous plug (at least it wasn't obvious that I had lost it, kwim?), no bloody show until I was in active labor. No real obvious "dropping" or anything like that.

Best of luck!
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my babies never dropped...or at least never stayed there. i don't recall if it was similar in the other times but this one will drop down and come right back up in a matter of minutes sometimes. sometimes he'll stay down there if i get up and he drops and i go walking around and then he'll go back up and stay there. so no "dropping" is not on my list of things to over analyze as part of the starts of labor!
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Another mama whose babies don't really "drop." Bram was high and floating the day before he came. Seems to be how my babies like it!
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I had some lady tell me I dropped at 35 weeks this time Baby's still not engaged *shrug*
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I'm 38 weeks with our 3rd baby.

I've noticed that this time around the baby has dropped 3x and then grown back up into my ribs with his head still engaged for the past 3 weeks. Today, however, my midwife actually had a 2cm reduction in fundal height measurement from his latest drop, whereas the previous times he had not dropped enough to affect my fundal height.

With our 1st, there was no dropping at all, he was at -2 station in labor for 19 hours before he moved to -1 station (he was also posterior).

With our 2nd, we dropped 3 days before, then he was at -1 station and went straight on to crowning at +2 station within an hour.

I think the dropping beforehand may indicate a shorter labor since there is more pressure on the cervix and the head has descended somewhat, however I don't think it is related to how much longer until labor ensues. I, too, wish there was a formula to calculate when you would go into labor but I've been losing mucus plug pieces for 3 weeks now and have had on/off stalling labor bouts for 3 weeks as well at this point.

All signs have pointed to labor for 22 days now...sooooo....I'm calling my body's bluff and just hoping labor actually comes at some point, ha!

I'm not having cervical checks performed (not this time) and have been unable to reach my cervix on my own - but then again, I do know that my cervix is unusually high and to the left when non-pregnant AND all the way into very active labor it has been hard for docs to reach my cervix previously, so cervical location is not even a measurable factor for me.
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