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Strangest or most annoying thing you've seen a neighbor do? - Page 8

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My mom's neighborhood has "The Can Man" who trolls the neighborhood on trash day and will actually open the trash bags, pick out all the cans, then rebag the trash neatly and move on to the next house. (It's nice he rebags! ) My mom doesn't like him picking through her trash so she has a special trash can she keeps way out on the other side of her yard and she puts all the cans out there so he can just come up and dump it in his truck. He uses the money to pay for his heating oil in the winter.

We just moved into a "new to us" house, and last night the lady diagonal from us came over and pounded and rang our doorbell very frantically..

This was our conversation..

ME: ..HI!
HER: I just wanted to let you know, that if you EVER need to put any trash in my trash can, just come on over and do it. I don't mind at all! Jim (the previous owner of our house) used to do it all the time, and I totally don't mind at all. EVERYONE around here does it!
ME: Thanks, but I think we've got enough space in our own trash can, but I appreciate the offer.
HER: NO seriously. If you need to use my trash can, go right ahead! If it's in my garage, just come on over any time after 5pm, and I'll let you in."
ME: Thanks! I appreciate the offer. I'll let you know if I need to use your trash can.

Seriously? Did she like, sit at home and try to figure out some excuse to come over here? I'm almost 100% convinced that the neighbors are all snoopy with us so they can report back to the previous owner about us. Not that it matters..lol I'm pretty sure all the little old ladies that surround us have the hots for the guy. lol But the "PLLLLEEEASE! Use my trash cannnn" was kind of weird..lol
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
That would be considered "ugly" side and would not fly in my town.
Really? Wow. Not that it matters particularly, since the support-side of the fence has more utility so I'll be putting up fences facing my house if/when it arises, but I find it weird to think of that as ugly.
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That's what I've heard. It's illegal to put the ugly side out of a fence.

I would never put the ugly side side out for the sheer reason of... When I was little I was very bored and became a fence jumper. went up and down the neighborhood pissing people off climbing over fences just for fun. I'll tell you.. the ugly side is incredibly easy for a 12 year old to hop up and climb over a 6' privacy fence! Perfect little step up, a place to grab and up and over ya go :P I know a grown man could climb the pretty side but why help him out by putting the ugly side out with beams to step up on. Ours is ugly side in but there was a loose board and the new neighbor's kids keep pulling it off

I do kind of enjoy our new neighbors. They make these sheds out of plywood. very ghetto. They then made a back porch by using a blue plastic tarp and then tieing the tarp with yellow rope to the fence like 50 feet away. And then another giant giant piece of plywood as a privacy wall. It's like watching a redneck show in RL. I'm also pretty sure they only have one CD and they blast it over and over when working on cars. But they are also def so I think they need to FEEL the music. I'm ok with it. Much better than others I've had.
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I am subbing to this thread because it is freakin hilarious
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we live in apartment complex with a lovely courtyard in the middle. sidewalks go all around it in a square. One night while typing away here on my keyboard I heard a weird noise out my window.
I looked and there was my neighbor taking an office chair around the courtyard, around and around as though he were taking it for a walk. did I mention this was quite late at night?
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we actually really like our neighbors. they are students, above, below, and on the side. they are very quiet and respectful and overall good folks. we like them.

our downstair's neighbor is samoan. well, the guy is samoan, i don't know if the gal is. he sings constantly. i mean, all the time. out of tune. it totally does not bother me. i love that he does it. he is happy. every second or third friday night, he has his mates over (he always tells me when they are coming and tha they will be quiet at midnight). so, you have about 10 big samoan beautiful guys coming over and singing (drinking, but not to drunk, just casual) until midnight. they sing traditional samoan songs, old pop standards from the 50s/60s, new pop songs. you name it, they sing from the moment they arrive around 8 until midnight. it's actually beautiful, because they harmonize and everything--even if it is out of tune most o the time. i think what is really beautiful about it is that you rarely hear men getitng together and just singing to/with each other. it's cultural, and i like it.

the only complaint that we have is that both those above and below do not take out their trash regularly. we live on a footpath in a hilly area, so dragging a huge bag of trash to the pick up site would be hard. this is why we use grocery bags. we take out one a week of trash and then our recyclables. it's really simple, to be honest.

but the students use 40 gallon or whatever huge black bags, and then don't want to drag it to the site for pick up. so, above us, we have about 6 big bags of old trash, and below us we have about 3-4. we have asked them to remove it, suggested using smaller bags as we do, and even offered to help take it up on trash day. no dice. finally had to call the land lord about it.

also,t he kids upstairs have a cat. it's supposed to be pet free. well, Billy is always outside meowing because they let him out in the morning, and hen by evening, the kids are all out yelling "billy! Billy! billy!" over and over. it's kind of annoying. he also isn't neutered, which i find annoying.

but it's not terrible.
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In a prior house I saw kids use the backyard as a toilet. They also threw things over the fence for sport, including old moldy food. We spoke with parents? or caretakers?, but nothing was ever done. So one night a solid fence sprouted up on that side. Fences make great neighbors. Well, unless it comes to the ugly side of a fence it seems, LOL!
They moved shortly after we put up the fence.
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I have posted about our neighbor next to us a few times. FTR, both are nice people. But are getting divorced. He, likes to go to the gym way too much but will walk around shirtless esp when he knows there is women to see him.
Its more funny than anything.

She, is a nice girl who married the wrong guy. Not that he is bad, but she was about a year into it and said- nope made a mistake. So while childless and under 30, they are splitting. Could be pretty easy but his and her parents are involved.

When they moved in, her mother planted a few bushes here and there for them. Maybe spent about $50 for sake of argument. He also bought a huge huge shed at home depot but the credit card is in his FIL's name and is making payments on it. So while things are finalizing, she is awarded the debt ridden shed since her father's name is on it. Keep in mind, it took him and 3 of his gym buddies a day to assemble- its that huge. Then later, he had to move it according to our town's code. That took 6 of his gym buddies 4hours to do. Fun to watch LOL.

So this past weekend while he is away, she shows up with her mom. They had intended to take the shed. Whatever. Also, the mom PULLED UP the bushes she planted a year back and stuck them in her trunk. HUH???
So she told me they were taking the shed. I just kind of nodded and smiled. She had a drill. Still not sure what she intended to do since they just had the smaller car and the two of them with a drill that died of power within seconds.

a strange universe indeed.
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If you were my neighbor, you would see a girl with a cat on a leash, letting the cat climb trees and trying to teach it to behave and walk while leashed. My daughter does this quite often, she is determined to leash train her cat. We live on a main road in our little town so countless people have probably gotten a chuckle out of seeing her cat on a leash.
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Years ago, I lived in a very slummy (but very cheap) apartment building. I have many stories about the neighbours there. Never a dull moment, that was for sure. Generally speaking, the children behaved better than the adults, who were busy doing things like throwing furniture (whole couches) out the 2nd story window, engaging in fist fights on the front lawn and repeatedly setting fires. However, the children did have their moments, as you can imagine with parents like these. One day, I drove in to see a group of these kids industriously building a fort out of boards. I thought, hey, fantastic, they found something positive & constructive to do! As I drove around the side of the building, however, I realized where they had gotten their construction materials: they had torn apart, by hand, the fence surrounding the building!
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not really strange but weird and confusing. We once had a neighbor who did not say hello to us or anyone. We moved into a new house and one day saw her and her kids outside and went over to introduce ourselves and say hello. Well we got about 5 ft from her and probably got out "hi were x and x we just moved in next...." and she looked at us and walked inside her home. ok. we were cordial and would do the neighborly wave and nod. this went on for almost a yr until one halloween we were passing out candy and who shows up her and her kids trick or treating. she was like "hi!!!" "oh did you just move in next door" blah blah blah. we were totally confused
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I am learning VERY quickly that I do not have weird neighbors! Hmmmm maybe that means I'm the weird one they talk about?
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Originally Posted by Theoretica View Post
I am learning VERY quickly that I do not have weird neighbors! Hmmmm maybe that means I'm the weird one they talk about?
Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I know I have a UAV neighbor, and an annoying one (that I've posted about in TAO before) but not really a weird one.

Unless you count the one that was hosing down the bedroom windows of our house at 7 am on a Saturday. Not sure what that was all about, but a phone call stopped it and it hasn't happened again.
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I haven't had anything TOO weird or annoying, just a little so.

When we moved into our house, our neighbor to the right was a Colts football player, Nick Harper, now plays for TN. When we heard his wife had stabbed him in the knee, we were not surprised. I remember one evening, she drove their full size caddy SUV up the side of their house up to the fence gate. Then, she climbed onto the hood and screamed at their dog. They had a Rodesian Ridgeback, huge dog, and she was an itty bitty thing and apparently the dog had busted the lock on the gate and taken off down the street. Nick was at an away game, so she had wrestled the dog back home in the dark alone, then put the car in the way so that the dog couldn't get back out the gate.

Also, last summer, my neighbor across the street spent a week or two going through her front yard and pulling out every single weed by hand. They are typical suburban folks, use plenty of chemicals on their lawn to try to keep it weed free, have an an auto sprinkler system installed etc. For the most part their lawn is weed free, so I am not sure what posessed her to do this, or even what most of what she pulled out was, crab grass maybe?
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We are usually the "crazy" neighbors, though we do try and not annoy anyone. But we did have a set of really annoying neighbors once. We never did anything to them or bothered them at all, and really just tried to stay out of their way. Well, when we were moving, we were taking a week to move it all, load by load (try moving with lots of young children, a completely brain dead, totally nonfunctioning, paralized daughter that was in a fully vegetative state, and seven months pg) taking it as quickly as we could. We had everything but the last load of yard stuff and came back to clean up the yard before turning in our keys only to find that the neighbors had dumped all sorts of trash, engine parts, and furniture over the fence in our absence. I guess they did not expect us back (even though we had only left there a few hours before).

So, we politely wrote a note to the LL telling him to have the neighbors clean their trash from the yard, and left it.
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This thread is hilarious, thank you for the laughs girls!

The neighbor across from me (we live on a corner with an alley behind so really only 1 actual direct neighbor) is anal about his yard. He is constantly mowing and he keeps it so short that it actually dries out his grass and it always looks like its about to die. Never waters it. Which is fine, I don't care. But it just weird that he pays so much attention to it to not actually keep it alive. They even have it sprayed once a year to rid it of weeds. They put in sod all along the edge last summer and never once watered it. Its on a slight hill and still there, dead sod, staked to the ground. I'm sure they think I'm weird, I encourage weeds because it makes my grass at least green, its not like you can tell if we keep it mowed enough. We have really bad soil here and regular grass simply wont grow, lol.

YEARS ago we lived in a quadplex with some weird neighbors above us. He snored so loud I laid in bed at night unable to sleep. Never complained. Then once when a girlfriends came over we did those fake acrylic nails in our living room and had the front window open. He walked by it and got a faint smell and called the fire department and told them we were making meth. The bomb squad and entire fire department showed up at our door. We were surrounded with them ready to come charging in the windows. Luckily my uncle was on the volunteer fire department and heard the call and rushed over. He lived about a mile from us. He explained he knew us and came to the door with them. We got a huge laugh over the response to a couple of girls doing our nails. After our daughter was born she came home with an apnea monitor due to heart and breathing issues. She was also a VERY colicky baby and simply never slept. I did everything I could to keep it relatively quiet and took her for long walks when she was having really colicky days. Trying to be neighborly. They didn't understand the monitor or the crying and actually yelled at us once in the hall that if we "didn't beat her" she wouldn't cry so much and wouldn't need the machine. I was mortified! I couldn't believe they'd actually say (or think) something like that. We moved out shortly after... into an equally horrid duplex.

Next duplex the landlord lived above us and ripped open my garbage bag and threw it all over the common hallway. I had to call the cops on him several times when he tried to force his way into our house and tried to hit me when I was pregnant with DS. He was totally bats**t crazy! Sad part was that he was DH's best friend for years and then one day just totally lost it. Even told DH that he was going to break in and rape me when he was gone. We moved promptly with no forwarding address. He did track us down and stalked DH at his work and told him he sat outside our new house from time to time. We lived in a completely different state! I still have nightmares about him.

In one house that's was made into apartments my neighbor left rotting garbage in her bathroom which was directly above mine. One morning I was greeted with maggots coming through my ceiling. Nasty!

After many many bad renting experiences I swore never to rent again. While our current neighbors are kinda weird, it sure beats sharing walls or living space with totally crazy ones!
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When I was growing up we had crazy neighbors. They hated EVERYTHING. Things they did:

-Painted signs and hung them all over the front of their house. The signs were about how horrible all the other neighbors were.
-Called the police on me(8) and my brother(5) for vandalism for using sidewalk chalk on "their"(public) sidewalk.
-Hit another elderly neighbor with a snow shovel.
-Mailed a long letter and dead ants to another neighbor because they claimed her gardening was bringing ants into his back yard(gasp...there would never be ants outside)
-Poisoned our 2 dogs.
-They would play loud music or ring a school type bell into my and my brother's bedroom windows on school nights until early morning.
-Didn't like when people parked "too close" to his driveway, he painted the curb yellow(no parking) in front of the driveway and 10 feet on either side. Got fined for that one,
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Wow, I guess we're pretty lucky! It's mostly seniors in our complex so one of the worst problems is gossip, gossip, gossip. I've had ladies tell me a few things about myself I didn't even know! One woman has been insistent a few times that I might be wrong about something she heard about me or DH. We do have one woman who likes to steal from the veggie gardens some of us keep during the summer. She'll also hoard any food that is left on the giveaway table in our community building. To be honest, though, I'm probably the one everyone would think is really odd, being all green and crunchy.
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My girlfriend has very....ODD neighbors. They have been her neighbors for many years, and are just not right in the head. They talk to themselves (They have issues with my Gf & her mother for some reason.) Well when it rains at the house (gfs) the water backs up in both the yards. The ppl next door, called the health department and told them it was sewage water etc....They came out, inspected and it was determined to be rain water.

The 67 YEAR old woman (Her kids all live with her) came to my Gfs door and was cursing her out, calling her vulgar names and tried punching my gf, lol

They will leave their riding mower and 2 push mowers turned on running, right at the fence line, for the day, just so the sound annoys my gf. (WHO does that?!)

The guy was out there one day, and he was digging a trench. he was singing along to himself "Gonna build me a dam, gonna build you one tooooo!" It was so funny, I had to laugh. wow.

There is a drug issue there though, cars in and out all.day.long. different cars each day. They just have not been caught yet....

I have no neighbors but one and well....that would be an all day B!tch fest that I wont get into right now, lol
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