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chiropractor for baby?

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My son is 5 months. He is very gassy even after major diet changes on my part. I've cut out gluten and dairy which has helped a bit along with a few other items. He also sleeps very poorly. It seems that he is woken from discomfort due to gas.
I've had 2 people recommend taking him to a chiro and am wondering if anybody else has used a chiro for their little ones with similar issues and if you got the results you were hoping for.
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I took and take my DS to the chiro. He was also very gassy when he was little. Colicky too.
I don't know if specifically it helped the gas, but generally it did put him in a better mood.
Even now, at 10 months, if we start having a few hard hard days in a row, i take him and things get better.
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We went to the chiro when Sophia was 3 months old, she was cranky in the car and had gas issues. Helped the car issues and it seemed the gas got better but I am not sure if that was a coincidence. However, I am ready to go again (5 months), the gas is awful, the nights terrible. She tosses and turns. Wakes at least once a night with gas pains. So I am giving in and going again. It scares me a little and I hate the price tag, but if there is a chance it will help I am going!

I would love you to keep me posted on your situation as it sounds we are in the same boat! Let me know if you find a miracle and I will let you know too!
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YES! We have all been going since DD was about 5 months because of a weird stretching thing she was doing, and her reflux. Both cleared up within about 3 weeks, never came back, and she's doing wonderful! So is DH with his allergies and headaches. I was just going to take her at first, but then realized---why is she the only one who needs a straight spine? I do too! I am a FIRM believer that nothing in your body can be very "right" if the electrical impulses that control every cell are inhibited by a crooked spine.

Look for a "Maximized Living" chiro near you if you can (http://maximizedliving.com/) as they're really the best at combining techniques, and have a whole-body/whole-life philosophy----they're not going to tell you to get adjusted only as much as your insurance covers (it should be three times a week or so to begin with, stepping down as your spine holds the adjustments better), and they're going to focus on your nutrition and toxins and such as well (really, it's like going to an MDC chiro!).
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I've taken DD to a cranial-sacral therapist starting at six weeks. Her first adjustment were to her mouth/palate which made breast feeding better for her. Now we go every 4 or 8 weeks depending on what is going on with her. For my DD it is helpful physically, not experiencing much gas issues, but tight muscles and a slightly twisted pelvis which made her crawling look really funny. Then after she was adjusted, crawling is good. I think CST has really helped with a lot of milestones too.
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I've been taking Elsa since she was about ten days old. It was recommended by my midwife and an LLL leader because of her feeding problems. She's had some issues with gas too, and I think it helped a lot with her gas. She still passes a lot of gas but it doesn't seem to hurt her as much now. She goes twice a week for now.

I think most babies (people really) can benefit from chiropractic. I haven't been going regularly but I need to start again because I have some serious spinal issues myself.
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dd got her first adjustment at 3 days old, and ds got his at a few hours old. we chose to have them adjusted because the birth process alone can cause subluxations in their spines. both kids have been very healthy! if one starts coming down with soemthing, we go in for an extra adjustment. i tmay not prevent them totally from getting sick, but it seems to lessen the severity. dd had mild torticollis from the birth experience, and it affected her hearing in one ear. after a month of adjustments, she passed the hearing test with flying colors and we were able to avoid her wearing a helmet to correct the torticollis. with ds, he had trouble nursing on one side and was colicky. regular adjustments seemed to fix that issue too!
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Thanks for the input. He's got an app't tomorrow.
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We took DD regularly from about 8 weeks until about 5 months. In hindsight, I wish I had started taking her earlier. We both had a very difficult labour. She was a very gassy and spit-uppy baby, and had some colicky behaviours. The chiro did wonders for her. She's just a very spirited and passionate baby but she's a lot easier to soothe and entertain... and her gas doesn't bother her at all anymore.
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