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I am not going to be cloth diapering either. I am lucky to get my husband to change a diaper, let alone rinse and wash any... With the laundry room outside, downstairs and around the corner it sometimes feels very far away. I have tortured myself over this decision and finally come to terms with the fact that this is what works for my family right now.
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I miss cding but I couldn't deal with the diapers with the m/s. 2 kids and I was a wreck. I don't know how I am going to keep up on the laundry with 3 in cloth. plus, I never found anything that ds didn't soak through at night regardless of liner or cover. I've never seen a kid pee so much.

I am having not so good dreams and I won't post them as to not share the neg vibes. I think I actually need this u/s just to get my head someplace better. Then off to see cnm and get some love.

gtg - a 2 yo b-day party to attend.
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Hello ladies!

Still sorting through the whole cding thing. Soooo many different options! I'm hoping it will be easier to decide as time goes on. I know when I hit 14 wks (which is in 2 wks!!!), I'll buy some Kissaluvs, size 0. Other than that, who knows. I'm probably going to have to get some AIO's because dh isn't too fond of the whole cd thing. He'll get used to it though, right???? Or is that just wishful thinking?

wildthing-where did you get your kimono pattern. Those are so cute and I too would love to make some this summer.
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've heard from Claire (spark) and I believe she is in labor for real! I'll let her post details obviously, but I wanted to let you all know so you can send some good labor vibes her way. . .
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I got my first kimono pattern from a friend who cut apart a tie-front t-shirt she got from the hospital, then she just added some length. I also have one in my Kwik-sew pattern book, but it doesn't overlap in front to tie or snap, is just uses snaps down the front. I want something over lapping. Another friend has a slightly different t-shirt pattern she is sending me, that I love. There is also a website with a Martha Stewart pattern here kimonos I have had some trouble with this page lately, and the pattern can be printed, but it is sixteen pages to assemble. Anyway, if I come up with something workable, I would be happy to send you a copy of the pattern if you like.

ketilave, I hope your u/s gives you comfort. I had mine at 20 weeks, and I am glad I did. I didn't want to find out the gender, and so we didn't. I had very specific things I wanted to look for, and didn't need any other info. It was based on family history, the number of pregnancies I have had, and my age, and it would have changed our birth plans as far as homebirth or not. But everything I was worried about was fine, and I feel much more relaxed.
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Yay Claire!!!

i hope your labor is awesome, were all thinking of you and your new one!

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Happy Labouring Claire!

This morning, I pyt "Milo & Otis" on for Roland. He'd never seen it before, and since he spends about 3 hours a day pretending he's a cat I thought he might like it. He LVOED it. It shows a cat having kittens, and a dog having puppies. Roland made the connection between that, and me being pregnant!! He said "Babies!" and then came over to me and touched my belly (and gave it a head-butt... OUCH!) and said "Mommy baby" So, I think I'm going to make that movie part of our getting ready for the birth plan.

I put pictures of my mom, Rolands' friend (Abbys daughter) and DH (cell phone) next to the appropriate speed dial buttons on the phone, so he can call them now, without my help. I'm debating the wisdom behind that, but Rolands' pretty happy about it.

I've been doing a bit of nesting, despite my sore neck. I have to take lots of breaks, so I'm not getting much done. Laundry mountain is no more though, I folded it all & put it away. I'm hoping to get out to Walmart tonight, to buy some of those under-the-bed storage containers... we have alot of stuff I don't want to chuck, but we aren't using now.
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Thank you all for the labor vibes. I guess my little one just wasn't/isn't ready yet... otherwise, surely I'd be holding her in my arms instead of my belly!

Yesterday, I was surely in labor. My ctx were building in intensity and down to 1.5 mins apart and lasting for a minute or more. The MW arrived and she checked me (per my request). She said I was surely in labor. Then, after she was there a 1/2 hour more, everything stopped. (I had been in "labor" for many hours at that point) She went home and about an hour later my water broke. I went to bed and tried to get some sleep. I'd wake up during ctx. I went about my day today. Despite feeling like a failure in the morning, I had a really good day. I stayed active, having ctx all day. They were about 10 mins apart when I left to go for a walk by myself. And, on the walk, they picked up quite a bit. I was heading home when they were 2 mins apart again. But, when I got home, they went away. Now... I'm back to 15 mins aprt. I'm just going to stop timing and go veg out. That's my plan!

Hope you all are doing well. Happy gestating!
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warm baby birthing vibes to you, spark!

okay, i'm definitely in "nesting" mode now, although for some reason I hate that word. I think I just basically hate all descriptions that box me into an expectation. grrrrrrrrrrrr.......

yesterday, we had some friends over for dinner (mcsarahb from here and her partner) so that motivated me to do a whole bunch of cleaning that needed to be done: empty off a bookshelf in our bedroom where our new baby dresser/changing table will go, major clean up of our front room and kitchen/family room, clean both bathrooms. Bill was not so motivated, and at one point he was lying on the couch watching tv and I said, "It's really beginning to bother me that you are lying there and I'm doing all this stuff." :LOL My lower back and my sacrum were bugging me by the end of the day, though.

and I think I'm finally figuring out the diapering thing. still torn about using a diaper service for the first month or just purchasing some CPFs and doing our own diaper cleaning... also not sure if a diaper service will come out this far from town, so I guess it all depends on what I find out about that.

sending all you february/march mamas opening and birthing vibes!!!!!!

mama-to-be in late spring 2004!
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oooh, sending labor vibes to you, Claire!! (lookie, she's good for more than just baby dust, lol!!)

I'm not really nesting, but I am getting into "mode" as we call it around here. Just noticing the things that need to be done, getting more anxious about all the sewing I need to do, but I'm still pretty mellow. Part of it is that we have no extra money until May so there are a lot of things, like a new dresser for Ben, that have to wait until then. In the meantime, I'm hoping to whittle down my to-do list enough that it just all gets done

We will be ECing and using cloth dipes and training pants. I'm sewing up a ton and have been getting fancy with novelty stitching so my basic dipes are turning out to be much more than I'd planned I so rarely get opportunities to do really fun stuff, so I'm kinda going to town. So far I've cut out, or plan to cut out:
teeny NB (hopefully will fit past 6 wks, but who knows) - 8 sherpa , 4 hemp knit terry, 2 hemp fleece fitteds all with the fancy stitching and matching snaps a few interlock Poquito Pants and a few fleece covers
medium (2 - 9 mo) - 12 sherpa and 8 hemp knit terry fitteds (fancy like the NBs) about a dz fleece aios and covers, about 6 pul aios and covers and soem wool covers
large - a couple doz training pants, either hemp knit terry or cotton interlock some with pul outers. A doz or so fleece aio's, some fleece and wool covers

I'm starting on the small sizes and probably won't even get to sewing the larges until after the baby comes, but that size didn't fit Ben until past 6 mo, so I've got time for those.

Then I also have:
prefolds -
6 preemie CPF's
12 Gerber DSQ PF's (we used them for burp rags last time and probably will again, they were pretty piss-poor dipes, pun intended )
I'm getting a doz each of Indian prefolds in NB and large

covers -
3 XS ElBee wooly bullies
1 Sm Apron strings pul cover
1 sm random, white, industrial-looking cover (like prowraps but I don't remember where I got it from)

fitteds -
6 NB Bitty Buns
1 sm Bitty Buns
1 sz0 Kissaluv
1 small Fuzbaby speckled egg
1 XS Angel Wrap QD (getting a few more of these!!)
1 XS Angel Wrap fleece aio
6 XS ElBee pocket fitteds w/ doublers
3 Sm ElBee fitteds
2 Sm Poquito Pants

a TON of doublers!

Hmm, now that I see it all written out, I think I've got the newborn fitteds pretty covered! It's so hard to tell what's there when it's all in bags around the house and in the closet! Just need a few more covers and I think I'm good to go.

OK, now that I've written a novel about my dipe obsession I guess I should go do some more sewing! Hope you all had a good weekend!
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After I took a shower early this afternoon, I lay down on my bed to relax for a few minutes and Bill came to snuggle with me. I was feeling my belly and I felt the right side and it was very mushy, so I moved my hands to the left side and right at the top near my rib cage was a really hard and round part and I said oh wow, there's baby's head and Bill got all excited and said where, let me feel, and then I was trying to figure out where baby's back was and it seemed like it was probably down the left side kind of curving toward the center. I guess baby didn't like us poking around too much, 'cause about a minute later, Bill tried to feel the top of my uterus on the left side again and baby had moved its head deeper into my belly. It was amazingly cool, though. We estimated that baby's head is about small grapefruit size.

just had to share...

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Claudia, that is so cool!
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Claudia -- that is really neat!

thank you all for the birth vibes... they must have worked their magic!

So, last night around midnight, I was open and going with the flow. My mom was spending the night and I asked DH to let her take care of Jude. Then, the good times began. My husband and I just hung out. He didn't call the MW. I was just able to do what my body wanted. We sang, rocked and hugged. It was wonderful. Then, around 3, I started pushing. I was never aware of being in transition (yah hypnosis!). There was never a moment that I thought I couldn't do it. However, after I started pushing, my husband really wanted to call the MW. I felt like that would be fine. I was hoping to have the baby in my arms, when she got here, but that didn't happen. I really had to tune into what my DH was saying and not focus on her presence when she came. I was having some challenges getting the baby to slip under my pelvic bone. The MW guided me into another position to help the baby along. And, it worked. Cicely Margaret was born at 4:15am this morning. I pushed her into my own hands. I went with the flow and accepted the process of her birth as it was happening.

Interesting note: When she was born she had a HUGE ridge across her head. There were about 2-3 cm height difference between the two ridges -- It was from trying to slip under my pelvic bone. I'm so glad my babies figured out how to navigate my slight variation.

On my great empowering walk yesterday, I asked that her birth be for the highest good and I trust that it was.

She's sleeping beside me right now & I think I'm going to join her some more. I am so in love.
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OH MY! happy birthday cicely and mama claire!

what a sweet birth i wish you the best babymoon ever! ooohhh magic newbborn baby!

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Happy Birthday, and welcome to the world!

I wish you your family happy nesting as you continue to fall so deeply in love.
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Claire, thank you so much for taking the time to share your birth story! How beautiful and peaceful!!! Go curl up with Cicely Margaret and bask in the Oh, the newborn baby scent.......Enjoy!

All the best,
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Congratulations, Claire, Jason and Jude! Happy baby moon to you all. I have tears in my eyes just hearing the news!

(oh, and OK, I admit I am a bit envious, since we *did* have the same due date!)
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Oh hooray!!!! Congratulations Claire. What an awesome job you did! Welcome to the world little Cicely.

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Congratulations Claire!

Sounds like a great birth! I hope you have a great babymoon!
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congratulations, claire, and warmest welcomes to cicely!

thank you so much for your beautiful birth story... you DESERVED a nice birth after this last week!

and now i'm going to go work on MY hypnosis tapes...


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