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Read this before buying a Blue Dye HPT (or if it's too late and you peed on one and see a line)

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spend the extra money and get yourself a pink dye test.
I've seen 3 posts already in the last 3 days from people that have peed, seen a line (some past the time limit, some not) and it has turned out to be negative.
I have no doubt that, if pregnant, a line would also show if enough HCG, but they are not accurate and are notorious for FALSE POSITIVES!
Feel free to post your testimonials about Blue Dye tests, those that have been unfortunate "victims".
I don't know how these companies can even stay in business.
And maybe we could get a moderator to sticky this as it comes up SO often and many women's feelings could have been spared.
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Hello, my name is Jenne, and my (D)h bought me blue dye tests when I asked for FRERs. No, I didn't divorce him immediately. In all other ways he is a wonderful man. At 5dpo I, just for the sake of using the test, POAS. It was positive. Dark blue line, thick line. I knew it couldn't be real. I knew it was a lie. But still, the hope! I took the second one. Also positive. But guess what? FRER, negative. $Store, negative. Guess what? I wasn't pregnant...

I still love DH.
I won't pee on another blue dye tests though...

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PM the mod and ask her to sticky it. This needs to be where women will see it.

You can also do a google search for "false positives with blue dye tests" and find blogs and other threads on other forums all about them, complete with pics of many false bfp's.
Seriously we see one every week or two and three in the last three days, that's just sad
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Do blue dye tests ever have false negatives? A friend took one this weekend, and it was negative. Is there still a chance she is PG? I told her that I had heard that blue dye tests were unreliable, but I didn't know the specifics.
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Any test can be negative when you are pregnant if it's too early and you don't have enough HCG. A positive test means you are pregnant (if it's PINK lol) but a negative test doesn't mean you aren't pregnant.
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I just posted this on another thread but yep happened to me.

Last January (well two January's ago i guess) i had 3 ...YEP THREE positives on blue dye tests and a neg on a pink and then my period right on time. The lines weren't even faint...but they were very skinny.
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I had a couple false positives on equate blue dye tests a few months ago. Skinny line but it came up within three minutes and was definitely blue, not gray or white. Just to be sure I also took some pink dye tests (internet cheapies and a FRER) and sure enough...stark white. I had the skinny blue lines on three equates (it was a 3-pack, I actually meant to buy a pink dye test and grabbed the wrong package) and never got a hint of one on a pink dye. Period came. Definitely not pregnant, and never was.

Blue dye tests are evil, and there are cheaper pink dye tests anyway. Dollar Tree tests work fine, and I got a 25-pack of pink dye internet cheapies on Amazon for $6. Have never gotten an evap on an internet cheapie. (I have on Dollar Tree but not until the day after when it was obviously an evap and I should never have grabbed it back out of the trash anyway, lol)
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putting in my support for this to be a sticky so that we can save ladies here from the wasted money and totally heartache/ulcer of the false and confusing results!
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Just this week (probably 6 or 7 dpo) I got 2 very faint lines, skinny lines on CBE test. I know now they weren't bfps because I'm just now getting faint lines FRER ... and it says in the instructions "must be the same width/thickness as control line" which of course, I didn't read at first.
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Blue Dye is evil! Avoid the Blue Dye!
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Blue Dye tests should be illegal. I've gotten MANY false positives on them...come to think of it I've never gotten a negative on one. Seriously. If they get wet, they turn positive. Stick with pink dye, it's the only way to know for sure. And pink dye doesn't have to cost more. This time around, I used Dollar Tree tests to confirm a bfp and then just for fun went out and bought a different pink brand...but Dollar Tree tests work great!
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Hi folks!
We have had quite a few PMs about making this thread a sticky. Since MDC doesn't sticky member started threads, it has instead been added to the sticky at the top of the forum that contains links and resources. Thanks so much for thinking of your fellow ttc-ers!!
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cool. and if i hadn't read this thread i wouldnt have probably ever noticed ode to my chart got stickied too- yay! may they live long in stickied thread land, long after we are all OUT OF HERE!
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There should be a list in the OP w/ the brand names that use blue dye
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I agree, the blue dye tests have given me much confusion and heartache. Last year I had several blue line tests come up pos. I am going to try to post a pic.
I called the company help line and was told that "breastfeeding" can give a false positive! It is incompetant and misleading to tell someone such BS! I ended up having a blood test that was negative. I had not had a ppaf by then and still haven't, so it wasn't a chemical, just a stupid test. It really is a design fault that they should fix.
Here's the link: http://yfrog.com/5tclearblue001j
Hope it works
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Wow, this is awful. So sorry to all who have been given false hope. I've never used a blue dye test, just by chance, but now I'll stay far away from them!
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Bumping this as there may be ANOTHER one... hoping for her sake it's not, but a dark blue line at 8dpo but no pink test to back it up... Definitely sounds like it.
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Yep it's happened to me. Last year- in Thailand though, obviously different manufacturer of tests but on more than one blue one I had a nice thick but faint line and was SO excited. Drat.
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I thought there was no such thing as a false positive!

I POAS at 8 dpo and there was immediately a dark blue line.
I didnt bother to check with another test, as i have always heard there cant be a false positive. So dp and I have spent the last week SHOCKED and trying to adjust to this unsettling news (our baby just turned 1 yo, and although some mamas can do it fine, i have always felt i can only handle 1 BABY at a time and we didnt plan to ttc for another couple years). I have felt SO BAD for my baby this week; I am actually happy to discover that i had a false positive, but it would have been better if dp and i hadn't had to be in crisis mode this last week!

Anyway, after hearing about this issue this morning, I used a dollar tree test and there is no sign of a 2nd line.

So YES the blue dye tests should not be sold and they absolutely can make you think you are pg when you are not!
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Good to know, I am glad this information is out here!
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