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I'm so Proud!

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Yesterday my 20 month old DD was walking around the house in only her diaper She was playing with one of her babies and said "Baby, Ninny" and proceded to :bf nurse her baby The best part is my older brother was visiting from CO and thought it was the coolest He couldn't wait to tell DH when he got home

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That is awesome!
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AWWWWWWWWWWW! Isn't that great when they promote our values?

My dd is constantly talking about how the mommy needs to come and hug their baby/kid and nurse them -- both animals and people.
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That reminds me of when I worked at a Montessori school - a little girl was playing with a doll and began :bf her too... very cute!
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My dd nurses her babies too. She usually nurses two at a time though since that is what she sees me doing. We're starting them off right!
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My daughter is 15mos, and she nurses her baby too! The funny thing is my almost 4yo DS nurses the dolls too Oh, well, hopefully he will make sure his wife nurses
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I always think this is the sweetest, especially since I did this as a child too! My mom said that when she would nurse my middle brother, and again my youngest bro that I would cuddle in next to her with my doll and stick the doll under my shirt to nurse!

My ds doesnt do this but he does bring Elmo and Cookie Monster in for a drink!!!!:LOL
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My son (8yrs) has been known to strike up conversations with women who have small babies, and in very short order ask, "so , do you breastfeed?" I also left him in the room with a women who was interveiwing me about being a doula and returned to find him giving my whole "Breast fed is best fed" pep talk to a very confused/amused pregnant woman! I just love it!
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Originally posted by Bladestar5
my almost 4yo DS nurses the dolls too
My boys used to do this too! So funny!
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My dd doesn't do it. She seems to prefer bottlefeeding.
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That is so cute! I love when the kids carry their dolls around in their mini Maya Wrap and pretend to nurse.
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