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keeping myself accountable

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I have a whole home to declutter and 3 weeks to do it. We are putting our home on the market so we can buy a house with a yard in a good school catchment.

Today I'm going to go through the closet in the baby's (unused) bedroom. We have pretty much every piece of clothing that was ever given or purchased for my older daughter. She's 4 years old so there are a lot of clothes.

I've already done one purge on my own clothes - we donated 7 bags to charity in a fit of nesting in January. I'm going to do a second purge now and get rid of my maternity clothes. I had elaborate plans to sell the gently used stuff on ebay but I have not got the time right now, and I'd rather spend it on getting the house in tip top shape so we can get our best price.

I think I'm going to try and take before and after pictures.
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Three weeks should be plenty of time to do your home. I would try to stick with 3 days per room (sort, purge, drop off/recyle, organize & purchasing items then put everything away). If you have help with child care, you can probably go a bit faster. I hardly do so it makes my time for projects double or triple.

Have fun & keep posting your updates~
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My dh and I are trying to decide whether or not we want to do the same thing. If we can sell by April 30, we'll get a tax credit. I have a lot of work to do in the decluttering department, so the thought is overwhelming. I have started in the kitchen and dh and I will go to a couple of open houses to see if there is anything worth the work.
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I hired a personal organizer last summer and it was the best money I ever spent. 29 years of lugging stuff around was gone in 5 hours! I highly recommend it
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so over the weekend we sorted though and have 4 bags of clothes to donate. That is in addition to the box that went last week. We also donated his library of old d&d stuff and a bunch of paper back books that I've gotten as ebooks.
my closet is empty but it feels so nice.
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