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belly bump thread! - Page 21

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Loving the baby bumps!  Fern, your hair looks great! 


I guess I should post a pic too, eh?

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Love the red hair!!! :love and the bangs, too.


I really wish I could contribute more to this thread but I have completely lost my camera. :(

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Ok... It took me forever to find this thread again.  I really miss having the stickies at the top of the page. greensad.gif




Amy, I just had to send you a hug.gif.  You look beutiful!  I remember that feeling once you get that big, gotta love our little guys but man packing around 2 is super hard. I am so happy that you have been able to keep them in for so long.joy.gif




Fern, I love the hair color.  I agree super autumn.heartbeat.gif

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38 weeks  heartbeat.gif

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40 weeks and 2 daysheartbeat.gif




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