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Harrison's birth!!

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Haven't been online here in literally a month, since I was in labor. Thought I'd update!

My due date was 2-18-10. That night I was really pouty that I wasn't in labor yet. Literally at 12:02 am on 2-19, something shifted. I looked up at the clock, my contractions had changed and something just felt different. In my heart, I *knew* it was it. Earlier in the evening, I'd had the insane urge to scrub my bathrooms, so they were spotless. I went to bed and insisted on resting as much as possible. The contractions weren't too bad. By 9:00 am on 2-19, they were stronger. I got up and started charting them to watch. About 4-5 min apart. After an hour and a half, we made our calls and informed everyone he was coming. Our family is a good 2 hour drive and they all had to plan around it. Within the afternoon, everyone showed up for our planned homebirth (my family), and we were having a "birthing party" of sorts. Of course, the contractions started slowing down. My midwife stopped by to check baby's heart tones, so I asked her to check me. Sure enough, only 2-3 cm, though a solid 75-80% effaced. But the contractions were stalling out to once every 1/2-1 hour or so. I was bummed. By the evening, they started picking up, but I felt sure it would be a long time.

Everyone left, but my mom stayed at my sister's house a good 20-30 minutes away from us. My kids and husband and I went to bed, as I sulked. By about 12 midnight, they were picking back up again and definitely getting more intense. I tried sleeping until about 1:30 am when I couldn't lay flat anymore. I was up for 2.5-3 hours, but the contrx were only 5-8 min apart, variable. But they were AWFUL! I had to jump onto all fours and blow air out of my mouth forcefully in order to keep from clenching my whole body. I went to bed close to 5 am, and was up every 8 min on the dot to get on all fours and survive the contrx. Everyone slept on my bed, and surprisingly they all stayed asleep the whole time. It was peaceful birthing in my bed beside my children and husband all alone. It was how I wanted it.

About 7:00 am, I decided it was time to wake my husband and tell him to get ready for the day. I climbed into the tub, which I wish I could say was peaceful, but the contrx started ramping up. About 7:45 am, we called the midwife to explain our updates. We thought we were fine, so we told her to stay home, but in hindsight this is when I should have asked her to come over. About 8:10, I was downstairs and thought, 'Y'know, I think I'm heading into transition.' Yet still I didn't think it was time. About 8:20, my husband decided to call our midwife, though still I thought I didn't need it. I swore it would be hours. He asked her to get ready and head over. According to our cell phone, at about 8:36 am, I screamed for him to grab towels and come quick. I'd gone into the bathroom downstairs and screamed that he was coming. My husband called the midwife and said, "Oh, she's in transition." My midwife reports that she knew he was dead wrong, given the screaming in the background. She could tell I was pushing. I think he was in denial! Needless to say, he came into the bathroom and found the baby crowning and believed me, lol! I screamed for towels, which our 4 year old grabbed. I was on the toilet. Just as he "passed" crowning while my hand held his tiny head, my water broke. Within 4 pushes, our baby was born into daddy's hands. The cord was around his neck twice and he had meconium in the fluid, but he started pinking up/breathing and started crying right away. We looked at each other, and my husband said, with tears in his eyes, "I just birthed our baby!" He stepped out and called the midwife, according to our cell phone, to say he was born. That was 8:40 am. Only four minutes passed for the entire birth and "wow" comments following up until that call. It was nuts.

The midwife showed up 10-15 minutes later after driving 80 miles an hour down a 55 mile an hour road trying to get to me. I birthed the placenta about 20 or so minutes later, and slipped into the tub to get cleaned up. All we could say was, "Wow. That was crazy."

He's doing great, turning one month on Saturday. I can't believe it has been that long! I had wanted a UC, but didn't have the guts. I got the best of it all, and although no one else in our family got to see it, it was perfect and precious. My mom arrived 15-20 minutes after the midwife and stayed for the day, helping by cooking for us and cleaning. It was so perfect. I can't even say how perfect the whole day was. It was everything I wanted and didn't realize. It was definitely, though painful (and still painful as I recover from my tear), my perfect birth. And the baby - OH! - he's such a sweet angel! He's nursing and sleeping great. I honestly thought something was wrong with him by a week old because he's so calm. My midwife laughed and told me just to enjoy it. He's perfect! The greatest addition to our family!

Anyways, that's Harrison's birth story.

Harrison Everett
2-20-10 @ 8:40 am
8#, 10oz, 20.75"
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what a lovely birth story! congrats, mama! and i love the name
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Originally Posted by patronus View Post
what a lovely birth story! congrats, mama! and i love the name
Thank you! I am glad to hear some positive feedback on the name. We have not really had much positive feedback; I truly hope he doesn't grow up hating me for naming him that. I love it...
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Great story! I also love the name. DH didn't like it at all though.
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Wow, what a birth story! Congratulations!
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what a good story and congrats!
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beautiful!!!!! so happy for you!!! I have been searching for posts from you every few days all month, so happy to hear such good news!! I love the name Harrison, but I do know a little person I love to death with the same name, so I may be biased.
I saw the 'smiley' in your signature and thought you had twins though, happy to see you didn't! nothing against twins, but you have an "enriched" enough life as it is!!
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How wonderful !! Soundslike a great birth indeed!
And the name I love it too !!
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