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What are your favorite math games for older children?

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I have a child who is nearly 9, who hates math worksheets with a passion and who seems to have a gift for math. I'm interested in math games and self-directed activities for him. But when I search here and online, I seem to mostly find information for children under the age of 5. Can some parents of older kids please share their kids' favorite math games and self-directed activities? Math is not my gift so I have a hard time being creative with this. Thank you.
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http://illuminations.nctm.org/ tons of online games and interactive lessons
Zoombinis - older computer games and fine for younger kids, still challenging for older ones though.
The Number Devil - book or computer game
24 - game, different levels available
Zome geometry
Logic links
Zaccaro books - challenge math, problem solving
Patty paper geometry
Equate - like scrabble for math
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box cars and one eyed jacks (math games using props like dice and playing cards)

our library has lots of 'elementary' level math games on cd-rom that ds likes

we use math-u-see, but i scribe for ds as he has issues with handwriting/dysgraphia
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We are officially math curriculum-free as of this year! It's a little scary (for me), but my 10 yo son struggled so much with the traditional methods of math learning that this change was necessary. So now we learn math through everyday life and we play math. I am inspired by the Math Monday posts and suggested activities and games at this unschooling blog:

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Planet Orange is a fun money game that seems good up through the end of elementary (6th grade).

My kids have also always liked the Fun Brain Math Arcade which has settings up through 8th grade.
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If you are ok with video games, Timez Attack is a good one for multiplication. The free version is very good.


What about BrainPop? (there are some free math activities, and a lot of other stuff for the paid subscription.)

Here's a site that has free videos (over 1800 math lessons on video and other subjects) -- it might be a little too schooly, but maybe worth checking out.

Have you checked out any Living Math recommendations?
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You've got some great suggestions! I'm going to check out some of these links, too.

My 9 year old likes to play on multiplication.com
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You guys are awesome!

They (i.e. I have 2 kids) don't play video games for the most part but I'm willing to give them an educational video game slot if they can do it without arguing when it's turned off.

Someone told me to look into Montessori math but I haven't found activities yet that seem like it would interest my oldest. The stuff I've found seemed heavy on memorization and flash cards. I had a vision of some sort of fun hands-on activity like stuff we do with the base-ten set.

I appreciate all your helpful links and resource titles! Thank you so much!
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