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cyber school equivalent?

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I love the fun of having computer games and skills woven into the K12 curriculum. Not certain that I love how K12 has been implemented into my state- though I don't actually use it so I may be wrong. Either way, I'd love to find another curriculum that is like K12 in the games/ curriculum but not part of a cyber public school. Would Calvert be the closest? BTW - we can't swing the tuition to K12 w/o the public charter option.
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You might want to check out www.time4learning.com. They have a forum as well and I know many there use it as their core curriculum and then supplement with other things. We use it for extra practice.
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Calvert by itself doesn't have the fun stuff. They do have computer learning but it's mostly typing, at least for my kid's ages.

What our cyberschool does is give parents the option of their own online curriculum, or using Calvert in conjunction with another online supplemental program. They did use Time4Learning for a while and we *loved* it. It was a little weak on science and social studies, but for math and especially language arts, it was excellent. Our cyberschool switched to a different online program which I don't like nearly as much.

Time4Learning is subscription based but I think it's like $20/month, so not over the top, especially if you use it daily and it provides a core language arts curriculum.
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Thank you Cappacinosmom for clearing that up for me... wow I would have been disappointed eh? Not that Calvert isn't a great program just wouldn't have been what I expected.

I have heard of time4learning but not as people using it to supplement. That is a good idea and would really solve my dilemma for next year except that if I buy a curriculum and then a subscription for both of my children... that could get pricy quick. But definitely something to mull around in my brain for a bit Thanks for the tip baileysmom!
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I was going to recommend Time4Learning when I read your question but I see that has been covered. You can go to the Parent Forums without signing up and ask lots of questions. There are also forums for each individual state. The state mods are very helpful in answering questions. The best part is if you don't like it you can just quit. You're not signing on for long term commitments. My son has been using it since he was four and loves it. We will be finishing 2nd grade language next week. It will be another month or two before he finishes 2nd grade math. He finished science and social studies a long time ago.

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I know its already been suggested..But I 3rd it!!! Time4Learning LOL
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