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Language aids?

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Does anyone have any tips for teaching children a second language if it isn't spoken at home? My DH is Filipino but he doesn't speak Tagalog anymore. He moved to the states when he was 6 and his parents wanted him to be "American" so he eventually lost it. I would like the girls to learn to speak Tagalog. I was thinking of maybe trying Rosetta Stone....any experience with this? Thanks
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We're trying to do the same - my husband did not come to the US until he was an adult, but never speaks his native language unless he is talking to his mom (who still lives at home). It is a huge challenge! So far, I've just been having the kids watch Little Pim (Pimsleur) videos, and Sesame Street in our target language. I've considered Rosetta, but just haven't sprung for it yet.

Good luck!
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I've just given up. DH's reluctance to speak Cantonese with DS is huge. I'm no longer on speaking terms with MIL in any language (that would be a whole other thread.) Finally any thing I can find in the way of "Learn Chinese" vidoes/programs for children are Mandarin .
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My partner doesn't speak Korean anymore. I have the Rosetta Stone for Korean which I tried myself. I can speak FORTRAN, Assembler, C/C++/C#, Java, Perl, Lisp, ADA, Visual Basic, SQL, etc, etc but I needed a tutor in junior high just to pass beginner French ... in a nutshell I didn't do very well with it. But you may have better luck. Tagalog seems a lot easier than Korean to my ears! I don't know what age is appropriate to start them on it if you try, but they should be pretty comfortable with using the computer first.
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