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Thank you so much :) 

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Hi! I know this is an old thread but thank you for all this helpful information!

I live in upstate NY, but will be in Scranton for part of Thanksgiving weekend this year. I'm planning a homebirth, my second, and am all set with that, but since I'll be 36 weeks pregnant at Thanksgiving, and 3 hours from home, my midwives have recommended I have a plan in place for what hospital I would show up at if I were to go into labor unexpectedly on the road. I would need to be in a hospital since I'll only be 36 weeks along.

This would be a "drop-in" birth with no prior relationship with any OB or midwife at the hospital. I expect it won't happen at all -- and if I have a good plan in place, then hopefully Murphy's Law will help ensure it doesn't happen!

But in case my water broke or something and gangbusters labor kicked in...

I eliminated Moses Taylor as soon as I saw the 37% cesarean rate in the most recent statistics from the state.

I was thinking maybe Pocono Medical Center -- it's within an hour of Scranton, had a 27% c-section rate, and even had some VBACs. Those numbers look even better to me than Geisinger (which is probably too far anyway) and Lehigh Valley (also pretty far). Actually, Lehigh does have decent VBAC numbers, but I'm cautious about planning to drive over an hour.

Thoughts on Pocono Medical Center? Also, does it have a NICU instead of just a basic nursery? I've been advised that for a 36 weeker, I should try to be in a hospital with a NICU in case the baby needed extra support, so it wouldn't have to be transferred and leave me behind.

Thank you!
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I had an awesome birth experience at Lourdes hospital in Binghamton ny.  It is about an hour from Scranton.  They have no issue with natural births, water births, etc.  They only do rooming in, dad can stay at night, bfing friendly, etc.  I love the midwives there. 

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Ah, that's good to know. I'll go read up on them, check the distance from my relative's house, and check their stats -- I know NY state actually collects way more data than PA and makes it publicly available.
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check out their website.  You can view the birthing suites.  You don't get moved around.  I really was quite pleased with my stay there.  They let you eat/drink during labor and you really do get a say.  I know they aren't supposed to let you, but the RN's and PCT's never said a word to me about having the baby in bed with me at night.

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I just checked out the Lourdes website and stats, and it does sound very lovely. The stats are good, not amazing, but it's great to hear that the nursing staff sounds very comfortable with the kind of approach I would want.

The downside seems to be that it does not have a NICU, and many people (including my midwives) have advised me not to choose a hospital with no NICU for what would be a premature baby. However, for a 36 weeker (that is, not THAT premature), I'd be more inclined to risk this than to risk what sound like horrible Scranton hospitals!

I'm still interested in hearing people's opinions of Pocono Medical Center, which is closer (52 minutes compared to 73 minutes), does have a NICU, and has cesarean numbers very similar to Lourdes (actually slightly better). Anyone?
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 Dhyana Heller is a homebirth midwife out of Stroudsburg, PA. I am going to her now, and she is amazing. She has 30+ years experience and a wonderful assistant who is a CNM. You can contact her via http://harmonybirthing.com/


How far along are you? Good luck and keep us posted!

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Just wanted to post an update about Geisinger Wyoming Valley (GWV) in Wilkes-Barre.  I'm a nursing student and just finished my nursing rotation there (I also plan to birth my first baby there in August). 


I didn't meet a single L&D nurse, OBGYN or CNM that I didn't like.  There were a couple PP nurses who were a little "rougher" but in general they were pretty nice too.  Geisinger is *very* pro-BF (in all of the literature I've received from them through my own preg plus what I saw on the floor) and they have just completed an expansion/renovation of their OB unit.  Now babies room-in (I never saw a baby in the nursery even though they have one), dad can stay overnight and there is a (level II?) NICU there as well (they can take babies as young as 28 weeks gestational age right now).


Granted, I haven't birthed there yet and I may post an update here come August (if I remember) but wanted to have that info on here for anyone like me looking for info on NEPA hospitals who may happen across this thread in the future.

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my experience for those who may be looking for prenatal/birth care in NEPA.


I went to Wayne Memorial and saw both Sheela and Pat, both CNMs, through my pre-natal care. They were EXCELLENT. I ended up seeing primarily Sheela when there were some concerns with my son's size (He was just fine. He was measuring 5 weeks behind so I was referred to a perinatologist  just to make sure he really was growing fine, and he was. I really appreciated that as little intervention they try to be, they take precautions when it seemed necessary) and she is just wonderful. I felt very well cared for, like I had a real connection rather than just patient/doctor and genuinely enjoyed seeing them at every appointment.


My labor was fabulous. I was admitted at 4pm, having had my water break at 2pm. Sheela came in around 8pm (called in) and hung around for the entire labor, got me tea, hung out with my fiance, knew I didn't want an epidural and when I was begging for, one offered alternatives (I did not end up having an epidural! :D). I was in a labor tub for a while, and could have had a water birth had I wanted. It was just an excellent experience. I had a 15 hour labor, one dose of Stadol (which I know can be a horror drug, but I had an ideal experience with it. I loved it), and a first degree inner tear. 


Also, just as an aside, I was/am a young mom. I gave birth to my son at 18 and at no point was I treated like I was young, stupid, or naive (I was none, my mom was an L&D nurse so I was quite well informed). I was only told positive things about having a child young, supported in all my decisions and very much so felt empowered and in control of the entire situation.


I really cannot recommend the CNMs of Wayne Memorial enough. I couldn't have asked for better prenatal or labor/birth care. My son is now 2, and I greatly enjoy going to my yearly checkups and getting to see everyone!


(I also met several of the OBs. I had pleasant experiences with all of them as well.)

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Hi, i'm new to this thread.


I would also like to find out some good, friendly midwives/doctors (obyns, etc) who are open to VBAC births and not repeat cesareans, who actually encourage a more natural birth, even if you have had a c-section, even for your first pregnancy.


I had a c-section just about 8 months ago, and i am not pregnant atm (since i am being extremely safe and waiting the whole 15 months like all the books say). 


If anyone can give me some hospitals and doctors/cnm's, i would be very greatful.


I am just trying to get some information ahead of time, that way i am not searching when i finding conceive again.

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