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A question regarding the health of your unvaccinated children. - Page 4

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ODS, vaccinated, is 8 and has autism. YDS is 6 and had only a few months of vaccines -- stopped after 2 months. DD, 2 months, isn't vaxxed and won't be.

I don't blame only vaccines for son's autism, though feel they played a part - the toxic tipping point. I had 8 mercury fillings when pregnant and nursing him, plus he was very colicy, which I later figured out was due to a milk allergy (I breastfed him, but drank milk). When he weaned at 15 months, he started getting eczema from cow's milk before I figured it out and removed it from his diet. He also had several ear infections and was treated with antibiotics for them, so I feel like the period from 15 - 18 months (when he received MMR, chickenpox and other vaxxes) his immunity was already challenged and the vaccines were too much (eczema + ear infections + the CDC schedule of vaccines).

YDS has been healthy as a horse (knock on wood). Caught his first real cold when he started preschool at 3, and had flu last fall, but recovered after 5 days of rest.
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Both my husband and I and our parents were vaxinated with everything available. Our oldest daughter received one dose of DTap/Hib. Our youngest received no vaccinations.

I have 6-7 analgram (sp?) fillings, and breastfeed both girls (3 months with first DD, 9 months with second).

Our daughters have no signs of autism at all. There is no sign of it in any of our relatives (all vaxed) regardless of age.

Health-wise, I have noticed that everybody else's kids (some much, much more than others) are always sick with colds, flu, serious earaches, random viruses going around. My oldest (6) was sick with a flu/virus three times in her life and had 2 earaches (only one was treated with antibiotics, the other with homeopathics) and 2 bouts of pink eye (I believe one was treated with medication, but the other was definitely treated with homeopatics. My other daughter (4 yrs) has never been "sick" nor had any infections beyond one bad cold at a year old, treated at home. When everyone else has horrible colds in the winter, we all share runny noses, though DH and I are always the worst off. DH and I also get sick with flu/virus about once a year, me usually around the holidays and DH shortly before or thereafter.
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My kids are both partially/selectively vaxed.

Dd1 is neurotypical, dd2 has SPD.
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Originally Posted by Skinjob View Post
There are a lot of reasons not to vaccinate, but autism should not be one of them. The supposed link between the MMR vaccine and autism has recently been debunked. In fact, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who "discovered" the link was recently disgraced and stripped of his license to practice medicine for falsifying the results of his vaccine study. I'm not concerned about it in the slightest.
The OP didn't ask that. Here is what she asked:

"Do any of your vaccinated or partially vaccinated children have Autism?

Do any of your 100% UNvaccinated children have Autism?"
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My partially vaxed ds (6) appears to have Asperger's with ADHD symptoms (working on a diagnosis). My unvaxed dd (4) does not have any mental/behavioral health issues.
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My only Son is non vax'd. No signs of autism in our home. Our Son is very healthy. So blessed. We have noticed peanut butter was an issue, may try in a year again.

Our decision was not based on autism, just pure research and not wanting to mess with what is naturally right (for us)! I worked for a holistic dentist prior to having DS. He taught me soooo much about vax's and toxins in the body. I have had the ability to watch folks detox from heavy metals and seen the "person" emerge, fantastic. Also, my prior boss has 3 healthy adult children that they did not vax, living proof!

I was FULLY vaccinated, soy formula from day one and laid in a crib from what I am told. I was heavy my whole life and have now lost 147lbs and have kept that off for 7 years after learning I have celiacs. I am extremely sensitive and know that DS more than likely is too.
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2 autistic nephews (cousins); fully vaxed according to schedule- oldest in mid 90s and youngest in 2002.
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DD #1 (now 20) was partially vaxed as a child and does/did have ADD tendencies (never diagnosed, but was evaluated as a 9 year old by the school but deemed not to have ADD), otherwise was a healthy, robust child. DD #2 (12) and DS (10) both unvaxed, have no mental/behavioral or health issues.
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this would be much more effective and easy to do if presented as a poll. Is there anyway for you to go in and edit it to include a poll? I didn't read and perhaps this has been mentioned....

dd1 is partially vaxed and has been damaged by it IMO (very intelligent but has food intolerances and tics and behaviors, most of which are controlled by diet (GFCFSF) and yeast protocols at times. dd2 had no interventions or vax and is fine.
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My daughter is two years old, unvaccinated, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have ASD. We don't see doctors, but nothing she does strikes me as being out of the ordinary and she proves to be highly intelligent.

Autism really has nothing to do with why I chose not to vaccinate. I just think it's important not to tamper with what is natural.
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This is an old post. But, yes, I have a DD who is unvaxed and has ASD.  In case anyone is wondering I didn't eat fish while pregnant and I have 1 amalgam filling.

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