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Spleen question and more

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So I went to the doctor for what felt like gallbladder attacks. The doctor said it sounded like gallbladder but wanted an u/s to look for stones and blood work to check out my liver and a urine test to check my kidneys and bladder since I have lower backache.

The blood work was great and the urine showed bacteria. The u/s showed that my liver, pancreas, gallbladder were normal but i had what looked like a kidney stone in my left kidney.

It said that there was suspicion of mild splenomegaly. My doctor was mumbling to himself as he read my results and mentioned the stone but he never came out and said there was suspicion of an enlarged spleen. Did he not mention it because he isn't concerned or what?

He wants me to see a urologist to check my kidneys. I had a UTI about three weeks ago and was on three different antibiotics before they found the right one.


1. Can kidney stones cause UTI?

2. What will the urologist do?

2. Has anyone ever dealt with an enlarged spleen?

3. Did you try herbs or natural healing?

4. Can antibiotics cause an enlarged spleen?

4. Can a prolonged UTI cause an enlarged spleen?
I see my naturopath on Tuesday and then the urologist on Wednesday.
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I didn't learn much about the spleen until I had mine removed (car accident) but I do know that mono can cause an enlarged spleen, as can other viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections.
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Well I was thinking that maybe the on going UTI could be causes it or the fact that I was on antibiotics for so long that the lack of intestinal bacteria left an opening for a parasitic infection. I've have intestinal upset ever since.

I was also thinking that the use of so many antibiotic congested my liver and my lymph system.

I'm a pretty healthy person otherwise except I haven't been exercises at all! So lazy these days.
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