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False labor that lead to Real Labor?

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I have been reading a lot of blog sites lately, (kind of became obsessed) about false labors that lead up to REAL labor. Several women have said that they were having false labor for a week or so, before their REAL labor kicked in. This, of course got me excited, being that since last SUNDAY, I have been having really strong false labors that last a few hours and then vanish. : (
So, any experienced mamas have any advice or stories to share, that can keep me hopeful or bring me back down out of la la land ?
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I don't have any advice, but wanted to commiserate. I've had 3 nights of prodromal labor over the past week...we're talking a solid 8-12 hrs each time of regular 10 min contractions that eventually disappear. Fortunately the contractions aren't miserably painful, but they are definitely enough to make sleeping a rather difficult experience and mentally they are really starting to take a toll.

It's so frustrating, and while part of me just wishes they would turn into something else, the other part of me needs this baby to stay put until next weekend. I've got a lot of loose ends to tie up this week and my husband is scheduled to go out of town wednesday-friday (my mom will be staying with me just in case). If baby isn't here by next weekend, we will be starting natural induction methods. I've already got the pineapple ready.
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Oh how I can relate to this post!I had the exact same thing happen last weekend.Go figure being put on meds to stop contrax at 34 weeks no I am having none at 37 weeks tomorrow(does happy dance big accomplishment).I am taking advantage of gettting rest when I can but also nesting big time.
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Here is a beacon of hope: All false labor leads to real labor eventually!

Plus, it's usually doing something...giving you a head start.

That being said, I was totally miserable with prodromal labor when I was pregnant with DD. I had about a week and a half of serious contractions and I walked around at 5 cm for quite some time before the midwife stripped my membranes and I went into active labor. But then I was already halfway there, so the active labor was only about 3 hours. (Then there was 2.5 hours of pushing because she was face up...)
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i think a new term needs to be coined. i had one bought of "false" labor with dd 2 days before she was born however i barely consider it false! it worked me up to 4 cm and 80% effaced! it just happened to....stop....before the baby came OUT. lol. however i don't really do much of the prodromol stuff. no loosing plugs, no water breaking, no "false" labor.

i suppose if your looking for a story of "false" immidiatly going into real labor it happened to me..kinda. when i started contracting with ds (who was about a week overdue) it was all over the place. sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, spaced out but all over the map. nothing made them go away (shower, lay down, sitting) but nothing made them stronger. this went on for about 4 hours i guess and i called my OB several times. ended up going to the hospital even though i wasn't "consistent" and after they hooked me up to a monitor and checked me i started getting more regular. they didn't send me home as i was just enough in labor for them to decide to keep me!
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this JUST happened to me! (ds was born 3/2)

i had been having false labor for 2 weeks. my blood pressure was also high, so i was in and out of the hospital for monitoring (where i was hooked up to monitors which showed my contractions.) but they never became regular. on 3/1 i was sent back to the hospital for monitoring, and was having contractions that became regular..
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I think "false labor" does lead to real labor but it's the timing is not an exact science. I never had any false labor with the others but had them all early regardless. There was no warning. This time I've been contracting and cramping and cleaning myself out going on two weeks now. I DO NOT want a baby until at least next week (36 is the earliest I'd want to go for baby safety reasons) so I am hoping for three weeks of this if not more. It sucks but I'm starting to learn to not get worried that I'm going to have a baby. I figure my body is just getting ready. Kind of scary though if it does make things go quicker as my previous labors were pretty fast!
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Originally Posted by Pepper44 View Post
Here is a beacon of hope: All false labor leads to real labor eventually!
Hello my name is Carley & I'm a prodromal laborer (if that's not a word, it is now!)

I had weeks prior to the birth of my daughter (at 42 weeks) - I also had 48 hours straight prodromal labor prior to my near 24 hour active labor (48 hours of exhaustion & sleep dep is not how one wants to kick off a very long labor!)

Right on schedule I'm prodromal laboring with this one too - have been for weeks (and I'm at 40+ now). Some nights are definitely 'worse' than others from the pain/sleep dep perspective. Some nights I'm woken a few times for I'd guess 15 m of contracting, some nights, like the other night, I'm up for hour long stretches for seriously painful stuff.

I know I've mentioned this before, but my midwives call this "Doing The Monkey" - it's a norm in the primate world.

Anyway! "Real" labor is unmistakable. There's no "oh they're every 15 minutes, now every 5 minutes, now every 7 minutes, now they've fizzled out for 10 minutes" etc etc It is wham ba-yum! They are COMMING!

I had my poor dear husband timing my prodromal labor contractions during that 48 hours prior to my daughter's birth desperate to make sense of it all. I kept all the pages in her baby book This time around I'm not timing until it becomes quite apparent they're doing something, and only so I can report to my midwives. Prodromal labor can make one crazy!
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I had 48 hours of consistent, painful contractions every 7-10 minutes before 'real' labor started. The contractions didn't really do anything major.. I got to about 2cm and maybe halfway effaced. It was really, really tough because I couldn't stand to be lying down at all during the contractions, which meant I got no sleep for two nights.

The good news is that at some point, real labor kicked in and Fiona was born an hour later. There was one contraction that, while not much more painful, was noticeably different in that it drove me NUTS to hear other people talking during it. Labor was fast and very intense, but not really painful. In the end, I was glad for the 48 hours of prodromal labor figuring that's what made real labor such a snap, but I was on the verge of going to the hospital and begging for pitocin.
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That's exactly what happened to me when I had DD. At 37 weeks, 4 days, I was up surfing the web to take my mind off my annoying false labour, actually I was on a message board complaining about it keeping me up, and then I finally fell asleep... only to be woken up 15 minutes later with a contraction. Fell back asleep, same thing... all night long until the contractions were really close together. Got up to go to the bathroom and lost my mucous plug. At which point I was like, wth? Then suddenly contractions were five minutes apart and really intense. I was really surprised, but DD was born later that day weighing over 8 pounds!

Right now, I'm 36 weeks and experiencing very frequent BHs and false labour, so I'm really, really hoping I go nice and early again!
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That is really great news! I actually hope that I go early as well. I know that is a horrible thing to say, but I am considered "full" term now, so baby is only gaining more weight from here. I just don't know how much longer I can take being pregnant. I am HUGE and my feet stay swollen, almost losing feeling in my toes. I am ready for him to be here. ALl bags are packed, we are pre registered at the hospital, his room is all set up, the car seat is locked in and has been inspected by the fire dept, so on and so on.......
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