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Egg sandwich w/ cheese on whole grain english muffin- nice surprise that DW made for me!

Snacks throughout the day:
greek yogurt w/ blueberries and flax seed
handful of blackberries
handful of grapes
mozzerella cheese stick

10 whole wheat crackers w/ gouda cheese
bunch of baby carrots w/ garlic hummus

2 pieces organic spinach pizza

Emergen-C and pregnancy tea infusion (since I usually don't eat enough dark leafy greens)
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Is anyone else keeping an online food journal? I found babyfit today and am really liking it!

Today I had -

B - whole grain english muffin toasted with cottage cheese on one & organic strawberry jam on the other, sliced apple

S - orange, tortilla chips & salsa

L - Turkey sandwich on ww bread, plum

S - orange

D - turkey chili & sliced cucumber
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2 cups bran flakes w/ whole milk (i ran out of my skim so had to use the kids)


2 cups sushi rice w/ soy sauce and sweet chili sauce

2 cups apple sauce

ww tortilla w/ pinto beans and avocado

few pieces of dried apricots

and a bike ride that felt pretty hard core, lol.

about 1500 calories. seems like i've had more, as i'm super stuffed and bloated. anyone know, or wanna help me figure out if *only* eating about that much a day is a problem? i've never been a calorie counter so numbers mean nothing to me. and maybe it's ok too since that's what my body seems to want/require. (i think i'm considered relatively sedentary in terms of exercise, however, i never just sit. i'm either cleaning or chasing or breastfeeding a toddler.)
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I really need to get my act together and stop eating like crap... Today I had:

B- bowl of honey bunches of oats with skim milk

L- grilled cheese with bacon and tomato, bunch of extra bacon, fries.. I blame my wonderful friend for this lunch! I have been complaining about how I want grilled cheese how she makes it (with the tomato and bacon in it) but I am incapable of making grilled cheese for some reason so she came over and made it for me... love her!!!!

S- animal crackers

D- mac and cheese and baked beans..

I guess it could have been worse but it definitely wasn't good! On the plus side we went for a walk today?
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Originally Posted by lotusma View Post
anyone know, or wanna help me figure out if *only* eating about that much a day is a problem?
i don't know anything but 1500 calories seems too low to me. i'm 115 pounds now and 5'5", and i normally need at least 1800 to maintain my weight. i work on a computer most of the day so i'm pretty inactive but i usually do about an hour of medium intensity exercise each night. i don't think that i get as much exercise as you do chasing around a toddler all day, so i'd think you need at least 1800 calories a day too. plus, you're in the second trimester now so at some point aren't you supposed to start needing to increase your caloric intake by about 300 calories? when does that start? i should ask my doctor that next time i see her.

i guess if you don't feel hungry and you are on track in terms of your weight gain then you must be eating enough food and you don't need to worry, but i am surprised you can get through the day on such a small amount of food.

i've been tracking my weight with this tracker and it's helping me relax a little bit to see that so far i'm on track, even if i'm at the higher end of what's considered healthy weight gain. you might like it too if like me you worry about gaining too much weight: http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-...gain-estimator
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Wow. I think I eat a lot these days. WAY more than pre pregnancy and I remember going back to more normal eating habits after the first trimester last time. Here's what I had:

B: whole-grain bagel with cream cheese & chai tea
S: two apples and a banana
L: potato/cheese and sauerkraut/mushroom perogies with sour cream and carmelized onions (yesterdays leftovers) plus spinach salad with steamed green beans and hard boiled egg and balsamic olive oil dressing.
S: blueberry muffin and hot chocolate
D: whole-wheat pasta with meat sauce and more spinach salad with mushrooms and green beans (same dressing.)
S: tripple chocolate ice cream

No idea how many calories. Probably like 2500. At least. I have to feed my nausea or it gets much worse. I have no trouble eating, though some foods are completely unappealing. I am sickest in the morning (and usually throw up) when my stomach is empty. The more I eat, the better I feel
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2 slices of whole grain toast with organic no salt peanut butter.(figure Im safe as neither of us have any allergies and I really do not eat it that often.)


greek yogurt with blueberries

smoked chicken, goat cheese, avocado and tapenade sandwich on whole grain bread with mixed greens with olive oil and balsamic.

oat bar with dark chocolate.

orange and banana

whole wheat pasta with ground turkey and organic salt free pasta sauce.
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Lotusma - that does not seem like enough food to me. BUT, I think it's most important to listen to your body. So if you are not hungry and gaining weight like you should (esp as we move into the second trimester) I wouldn't be concerned.

Babyfit.com tracks calories, fat, carbs, protein, calcium & a few other things ... my calories are staying right around 1700-1900 each day. I'm not loosing or gaining weight yet.

But trust me, I've also been majorly bloated and totally understand how it can make you feel so full and like you don't want to eat anything.
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This thread it making me hungry!!!

Here's yesterday- I use Lose It on the iPhone- it's an awesome calorie/nutrient tracker. I am shooting for around 2200/day on the days I don't exercise and 2500/day on the days I do. I start feeling barfy if I don't eat something little every hour or two or if I eat too much in one sitting, so I basically munch on little snacks all day.

Breakfast- 2 slices ww toast, one with peanut butter
Morning snack- string cheese, 2 Cuties, and baby carrots
Lunch- Chicken and rice soup, apple, wheat crackers and Laughing Cow wedge
Afternoon snack- handful of trail mix, a ClifKids bar, and 2 more Cuties
Dinner- tofu stir-fry and 1/2 cup rice
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I've been avoiding this thread because I was afraid of how healthy you all would be. Thank goodness at least a few others are eating as horribly as I am!!

So far today I've had:
- small toasted whole wheat pita with butter
- small strawberry yogurt
- about 3 c of cantaloupe
- coffee (1/2 decaf) with LOTS of cream (I only drink coffee for the cream)
- about 10 chocolate chip cookies from the jumbo bag in my desk drawer

And I have to admit that the yogurt and cantaloupe are big improvements over most days where hardly any fruits or vedgies touch my lips. I'm on a processed sugar and carb diet these days. I was the same with DS and I felt horribly guilty about it. This time, I'm trying to just go with the flow and not beat myself up too much. I'll make up for it in a few weeks when I'm feeling better. I actually remember the first salad I had when preg with DS, I was about 22 weeks and only finally starting to feel less barfy. It was a huge pregnancy milestone for me!

I'm dreaming of Chef Boyardee straight from the can for lunch... someone stop me!
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I just started using Lose It on my iPhone too! I really like it so far... Even if I have to guess at some stuff I figure it's at least a good estimate
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Originally Posted by JessieBird View Post
I'm dreaming of Chef Boyardee straight from the can for lunch... someone stop me!
You guys........nobody stopped me!!!! It was sooooo good!
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Originally Posted by JessieBird View Post
You guys........nobody stopped me!!!! It was sooooo good!
I freaking LOVE spaghetti O's ... man, I wish you have never even mentioned Chef Boyardee. I've managed to not eat that stuff for well over a decade and now it's on my mind!
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Today I can't stop eating. I feel like if I eat any more I'm gonna pop- but I'm soooo hungry.

It's 3pm

4 plain dry eggo waffles
green giant broccoli with cheese sauce frozen entree
small jello fruit cup
2 cheese sticks
can of campbells clam chowder
2 wheat bread bologona and cheese w real mayo sandwiches

I just feel like my blood sugar is low :-/ hrumph. Some days I hardly eat other days, I can't stop!
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Great idea for a thread! And my midwives have suggested keeping a foodlog so this is a good start...

B: Bowl of frosted shredded wheat w/ 1% milk, slice of cinnamon raisin bread with a little butter, an orange

L: Scrambled eggs, chickpeas, a little sharp cheddar cheese and salsa in a whole wheat tortilla wrap, Beet salad I made yesterday and a tall glass of water

D: (My plan at least!) Leftover homemade lentil vegetable soup, a couple slices of homemade bread, glass of milk

S: Skinny cow ice cream sandwich

I also plan on trying to do an hour of exercising before dinner...we'll see!
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I used to track online using calorie count plus but I just didn't get anywhere with it and it got so redundant. I went to cvs and bought a little notebook I keep with me everywhere I go and just jot down everything that I eat. That way I don't obsess about calorie counts or get depressed I'm not eating enough or too much.

I haven't checked in, in a few days but here is today so far.
B- 1 egg fried, 1.5 slices ww toast w/little butter
S-Cookies w/milk
L-Leftover Prime Rib with green beans
S-Cheese and crackers
D- 1/2 order of sun dried tomato and chicken raviolli from Johny Carinos
S- Fruit smoothie
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My patients mother just fed me a doughnut and s home made taco with bean n cheese
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Originally Posted by mistymama View Post
I freaking LOVE spaghetti O's ... man, I wish you have never even mentioned Chef Boyardee. I've managed to not eat that stuff for well over a decade and now it's on my mind!
No YOU stop it! I can't remember the last time I had Spaghetti-Os (probably a decade here, too ) and now what do I want, right this minute?!

It's 1:30 and I haven't eaten anything . Breakfast sounded nasty, and I'm waiting for DH to deliver my lunch (he drops off food for me and then I drive him and DS home and take the car back to work on Tues-Thurs due to our weird work schedule overlaps). I know it's not healthy, and I feel horribly guilty, but... Idk.
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Fiber One cereal w/ skim milk

baby carrots w/ hummus

Chicken w/ sweet & sour sauce
broccoli and cauliflower mix
tea infusion
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Update: am now eating hummus directly from the carton . DH and I miscommunicated; he got the impression I didn't need anything brought to me today, and is planning on picking me up after work. 50 more minutes of work. DH promised me he'd bring food with him when he picked me up. I couldn't hold out and busted into my hummus (the only food I currently have in my work stash), despite having nothing upon which to spread it.
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