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So, today I'm officially 37 weeks. Had some loss of mucous yesterday (but no spotting) and lots of cervical pressure. This morning the cervical pressure made way to cervical pain.
Then lots of sex was had, and ever since then there's been nothing.
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Ginger Aw, your midwife sounds SO sweet. I'm so happy for you that you are in such caring hands.

Jen Glad you are at least getting a bit of a break!

Justamama Glad little Lucy (LOVE that name, btw) is doing so well! I feel for you on the dh issue. Mine actually tends to zone when he is home with the kids without a specific agenda. They end up watching tv and playing video games, and the moment I appear in the room, they are all over me. In the meantime, the messes build. I almost think it is just as well that he is only going to be able to have a couple of days off this time around!

Rhi for normal poops!! I totally understand - except coming from the other direction. When I finally pooped after 36 hours, I swear it was almost orgasmic. And Yay!! for a good dh and good friend - friends who are willing to help unpack rock!!

Sme Oooh, that would make me so mad about the nap - my dh has done that too. I always get a sheepish look and an apology. Doesn't cut it! The quilt show sounds like it could have been fun under better circumstances though. My MIL is an incredible quilter as well, so I have been to a few quilt shows, and I really enjoy them.

Ivory I so feel for you on the positioning and the labor. Glad you got some good sleep at least, and I hope she moves soon so she can get the heck out of there!! Thanks for the encouraging words, too. They mean a lot.

loveneverfails I can't believe people are asking you that. It is beyond thoughtless and hurtful. For some reason with us, people seemed to forget almost immediately that we were ever pg with twins. (when I mentioned it to BIL shortly after Amalie died his comment was, "oh, yeah, that must have been hard.") That hurt, but at least I wasn't forced to recount the story if I didn't want to. And frankly it took me a couple of years to feel comfortable even bringing it up.

Oh, but I soooo love the little old ladies who tell me how young I look to be having this many kids. Considering I feel pretty close to little old ladyhood myself a lot of days, it really boosts my ego!

laughingfox for 37 weeks!!

afm More of the same kid-wise. Ivory, I think you are right, I think it is the moon. Of course the fact that they KNOW I am limited in my ability to discipline them doesn't help either. Grrrr. Called one of my friends yesterday and, yes, apparently CPS does frown on locking your kids in a dog crate, even a big one. She assured me she has been tempted too.

ETA: One cute kid story from today - Tom asked Ellen, our 2-year-old, what an octopus says, and she answered, "squeak squeak!" He laughed, but I was puzzled and asked him where she had gotten that idea. He just pointed to the dog's squeaky toy on the floor. The octopus shaped one.

And dh has been, well, dh. I asked him several times this week to please get the carseats installed this weekend, and every time he said OK. Now suddenly today he informed me that they don't need to be installed until after they are born. Uh, excuse me? Remember our last birth when I was mobbed by hospital staff the morning after the birth and you were home SLEEPING?!?! Remember how I said I need you with me this time?!?! So now you are planning to be downstairs installing car seats instead? ARGH!!! I kinda pulled the I am 21938712046 weeks pg and so what I say goes card, though I was a little nicer than that about it.

Men. Can't live with 'em, can't leave 'em by the side of the road.
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Originally Posted by ivymae View Post
AFM - A good night's rest last night has made today a lot easier to handle. A question though, for those of you who have actually seen amniotic fluid before (my water broke while pushing in the pool with both girls) - is it thicker than water? Like, not as thick as mucus, but not pee thin? I'm soggy today, but can't decide if it's just really thin mucus or not. It's definitely not pee (wrong hole, lol) but isn't gushing or soaking anything, just enough to make me wear a pad because I am tired of changing underwear. Don't get excited girls - I probably just have a runny vagina. is it vagina allergy season?
@ vagina allergy season. Actually it can get a little runnier if you have a cold...

I do have days with really watery discharge that if I didn't know better, I would think was amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid doesn't feel like it has a lot of substance in it, but it does have a slipperier quality than water. Hard to describe. If you're noticing it as something that isn't soaking into your underwear, it's not amniotic fluid...it soaks in fast like pee or water.

Amniotic fluid has a distinct smell, but again I have no idea how to describe it. Testing to see if it's amniotic fluid is easy; can you call your MW? There are two tests; the nitrazine paper you could do yourself (usually I will have women do this themselves anyway) and the ferning test is a little more complicated. If you'd noticed wetness once or twice, I wouldn't consider it a big deal, but if its continuing I'd want to see about ruling out membrane rupture. There are ways to do that without putting you on a clock, too.
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My kids are at their dad's this w/e. Tonight would be a good time to birth because the step-kids are at a Scout night hike.

I can't remember the consistency of amniotic fluid.
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Dena She is very sweet. I feel very lucky to have found her. Now I just have to convince baby that staying until at least tomorrow is a good idea.

Oh and my dh never did put the promised car seat in. I did. And I did it wrong. So he keeps saying he's going to fix but hasn't yet. Cause he had to work all weekend on class projects that he put off. In fact, I spent ALL day helping him instead of cleaning our room which I really wanted to do. But I won't complain as he went out to get me Indian food, and he took the kids

Ivy: With my first two, my water broke in a huge gush before hand. It literally POURED out of my vagina. It was very clear and had a sweetish smell to it...it didn't look like urine but it was the same consistency. With my last, I had a small leak and it kept leaking like when I sat on the toilet there was a steady stream. I actually thought it was urine that time but the nurses tested it and it wasn't.

AFM: Baby has shifted even lower so I am super uncomfortable. I am having what can only be described as constant menstrual like cramps. I feel like I have to poop but can't. Grrr. Very unpleasant but not quite painful. Contractions are still random but my legs hurt really bad as does my lower back. Dh is a show and midwife is about 2 hours away so I'm really hoping this is all just preshow stuff. Like way preshow. But I did wash my kids just in case I figured they should be clean should I go into labor....
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Found out part of the problem with dh today. The idiot took 2 muscle relaxers. @@ He thought it was okay because "they're tiny pills."

Seriously, I feel like the mother of 4, not 3 some days! But at least today I know why.
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Do baby movements change before labour? A friend who just had hers said her baby slowed down a lot. My girl is still super active.
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Originally Posted by sew_crafty_girl View Post
Do baby movements change before labour? A friend who just had hers said her baby slowed down a lot. My girl is still super active.
I was wondering the same thing...but not sure if I could anything or not from that...baby hasn't moved much today. Enough for me to not freak out but i seem to have off days...and sadly I just can't remember the others.
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My others slowed down, but Lucy moved even during labor. She also had her cord around her neck, under her arm, and through her legs.
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Eeek! I think I might be in labor (for real this time!).

DH got home late Friday night, and we joked before he left that this baby would come as soon as he got back and after we dropped my mom off at the airport (she was staying with me in case I went into labor while he was gone). We dropped her off yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, and I started getting fairly painful contractions around 10pm. Around 1am they were regular and about 5 minutes apart and quickly progressed to every 3 minutes. Called the midwife who said to try and relax for a couple of hours and call her back to check in since first-time moms tend to be in active labor for around 12hrs. So I took a LONG soak in the tub which was amazing...contractions are still coming regularly. I'm going to try to lay down for a bit and not get too worn out (easier said than done when you're SO excited to meet this baby that's been growing inside you for 9 months) - fortunately we're only about a 5-10 minute drive to the hospital so there's no rush I suppose. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the real deal!
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woohoo! maybe more babies on the way!!
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ELV, SusieQ!

DH is doing the same carseat thing. He told me to just get one because he didn't care (didn't want to do any research, I'm sure), and has spent since it showed up whining about how expensive it is ($150 LESS than DS's Britax Marathon) and how stupid the LATCH system is on the seat itself. Last night, when I told him for the hundredth time that it needs to be in my car by Wednesday (our MW home visit), he went on a rant about how stupid it was to have the car seat taking up "valuable space" so early. So of course, we started fighting and it comes out that HE THOUGHT I WAS ONLY 31 WEEKS. He didn't even have the grace to be sheepish about being so far off and ignoring all my updates. I could have strangled him.

And last night, DS screamed/moaned non-stop from 11pm til 5am, so I called off work this morning (it's easier for me to do than for DH) to make sure he was ok. By the time I should have been at work, DS was perky and ready to play as if he hadn't been up yelling all night. He was really mad at me for making him stay in bed until 9. So now DS is fine and I'm taking the morning off for NO REASON. Aargh. I feel like such an ass.

So DH and DS are both on my crap list and I have a list of stuff at work that needs to be made up that's a mile and a half long. Plus, Pesach starts tomorrow and I haven't even BEGUN to clean the house and certainly won't be getting any help in cleaning from DH. Oh, and my touch screen on my phone doesn't work AGAIN.

I call a do-over.
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