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Seattle Spring thread? (and surrounding communities!)

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I didn't see one...how's everyone doing this fine spring weekend? I am starting this thread because boy am I in need of some connection. I live way the heck out in Sultan, but I'm feeling bored and I want to meet some new folks. I'm willing to drive, anyone up for a playdate or park get together? Or if anyone wants to trek out here, I'd be happy to organize something.

Yesterday I started some peppers, eggplant, broccoli and basil and in the garden I planted chard, carrots, kale, lettuce and bok choi. Hopefully something comes up . I could not believe how warm it was! It was probably at least 90 inside my makeshift greenhouse.

Hope you all are enjoying the weather.
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Hi Cody'smomma! Sultan is a beautiful place in Washington, but it is wayyy out there. I'd love to plan a trip to Leavenworth for the May Day festivities and it'd be great to get a bunch of tribal mamas there. If you wanted to drive in closer to Seattle before then, I'd meet you at a playground (if my kids stop getting sick!)

A couple of week ago, I started bare root strawberries, and some spinach outside. The strawberries are growing leaves, and the spinach is poking up. Inside my tomato plants, some cilantro and some basil are coming up. I haven't seen the kale yet though.

I'm happy for the beautiful weather and the kids being able to play outside. Its hilarious to see the baby toddle around in the grass. Since I just used the word toddle to describe my 9 month old, does that make her a toddler?
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I'm so jealous of mamas that have a garden! These sunny days make me want to spend all my time outside playing in the dirt. Oh well!

I love love love the fact that daylight savings time was moved up a few weeks. It helps to shake off the winter-blahs so much easier. Saturday my son staying outside until 7pm jumping on a friends trampoline - what joy!

Anyone have any great plans for the week?
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Sara! We should definitely make plans. I am really feeling disconnected lately, I don't know what my issue is. I've been in a total funk for the past few weeks, pretty much since my sister was in her accident.

For those that don't already know-- my sister is super lucky to be alive. She got in a bad car accident, went flying through the window and the car went up in flames behind her. Broke a bunch of bones and ribs. She's been at Harborview ever since and will be for awhile. She's doing okay now, but she has some mental issues that make this whole situation SO much more complicated. Then, right after that, my aunt broke her hip and needed surgery. That went okay, but then she came down with pneumonia and had to be put on a ventilator. Now she can't get off of it because she has emphysema and has been on oxygen for years, and her body is relying on the ventilator too much to take it back out. My mom is a wreck over both her daughter and sister being in the hospital with this crap, and I guess I'm not much better.

Thanks for 'listening', sorry to go on about it, it's just hard. On top of all that, I'm about to hit the 3rd trimester, and I'm already pretty uncomfortable and just want to sleep all the time. ugh.

Anyway, other than that, dd and I have been trying to enjoy the breaks in the weather as much as possible. I'm definitely glad spring is finally here!
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Bjorker, we've had family health issues striking all at the same time in my family too. Its so much to handle when its one at a time, but so very overwhelming when its more than one and people very close to you. Hoping for some good news and improvements for you and your family.
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Thanks, mama.
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Much love sent your way bjorker
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How are things going Bjorker? Any better?

Today my husband ran outside all excited because his passport came in the mail. We're going to Canada as a family next month! The LDS Church just finished construction on a new temple in Vancouver and we're going to tour it before they dedicate it and close it to the public. I'm really excited to take my 3 year old to see the inside of a temple.

In the past month, I've been asked to write two articles to publish, one in a book of essays written by mothers and another for a women's newspaper.

This weekend, I randomly ended up as a back-up doula for a neighbor who was going to go out of town even though she has a client past her due date. I haven't gotten a call yet, so I don't think I'll be needed, but it was interesting to accept the possibility that I might attend the first birth as a doula, even though I'm not officially "trained."
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Kayla. I'm so sorry that your family is having to go through all of that! I would love to get together too.

Went to the mountains this weekend. Not a heckuva lotta snow! DS1 got on skis for a couple of hills and that was it. He's not really into it, but maybe someday!

jeneology - yes, I think toddling makes your baby a toddler! How fun to go to Canada! I would love to take a trip there someday.

jennklogan - I have no great plans this week, but next week we are going to take a trip to the ocean and Sequim. Two nights we are "renting" a friend's cabin on Pacific Beach. Then the next two nights we are staying at a KOA cabin up in Sequim. So that will be like camping, without the tent. I'm so that is doesn't rain much. I want to hang on the beach, fly kites etc. I don't care if it's cold, or even drizzly, but constant downpour would suck! So we may check Olympic Nat. park and maybe the touch tank at the aquarium in Port Angeles. Then take the ferry back, which will be fun.

Hope you're all staying dry in this lovely wet weather!
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Anyone freeze their hineys off in an Easter Egg Hunt this morning?
I think I'm still thawing out!
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We're out of town and it was in the 80s here today (Pittsburgh!). Warm all weekend too! Just had to throw that in there! :P

Bjorkier - I hope things are going better.
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Hi I just saw this. Bjorker, so sorry to hear about your family health issues. That must be so rough. I do hope that your sister heals and that your aunt feels better and gets good care.
How is everyone handling the spring? Wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow -- so far it's been crazy. I've been offline as my dd has been sick and cranky and not sleeping much at all (today for example, she fell asleep then woke up again like two minutes later, babbling away. Sigh.
I too envy you folks with gardens. Am seriously thinking of moving to a trailer so we can have access to land! I miss having a yard although it's been many years since I've had one.
I would love a clothing swap, got lots of tiny baby clothes and am in need of slightly bigger baby clothes. :P
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Hi! I live in Everett, can I join? I am brand new to the area from Florida. I've PMed some of the Snohomish and Seattle mama's to try to get together, because I need to be busier! My 10 month old daughter and I aren't doing much since we just moved here from Florida and don't know anyone. We did join the Eastside and Snohomish API groups and hope to attend a LLL meeting soon. I love the Pacific Northwest so far!

I just ordered some seedlings for a container garden...is it too late in the year for it? I feel behind, but I've never gardened before so this is all one big experiment this year :-D
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Hi! We live in Tacoma. I'm so thrilled that it's getting so nice out. We plan on spending a lot of time outside. We're doing a lot of exploring this spring/summer.
When we moved here we didn't plan on staying here past summer 2010, but it turns out that we love it so much that we think we're going to stay!
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Originally Posted by ihugtrees View Post
HI just ordered some seedlings for a container garden...is it too late in the year for it? I feel behind, but I've never gardened before so this is all one big experiment this year :-D
You should be fine depending on what it is. I don't usually plant warm weather plants until May.
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Can't wait til summer, when the weather gets nice a bit more consistently. Today seems as though it's going to be pretty gray and maybe a few showers, but yesterday was great -- we just hung around our apartment complex but had a great time playing and sitting in the sun. I never know how to dress when it's 55 and going from sunny to cloudy. The baby has on long sleeves but I'm sure ds, when he finally decides to put on a shirt, will probably wear short sleeves.
Anyone up for meeting at a park or some such on Thursday?
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Originally Posted by cody'smomma View Post
You should be fine depending on what it is. I don't usually plant warm weather plants until May.
I ordered all the plants I read were easy for first timers...squash, tomatoes, kale, chard, and some others.
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Tonight we dug rows into our P-Patch at our apartment complex. This is my first time gardening (I'm realizing I missed on some things growing up...). Like ihugtrees, I'm starting with kale, chard, tomatoes, squash. I'm super excited for basil, cilantro and spinach too. My tomato seedlings are looking really good and if I wanted to, there are some cilantro leaves I could claim for cooking...

I've been loving the great weather. Today was the first time I'd gone to Carkeek Park in Greenwood along the sound and it was amazing! Its hard to believe you are in the city out there. I can't wait to go back and explore the hiking trails.

Since the last time I posted, my mom had a stroke. She lives in California and I'll be going to visit to help get things arranged. It wasn't an awful stroke but it was a set back. She'll need 3-6 months of physical therapy to walk again. The situation is a nightmare financially. How I wish that our country wasn't so crazy and that adequate and affordable health care was a reality.
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Sorry to hear about your mom jenn. It is so hard to see our moms ill. My mom died after a short battle with dermatomyositis and I'm pretty sure our medical system was a factor in its shortness.
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Sorry to hear about your mom too. Strokes can be so dehibilitating.

All of your gardening talk is making me wish I'd planted mine this year. The past few years I've been so busy with pregnancy/babies/kids that my garden has pretty much just died of neglect. So last year I didn't plant, and this year I decided to take it off as well. I'm hoping next year when dd will be nearly 2 and walking (so no need to make sure she's not eating grass and bugs and rocks) will make it more doable.
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