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husband's job

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Hi Jamie,

Will my husband get the promotion he interviewed for last week or will he be transferred to a different location as a lateral move?

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HHmmm....there is energy behind the promotion, as if it's being talked about. But something feels off about it. As if it's not going to be the greatest deal that it could be. Or even perhaps a little shady, not completely above board.
I'm not really feeling the lateral move that much either. So the third option, that Im feeling the strongest is that nothing is happening right at this moment.
Honestly, I think your husband is going to make a decision to leave that company altogether at some point and seek other work.

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Thanks for your insight, Jamie!

Very interesting. You are right that the promotion is being talked about! My husband is aware that there has been heated discussion about the possible candidates. I'm not sure what could be shady about it, though. It seems like a pretty straight forward promotion -- but definitely something to think about. My husband did have a fear that the location of the promotion may close soon due to a new location opening this summer (where the possible lateral move is). We would definitely be disappointed if he stayed where he is right now, but he works for a fantastic company and really loves it! However, we've definitely discussed moving if he doesn't get the promotion or transfer. But I have no clue what he would do if he didn't work for them any more!

Thanks again!
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