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Poll Results: When did your water break?

  • 43% (82)
    Did your water break before labor?
  • 34% (66)
    Did it break while you were in active labor?
  • 17% (34)
    Did your OB/ MW break your water late in labor?
  • 3% (7)
    Or was your baby born with your bag of water intact?
189 Total Votes  
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DS1: Water broke before labor started
DD2: Water broke when I started pushing
DS3: MW broke bag of waters when I was 10cm and pushing but bulging bag was in the way.

We'll see what happens with this one!
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My first - it broke about two hours before labor started. Labor may have started earlier if I was with my second child but I got really nervous (adrenaline) when it did and we went to the hospital. No contrax. The nurses then let us alone and THEN the contrax started almost immediately. So if I had been going to stay home and relaxed then maybe contrax would have happened sooner.

With DD water broke about a few contrax before she was born. She was MUCH more painful to labor down but it took less time pushing for her to be born.
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I voted My water broke before labor, because that is what happened with my first.

With my second, however, my water was broken by my doctor while I was IN labor. That was AWFUL! Nothing like what I expected.
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I wasn't sure what to vote because I've given birth twice.

Dd1. Arom at 9.5cm because my labor stalled when the on-call OB entered the room.

Dd2 Water broke on its own 36 hours before labor began. Labor was an easy four hours.
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I gave birth to DD2 last Friday. She was born with the bag completely intact. I had not even had a trickle. There are some pretty wild pics with a blue orb bulging out of me.

With DD1, I was in the hospital. My water broke with pit contractions around 5-6 cm, a big gush. But, they also broke a bulging part of the bag later, at 8cm. So I guess it didn't fully break, or some fluid was trapped.
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My water broke during active labor both times.
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didn't get a chance to read all the replies yet, but there should be 1 more option: "My water broke when I was pushing."

with #2, my water broke during my 20-min pushing stage, about 4-5 contractions before ds was born.

with #1, i requested that my mw break my bow, and she said it was the toughest bag she ever tried to break in about 1,000 births, so i wonder if dd would have been born in the caul, or if it would have broken about when #2's bow did.
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i answered during labor. it was actually just before DS came out.

now, i'm not sure on the timelines per se, but i labored through the day, and then in the last two hours, was in ecstatic movement and sound. it was sometime during those last two hours, and likely about 30 minutes before he was born.

i just guess about 30 minutes before, as DH doens't remember, and i place that guess based on how i was born to my mother. they broke the membranes and i came out 30 minutes later, same with my sister. so, it's a guess.
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I was induced with my first, so my water broke when I was about 7 cm. With the next three, however, my water broke a couple of hours before contractions started.
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Before labour with DS. It was the first sign of action. I was T+3 (though I think he was 2 days 'early'...either way, roughly right on time...of course, babies are always on time! lol)...

Anyroad - it was shortly after that, maybe half and hour or an hour that the contractions started. Mind - I was already 4cm when my waters broke (they checked just to make sure baby was happy - he was) and 4cm is when they consider you 'in labour'.

I am very interested to see how this one goes! hehe
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I honestly don't remember when it happened. Isn't that terrible? DP and I were just talking about that... he doesn't remember either. I'm sure it must have been in active labor at some point.
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Dd1 it broke at 8 centimeters, not yet active but right before.
Dd2 it broke at the after the first or second push.
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my water broke before labour, at 35+ weeks. i was in mega denial over that one, since i assumed that i was just going to be one of those people who then wouldn't go into labour within the deadline and have to be induced, plus i was freaked out about such an early baby.

looking back though, i think i had back labour all day and just didn't realize it... i had a nagging back ache that came and went. but i really can't remember if i started leaking first or had a back ache first.

oh, and even though i was leaking fluid all day, very very active labour started within a half hour of my waters gushing all over the floor that evening.
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When mine broke, it only "leaked" for a couple hours. I was sleeping and getting up every hour to pee (fun late pregnancy). And it was the second pee-trip where I kind of woke up and said "wait, what's REALLY going on here." I was walking back and just started GUSHING. I sat down on some towels. After about a half an hour, I called my mom to let her know she needed to drive up (she was my "doula"), and while I was on the phone with her there was like a "gush-cork". I think that's when the head went down and sealed it, because I hardly leaked from there on out.
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It broke sometime after I was complete, but no one actually noticed exactly when it broke as labor moved very quickly for me, but it was still intact when they checked and then when I was pushing later they noticed it was broken.
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I didn't vote, but here was what happened for my two vaginal births:

DS2: Was induced due to blood incompatibility with a foley catheter. The foley + nip stim put me into early labor. I had them break my water when things lulled when I was about 3 cms (which was about 24 hours into the induction). He was born about 18 hours later.

DD2: I got into the tub with waters intact in active labor. It was dimly lit, and I was in laborland, so I am not sure when my waters released. Sometime during either the lightening fast pushing or birth though.
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My water broke like 5 minutes before labor started. It was totally textbook. My water broke at like 11:15 and I thought that the baby was just being crappy by punching in my vagina, then the fluid started coming down. We tested it and it was blue, I started having contractions a few minutes after that and I was rockin' and rollin' for 33 hours. I hope this next one is a lot faster.
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DD1 AROM by OB at 4cm. She came an hour later.

DD2, water broke on Thurs. No contrx by Fri afternoon. Pit started and she came 9 hrs later, but ironically I had the same pattern of dialating 4-10cm in a couple hrs or less.

Hoping this time it ruptures on it's own accord during labor.
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dd1- water broke on it's own about 12 hours before contractions began.

dd2- water broke on it's own after three hours of "maybe these are contractions?" but it was another 3-5 hours before the contractions were "significant".

ds- the midwife broke the bag of waters after I arrived at the hospital following an hour of "kind of contractions" (I was at 42 weeks and about to be transfered from midwife care so I was ok with trying AROM at that point).
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first: just as labour started, second: as the head was crowning
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