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When did your water break? - Page 5

Poll Results: When did your water break?

  • 43% (82)
    Did your water break before labor?
  • 34% (66)
    Did it break while you were in active labor?
  • 17% (34)
    Did your OB/ MW break your water late in labor?
  • 3% (7)
    Or was your baby born with your bag of water intact?
189 Total Votes  
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#1- AROM fairly early in labor
#2- AROM mid-labor
#3- SROM about an hour before contractions started.
#4- SROM during transition
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My water broke to start labor both times
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I honestly have no clue when it broke... either during transition or sometime during the two hours of pushing. I don't remember it ever breaking but I DO know she wasn't born with it still intact. I was way too focused on contractions and working her down and out and pushing to notice anything like that. I never looked into hypnobirth but from what little I know, I think I kind of did that.. although I've never heard of not noticing the water breaking but I didn't!
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I voted in active labour, but actually it has always been during second stage. I can't push effectively while the bow is intact. I have just laboured down and waited for it to break 3x, but did ask my midwife to break it once. The baby is born with the next contraction.
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I've had 4 labor's

1-3 The Doc/MW broke my water, all were induced.

4- Water broke spontaneously at 35weeks 5days
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Baby wasn't born with bag of water intact, but it broke the push before she emerged. I think that's why she was in such a decent mood when she was born--she had a nice cushy ride for most of the way!
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With DD it broke before labor really got started at all. With DS the OB broke it when I was stalling at 8cm and his heartrate kept dipping, and he was born a few minutes later.
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With DS1 my water broke 32 hours before he was born. I labored at home for most of the time and only went to the hospital once I thought I was pretty dilated.

With DS2 I asked my OB to break the water while I was in the pushing stage. The pressure of the sack was too much for me to be able to push DS2 out. DS2 was born a few minutes after the OB broke my water.
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#1: AROM mid labor hospital induction due to PIH.

#2: AROM by mw at home moments before DS was born due to bulging bag of water in the way.

Both times it was remarked that I had an extremely tough amniotic sac.
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Well, I have two babies. With the first, water broke in active labor, I suppose 30 minutes before she was born. The second baby was positioned a bit off and I think forceful pushing while lying down broke my water earlier, maybe 20 minutes before she was born.
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