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WooHoo!! Feeling Baby Move From The OUTSIDE!!!

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I have been feeling baby move for a long time already. A few weeks ago, things calmed down and I was lucky to feel the baby move once every couple/few days. Then last week, the baby started kicking up a storm and quite strong, I must say. Well between yesterday and today, I have felt the baby move from the OUTSIDE three or four times!!! This pregnancy is finally starting to feel real for me!!!

Who else has/is feeling their baby on the outside?
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Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous! And you're due the day after me!!

I'm still only feeling slight movements at bed time. I can't wait until they are more regular and can be felt from the outside.

Congratulations on that wonderful movement!! Enjoy your strong, active baby!
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I am jealous too!!! my son is chomping at the bit to feel the baby and i hate disappointing him! I am not even feeling it consistently from the inside lol
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How cool! I'm very excited for your family..it's a neat time.

This anterior placenta of mine would have me worried if I didn't know better. I normally feel lots of movement fairly early on-with the exception of my first. This time, barely little pokes still...and quite random! I know there is only so long for that, though..eventually baby will be big enough to roll and jab me really hard!

Anyway, enjoy!
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I've been feeling baby for weeks now. I started feeling movement early on, like 14 weeks. But that was just a sort of build up of energy, rolling, swooshing type movement. Now, it's very distinguishable. I can feel a build up of energy and then a kick, or a roll. I can tell the difference between the two and I also can tell where in my uterus babe is positions. He/she is kicking rather low usually. DP started being able to feel from the outside about a week or two ago. Now we have a nightly baby bonding time where he sits with his hand on my belly to feel. It's still hard for him, and he misses some, so when he does feel one he gets sooo excited....lol. Babe moves a LOT in the am, and then again in the evening. It feels like he/she is already trying to kick his way out...lol.
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My husband was able to feel her kicking at 12 weeks. I feel her from the outside every day now, and the kids like to feel. I'm 21 weeks tomorrow, and I have an anterior placenta but her feet are lower down and the placenta is up high so she can still get me!
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Thanks girls. I'm sure it won't be long and you all will be feeling your baby a ton too.

I felt DD (first pg) very early on as well but never even really thought to try and feel her from the outside until about 20 weeks, and by then I could feel her really well. Had I thought to try earlier, I am sure I could have. I didn't expect to feel my babies early inside or out because I am a tad fluffy around the middle.

Yesterday while I was in the tub, I was staring at my belly because baby was moving and one of the kicks actually made my whole tummy move. I must have super strong little ones LOL.

Poor DH, though. I tried to get him to feel this baby a few times over the last couple days and either he can't feel it or the baby quits moving. Im sure it will happen for him soon enough though.
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I started feeling it from the outside this weekend. A pretty good jab to the top of my uterus too. This baby is getting strong!
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I'm feeling baby regularly inside, and try every so often to feel from the outside. I have a bit of padding in the way, for one thing. Then I'll feel something and think, OK, was that just my pulse or what? Who knows. It'll happen soon enough for us all!
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Yeah, I have absolutely no padding on my belly which is probably why my husband could feel her kick the first day I felt it myself. Of course he doesn't get to feel the wonderful kicks to the bladder, but otherwise, if she kicks towards the front/side of the uterus, anyone can feel it.
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I just started feeling our baby on the exterior this w/e too! It was so exciting for DH to feel him. I started feeling movement about a month ago, but it was very irregular, and I just found out that my placenta is anterior, so that explains it. But the movements have been more regular the past 4 days or so, which feels fantastic!
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I am feeling external kicks now too. I felt this baby early for me inside, and this is early for me too.
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I've been able to feel kicks externally for maybe 2 weeks (since 17ish weeks?) but never more than 1 or 2 at a time. A week ago (18.5 weeks) I started feeling them repeated enough that I was able to have dh come over and feel them too. It's getting easier and easier -- I think I'll be able to have my kids feel it soon.

Edit for the haven't-felt-it-yet folks -- With my first, I didn't feel anything until 19+ weeks and even then wasn't sure if it was really the baby. The next week I started feeling big enough kicks that my husband felt them too. So maybe you too will skip right to the obvious whacks from inside!
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I still can't feel anything!
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Originally Posted by Taylah View Post
I still can't feel anything!
Me neither!!
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Awww, girls Im sorry you aren't feeling your babes. The good news is you WILL! Some of us, I think, may be more sensitive to it than others, physically. Hang in there. Before you know it you'll be feeling your little ones like crazy
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PP's - I thought I'd never feel anything either (was starting to panic even...first timer nerves?) - but a few days ago (approx 18 weeks) a few internal flutters, or more like taps. Decided they were not gas, because they didn't travel around and out (ahem) - but stayed in one place. Then more often the last couple of days (could just be heightened awareness). Then lying in bed two nights ago, hand just under belly button, a huge TAP/sudden poking from the inside out. Whoa! Inside ----> outside! How cool!

Didn't sleep for ages, waiting for another one. Was rewarded in about another half an hour - and am now thinking I'm feeling things all the time (but particularly in the evening) - though, to be honest, some of it still MUST be a little gas. Heh heh.

JFI - 19 weeks on saturday, and of medium build.

Edit to elaborate slightly: Trimestersdoula - I feel the same...the pregnancy feels suddenly a lot more real again, or rather the baby does. Little squiggly thing. Very exciting all over again, after a month or so of 'normal life' dulling down the first excitement.
I'm also waiting for a scan next week...and the last week or so I've had quite a drop-off of symptoms, and it seemed sudden (though, I've picked up different symptoms in the last two days it seems). The movements (inside --- > outside! yay!) have quelled my anxiety too, as an added bonus to baby just making itself known.

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How cool! I can totally feel your excitement! I'm very happy for all the mama's...there isn't too much that's better than feeling new life growing!
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I love the feeling of the baby moving SO much that I would stay pregnant for ever just for that.....if it didn't mean that I would keep having children LOL.
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I am not quite feeling anything yet, either. Well... maybe. This is my first baby so I am not sure! However, I had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby was rolling all around and moving in there, so I know it's just me not feeling it, and not him/her not moving!

I can't wait though! Every little milestone makes this whole thing so much real. I think it's really and truly starting to sink in with DH and myself!
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