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trouble lanolizing--has Lansinoh changed?

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DS has been out of diapers for over a year, so it's been awhile since I lanolized, but not THAT long and I've hit a major snag here getting ready for baby #2. I swear I'm using the exact same process--some Lansinoh and a little hot water in a jar, dissolved by shaking it, then pour it into a bucket of lukewarm water. I never had a problem.

First of all, it's not dissolving in the jar nearly as easily as I remember--it's taking FOREVER. Then, when I finally get the globs dissolved, they come back as soon as I pour it into the cooler water. So frustrating. Have they changed the Lansinoh formula or something? Pure lanolin is pure lanolin, right?

BTW, spray lanolin doesn't work for me either. I can't get it to spray in a "fine mist"--just a solid, thin stream which puts big spots on my wool. But I do have some of the Luxe spray lanolin--but since it's in liquid form, maybe I'll have better luck if I use it in a bucket of water like regular lanolin?

Any ideas on why my Lansinoh process is failing, or other suggestions welcome. TIA!
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put it in the jar, and microwave it for 30 seconds, that should melt it sufficiently. I also add a few drops of baby soap to the mixture.
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Add some wool detergent like eucaline. It helps the lanolin dissolve.
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I have the liquid spray lanolin and I just take the top off and pour it into the bowl of warm water. I could never make the lansinoh work for me.
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