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Weekly Chat March 22nd-28th

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Thought I would get a weekly chat started. I am 19 weeks now and after a horrible virus over the weekend I am feeling normal again...and hungry!
My ultrasound is also one week from today - yay! I have a midwife appointment tomorrow to check all the usual stuff. This pregnancy is going by fast for me, anyone else like that?

Oh and on Sunday, for the first time this pregnancy I awoke to the baby kicking me in the bladder. Gee kid, your making me pee enough as it is!
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Some days it feels fast, some days really slow. I had my midwife appointment today and its my second appointment that was 5 minutes long total. I mean really.. it FEELS like a waste of time for me to drive over to the clinic just for that!
But I did get to set up my ultrasound for Wednesday so that's exciting!
This whole pregnancy has felt really bizarre to me. Its my first and things like feeling the baby and hearing the heartbeat are just too surreal for me.
At home I have FINALLY started unpacking and cleaning (after 6 weeks! ) And I have been busting my butt to finally start getting stuff ready for Saturday Market again. I haven't really worked since Christmas which has been such a relief but also made me totally lazy! Now I have only two weeks to get my booth done - yikes! I bet these two weeks will go by SUPER FAST!
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I have enough of a belly that strangers can tell I'm pregnant, and my belly button's on its way out, but it seems like the birth is so far away there's no point even thinking or preparing for it already. Our move is still 2 months away and the baby won't be here until 2 mos. after that. I'm collecting cute little clothes but all her stuff (including a hand me down waldorf doll and our Yamo carrier) fits in a small box in the living room.
Why does pregnancy take so long? And also, where'd the warm spring weather run off to?
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This weekend I finally got my new sewing machine out and tackled learning a new layout. Once that was set up I hemmed three pairs of maternity pants and effectively doubled my 'bottoms' wardrobe. I then made an oversized burp cloth (my husband is a big guy so I wanted something that would really cover his shoulder).

This got him in the mood to do one of the tied edge fleece blankets - several weeks ago he had picked out a fleece pattern he liked for the baby and has been itching to get moving on it. So we have a Royal Blue, Green and Yellow John Deere fleece throw for the baby now. He was so funny working on it - kept talking about how he couldn't tie 'pretty knots' like I can.

My mother told me that she wasn't going to buy any more baby stuff, that her goal was to save and we'd buy anything that we still needed when they get here in July. Yet...today my husband says "hey, your mom sent another package". My MIL just finished a quilt for our son, now my mom is talking about making one too. I swear it's some sort of unstated competition as to who can get the most for him! I told my husband we weren't going to tell either set of parents what we got from the other set so we can keep them slightly under control. (yet, after the blanket was done yesterday we got on the webcam with his mom and he ran over to the closet and showed her all the clothes my mom sent)

I think I'm going to pick up some cheap fabric and try my hand at making some baby bibs next.
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I'm about 19 and half weeks along today. I have a u/s scheduled for the 7th but I don't want another one. I'm not planning to find out the sex and I'm not worried about the baby. But the CNM insisted. I'm in the process of switching from a CNM to a midwife though.

I have started showing and none of my regular pants fit anymore. It amazed me since this is the longest I've gone being able to wear my own pants and when I was younger I wore baggy pants! My dh told his mom the other day we are expecting. We haven't told anyone else in his family yet. His sister lives with us right now while she is attending school and I don't think she has figured it out. I wear baggy clothes at home a lot, but not all the time. I think it is funny.

I'm feeling the baby moving a lot more though, even from the outside. It's exciting. I have no real pull one way or the other as to the sex of the baby. Somedays I feel like they might be a girl, but other days I think they might be a boy. There are times where aside from feeling the baby moving and my belly getting bigger, I really don't feel pregnant, which is weird. And sometimes I just can't imagine having 4 children, but I couldn't imagine having 3 either until ds arrived.

I'm trying really hard to be zen this pregnancy even though we have a lot going on. We have an extra person in our home, dh is trying to get transferred to a new place (which wouldn't happen until after baby arrives, but it's still kind of stressful), the kids have a lot going on with activities and stuff (I'm glad we homeschool), and I'm nearing the end of my first semester of school. When it's over I'll be withdrawing and then, if we still live here, going back in Nov to go through the second half of the program.
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You know, I had my appt last Thursday wtih my midwife and she said I could have my ultra sound at any point now. I feel like I should wait until at least 20 weeks, why go through all the trouble to have it not be quite far along to notice anything? I really dont' want to know, but I know dp is chomping at the bit.

The house we moved into is so rediculously big, it takes me an hour to just tackle the floors. I need to take the big rug in the living room to the laundry mat to be cleaned (dog and boys and partner make the cotton rug a mess, but better the rug than the carpet), and fold a bunch of laundry, get 8 packs of seeds in seed starting pots and potatoes in a dark corner to set, what else? Oh, the bikes need deep cleaned now that it's getting warm, which means sitting out in the driveway and scrubbing down two mountain bikes and a townie, chains scrubbed with toothbrush and all. It seems evertime I get to the list, I get tired and take a nap. Maybe the idea of list is to exhusting!

I've started feeling the guilt of not working while dp is working from 7-5 almost daily. He wakes up and I feel I should be getting up and making coffee, etc., but he keeps saying I should sleep in, take it easy, not worry about it, etc. So I feel bad when I get tired and can't seem to get much done, I feel like I should be working just as much as he is. Did anyone else stop working when you found out? How do you deal with your day?

Nikki~ Dp is also looking at taking a job right after the baby is born in Southern Oregon. It would only be about 6 months, but it makes me not want to get things like a swing, stroller, basically anything that we would have to move. By know I would be looking for a changing table, etc, but feel so up in the air with knowing I won't be able to help move all the stuff with a new baby.
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20 weeks down. Wow 1/2 wayish point. Sometimes I feel hugely pg and other times I forget entirely .
Felt the boy from the outside in the wee hours of this am for the first time, I didn't mind the insomnia then . With my others I was feeling from the outside by now but have an anterior placenta this time around and some serious fluff in addition. I've been thinking about names, have my heart set on a couple but dh doesn't like any of my suggestions, really I'm just going to stop suggesting, when the boy is born I will name him. Just like last dd. Dh has no suggestions just bashes my names . He's kinda on my list~ we've been having huge in-law issues since Christmas and though he and I are a united front in theory he really sucks at it (with his parents at least).... wow I know harsh... whatever, it's how I've been feeling.
We had some amazing sunny days last week but now have rain and spitting chill but the birds are singing... poor things they prob. wish they waited another week or 2 for the flight back .
I love keeping up with you all on the weekly thread
~ thanks for starting up COgirl!!!

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I'm getting so frustrated by not feeling the baby move
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Taylah, it's common with your first pregnancy to not feel much even at 20 weeks. Do you know where your placenta is?
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Not a clue - at my next U/S I will have to ask.
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Tayla, I know another woman who is 3 days off from me, it's her first, and she hasn't felt anything yet. I think there may be something to having experienced pregnancy and birth before. THe body just moves everything out and puts the baby front and center so you can feel more right away. Sigh, it just means my stomach muscles arent' what they used to be?

I have these moments where I look in a mirror and see all this new arm fat, butt, thigh, and back fat. I've never had cellulite (sp?) and now it's all over my legs and arms. I have a momentary panic attack, and then for a week or so I'm used to it and it seems normal. I think, "okay, I can't add much more to that". But wait! I can! Just when I get used to the size my body is, not jsut my belly, it all changes and gets bigger, everything. Ugh, being pregnant is wonderful, etc., but I feel like taking down all the mirrors in the house sometimes!

I got 3 baby chicks yesterday to combat the boredom of no longer working. I still teach about 7 yoga classes a week, but that's only 7 hours a week that I work. I didnt' tell dp when I got them, I was teaching when he came home, I called between classes and he was like, "so we're chicken people now"? Now I find him and the dog out in the garage staring at them, talking to them, worring that they may not be warm enough. They boys are having a sleep over with 2 other friends tmr. night and are so excited to let their friends play with them. It takes 5 months for them to start laying, which means they won't lay till I'm due, so should make for an interesting summer!
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bendmom - I'm jealous, ha! I really wanted to buy some chicks recently! Coastal just got them in and we finally have a house! Only problem is our bird loving cats and complaining neighbors. -sigh- I still have so many other things to do like get my starts going and get ready for Market so I guess its for the better.
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I'm anxious about my U/S. I'll be 21 weeks on Sunday and still now word from the hospital on if they'll let me be seen It's gone all the way up the VP of the hospital now. My midwife has offered a stand alone Radiology imaging center that I've been to with my second pregnancy. I called to make an appointment, but they wanted me have the order with me to make the appointment and I don't. My midwife was going to just fax it over to them when I made my appointment. I haven't actually talked to anyone in scheduling there...I've just heard about 2-3 audio prompts asking that I have the order to "expedite scheduling process". I'm such a chicken sh*t. I should just call and see if they'll schedule the appointment and let my midwife fax the order over, but I have to admit I get nervous making phone calls. I'm weird like that.

On another note....I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant. Has that happened to anyone during pregnancy?? Last night I made strawberry shortcake and (because I LOVE fresh whipped cream) I had a lot of the cream. About an hour later I was in agony....bloated, nausous and in PAIN. After about 2-3 hours it went away followed by the most horrible heartburn for an hour or so. This isn't the first time I've had stomach "issues" after eating dairy products during this pregnancy. It's so strange.

My bella band is becoming useless for my normal jeans at this point. I need to start wearing maternity but I HATE the way the look on my butt. I know, pregnancy is no time to be vain..but I can't help it. Does anyone know of cute maternity jeans that don't make your butt look weird??
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Originally Posted by JamieFay View Post
. Does anyone know of cute maternity jeans that don't make your butt look weird??
I have a pair from Target that I wear almost DAILY because I cannot stand how the others look on my butt and thighs.
THIS is the exact pair but I don't think Target sells them anymore. They were on clearance though! (I don;t like full panel but I just fold it over)
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