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Introducing myself :)

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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for several weeks but was afraid to join the DDC too early. I had a loss last May at 22 weeks, and so I've been rather hesitant to do anything that might tempt fate, but at 20w1d at 2 good ultrasounds, I feel ready to take a chance!

This is now my second pregnancy and we just found out we're expecting a baby boy, although we swore it was a girl!

I'm looking forward to sharing all of our experiences over the next few months on this incredible journey!
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Welcome to the DDC, and congrats on your little boy

I'm so sorry to hear about your previous loss. At this point I think most of us feel pretty confident in our pregnancies, and a loss that late has to be so, so hard. Hooray for positive ultrasounds this time!
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I am also very sorry to hear about your loss. What great news that things seem to be going well for this pregnancy!

Congratulations on your baby boy, and welcome! It seems like a really supportive and diverse group of mama's here!
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Welcome to the Hot Mamas having Hot Babies in the Hot Month of August, lol.

We're so glad you can join us! My oldest is a son (I was sure we'd have a girl too) and it's nice to have another man round the house.
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Welcome! I think we're due date buddies? I'm 8-8-10
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Originally Posted by dannic View Post
Welcome to the Hot Mamas having Hot Babies in the Hot Month of August, lol.
Hey, some of us will be having ours in the cold month of August!!
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