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How good is your 4 year old at puzzles? - Page 2

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Mine has been dong 100 piece puzzles since she was 3. I think she's crazy good at puzzles.
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DD was doing 63/64 piece puzzles at 4. She could do 100 piece but didn't enjoy them as much. She would do anywhere from 3-8 of them in a sitting.

I love puzzles though and she's always had them and always sees me doing them.
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My son turned 4 a couple months ago and can do 50 piece puzzles very easily and the 100 piece ones he needs a little help with, but does them mostly on his own.
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DS1 is still in the middle of a puzzle kick, until just before he turned 3 he couldn't have cared less about puzzles - despite having a fairly large collection of them at his disposal.
Then something just clicked and he has been OBSESSED with puzzles.
He comfortably does the 60+ piece ones on his own and likes it if I sit and help him out with the 100 piece ones.
I don't consider him to be "gifted", I just see puzzles really fitting in with his learning style. For him, it's like fixing something and that really makes him feel good
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DD is in the middle of a big puzzling week right now... DH is a big puzzle guy and so they sit and puzzle side by side. Sometimes she helps with his adult ones, but she can do certain 36-63 piece ones on her own, and the 100 piece tall rainsforest one we have overwhelms her until we get part of it going for her. I think a lot depends on the puzzle, hwo easy it is to divide into sections and match things up... we will often do a puzzle once with her and then she can do it totally on her own. (they are all floor puzzles) She's actually been at this level for a good year so it will be fun when she can tackle the big ones on her own!
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DS1 (will be 5 next month) loves puzzles, and has always been interested in them. This year he's kind of relaxed on doing puzzles since it's so nice outside but he was doing 500 piece puzzles after Christmas (took him a couple of days). He's very visual spatial though, and likes putting things together.
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Dd can't do it alone. Well, I don't think she can. Actually, I KNOW she CAN, but she won't. She got a 48 piece and an 100 piece puzzle for her birthday. A teenage friend helped her with the smaller one by regulating which set of pieces she would hand her, and I helped with the larger. It wasn't that she couldn't do it on her own, but that she felt over-whelmed, and didn't really care. She can do fairly impressive math stuff in her head, too.

She does great in other areas, though. And she has a super long attention span and always has. I think puzzles just don't speak to her. She has never needed a "busy" outlet, and think she resists the organized thought and puttering puzzles require, lol. She'd much rather sit quietly on the couch and let her mind wander, lol.
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ds can do them on the computer fairly easily, since he was three, but has a hard time with the dexterity it takes to manage the small pieces, even now at five. He likes the ones that have pieces big enough for him to hold on to, usually the 25-36 piece ones.
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My 4 yo can manage anything from 10-48 pieces, but the 100 piece puzzles we have, have too many pieces that look exactly the same. She gets overwhelmed and discouraged by that, but if she can find the 'central image' she can still make it about half way through that part before givingup.
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My just turned 4 year old can put together 100 piece puzzles with some help and 63 piece puzzles alone. I don't think we have anything in between!
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