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OB appointment today

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I had my monthly (20 week) appointment today, and part way through, my OB mentioned that the next time she'd be giving me instructions for how to take the glucose tolerance test. I'd already decided that I didn't want to take this test, basically because I'm low risk, and think there's a much higher change of being incorrectly classified as having GD than actually having it.

So, I took a deep breath and asked "can we do a post-prandial test instead?" She paused, and then began to explain why she doesn't really think that the post-prandial test has a lot of value, and doesn't like to do them. I was ready to start in on the same argument that I had with the midwife group last pregnancy (same hospital) when she asked me how old I was (29), and if I had any diabetes in the family (no), and if DD was a large baby (no) She then replied, "oh, ok, well you don't have any of the risk factors for GD, so I don't have any problem with you skipping the screening."


And I was so ready for a drawn out debate!

I'm really glad that my OB has pretty consistently reassured me with her practice that she's the natural labor/crunchy friendly doctor that I'd been told she was.

Anyone else have good appointments lately?
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I've never had to take the test either, but always felt if I did, I'd fail just cuz I never eat like that and it'd be skewed because of that.

That's awesome.
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Yay! That is so awesome!!!! Congratulations on getting to skip that nasty test!

I hope that I am able to get out of doing it as well. I should be able to, I hope. My arguments are: the only person in my family with diabetes is my dad and that is purely due to his lifestyle, DD was a small baby (6 lbs 9 oz) at almost 40 weeks, my eating habits wouldn't change regardless of the results because I eat like I am a diabetic due to DH having diabetes, and I *could* just check my own blood sugars periodically (again due to DH having the equiptment. Hopefully those are enough decent reasons for her LOL.
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Thats great!!!
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Love it when I'm geared for an argument and then I don'[t need the ammo . Kinda restores my faith in others .
Sounds like a GREAT visit!!
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wow thats great. but eek! i hadn't even thought about the glucose tolerance test. i waived it with my first. with my second preg my homebirth mw, because ds had been big (9lb 7oz), she wanted not the gtt but had me monitor my blood sugar for 2 weeks. which i did and my blood sugars were great. dd was also bigish (8lb 13oz), and both my parents have diabetes, due to their lifestyle. so i bet a dr is going to have issues with my refusing the gtt.

what is that post prandial test? though maybe i could offer to monitor my blood sugar for 2 weeks to reassure her. hopefully that will go over well.
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Post-prandial means after a meal. So, when I did it last time, I had a good breakfast - eggs, toast, peanut butter, a glass of orange juice, and then an hour later had my blood taken.
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