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art journals

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anyone keep one? ( or many lol!) I've just started keeping one and I'm really enjoying the process
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I have starting doing a journal-ish strip comic of our lives, but I only do a couple per week. Then I also have a sketchbook that I try to draw in daily (hahaha), in order to get better at drawing with ink. So.. sort of?

Am I interpreting you right in that your art journal is drawings of all the things you get up to, that sort of thing? I think that sounds like a really fun idea, I'm going to have to try it.
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something like that yes
Flickr has loads of pictures and youtube has tons of videos on keeping an art/visual journal
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oh, wow! thanks for the links!
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I keep three journals: one for books, one to give to DSD when she moves out on her own, and one for myself. The one for DSD is the most like the art journal, although not quite as beautiful.

thank you for the links!

Some tricks that helped me:

* I made a commitment to write at least twice a month, and have been doing pretty well, without feeling overwhelmed (lasted for 3 years now!)

* I save and include ticket stubs from movies and events

* I get scrapbooking stickers (little ones for accents, and sometimes quotes for inspiration).

* I include wallet size photos

* I used color pencils, although not as much as I should, I guess. (Those pages from the links look beautiful!)

I rely more on words than images, but it is a lot more fun when you can dress up your page even a little bit.
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I don't journal so to speak but do post dialogue in sketch books of my thought process on the projects I am studying through to the finished pieces.

The following sketchbooks I keep
Ceramics Sculputre
2D & 3D design

they are a valuable component to the learning process.
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I just started one and I am having so much fun. I put pretty paper and an old painting I did over the cover of a "composition book" and covered w/mod podge. I really like Suzi Blu's videos on Youtube, suzi bluetube. She's cute.
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I love keeping an art journal, but for me I prefer it as more of a free sketch/idea book, not as an end itself....to produce an artsy book full of angels or cutout figures wearing crowns which seems to have become a bit of a fad.
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