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spring or summer projects?

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What are you making for spring and or summer?
I'm making a bunch of dresses for my 9 mon.old and making my self A dress for a wedding im going to.
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i am recycling a bunch of men's button shirts into sleeveless tops for me (made one already i love and will do 2 or 3 more) and i also made several pairs of long shorts/ short leggings (for me) from men's t shirts. i also plan to make a sundress and my mom gave me a bin full of sheets which i am going to use to experiment on the design for my wedding dress...i hope to use these practice things as summer dresses and/or nightgowns, too. There is one particular sheet that i plan to use to make a short summer nightgown.
and i am making a bunch of shorts for my boys and short jammie pants for dp. and a sun hat or two for the baby...tho he seems to really hate wearing a hat; it will have to have a strap because he has very little hair and will need it.
i also will be making sun dresses for little girls and babies, for sale.
and i plan to do a bunny for the baby's easter basket, as well as several other things i will make for both boys' baskets. also thinking about making a teepee for the baby to play in the yard and to take to the beach. will probably do some beach bags for gifts, too, and i would love to make a long patchwork dress to wear over my bathing suit. i also drew a design for a swimsuit but i am a little nervous about executing the design and i do have a good swimsuit that fits (or two) so that project is most likely for next year.
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I am making a dress to wear to my sister's wedding, I am pretty excited about it! Here is the pattern, though I think the picture is not very flattering ( needs ironed, plus poor bust fit, plus why the heck is she wearing a belt, the dress has two "waists" without it!) I have a couple of dresses I am shortening to blouses, and one dress I made a few years ago that I am trying to salvage. I would love to do a swimsuit, I don't think my boobs will fit in my old one now that I'm nursing. Swimsuits sound hard though!
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boy, you are right; that is a terrible picture for that pattern. But it looks like a really cute dress, tho. what color are you going to make it in?
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I'm making it from a light turquoise linen blend. Just bought the fabric yesterday
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We've been saving cans, newspaper, and cardboard... we're painting the cans to build wind chimes with twigs and rainbow yarn... the newspaper and cardboard is for plant potters. We bought new paints yesterday We'll probably do origami and quilting... we just have so many ideas!!!
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Woops, don't mind me. I didn't realize this was the sewing forum
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Hmm. I think I'm gonna take some time to sew something for ME this summer - skirts and dresses probably. I also want to get started on my first quilt...
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I need to sew curtains for the kids' rooms, and want to make play clothes for the kids.
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Those are all fantastic ideas! i cant wait to see pictures
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Busy mama's!

I was given a ton of tshirts this past week. None of which I would ever wear (golf logo). I was going to pass them on to the church, but then realized that my littlest needs panties... so I plan to experiment in pantie making this summer, lol.

Kids curtains.. oh my! I so need to make some for my little girls room, perhaps I will attempt to make her some with all the extra fabric I have.

I will also be creating a couple dresses for my girls as well as upcoming bdays of friends little ones.

I guess I could be more precise on what I will make, but I will have to come back tomorrow when my brain has engaged, not a nearly 1:30am when I *should* be in bed.


Oh, btw, love the crafty ideas on the sewing thread! Thanks for posting them anyway!
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