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Talk to me about pedis/family docs in Austin

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So, I'm looking for a new pedi or something. Just took ds(2 1/2) to an appointment this morning and don't think I'll be going back- Schoolhouse Pediatrics, Dr. Reidy. I found the whole experience aggravating and unacceptable.

Are there any docs out there who actually like and respect children?! I'm looking for someone who is non-vax friendly, doesn't dispense a lot of unsolicited parenting advice and is gentle for my rather shy little guy.

I've been to Dr. Woods at Austin Regional Clinic(I think), Dr. Lisa Hutchens(formerly at Schoolhouse- thus why I went there this morning for a sick visit) and then today, Dr. Reidy. I'm not terribly impressed with any of them.

Does anyone have any info about Dr. Anne Cooper? She's a family doc and I used to see her a long time ago and recall liking her laid back but professional style/manner. Anybody know how she might be with kids? Would a family doctor likely suit me better(then I could go too)? What about a naturopath? The only one I know of is Amy Tyler- anyone know anything about her?

Thanks for any input!! I'm not generally crazy about doctors anyway and can't stand having my child's feelings/person so generally disrespected.
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Nobody has any opinions, advice or ideas? Please help me!
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Sorry. You might try doing a search on this subforum because I know this has been discussed before. I take my kids (partially/delayed vaxd) to the Seton Clinic on S. 1st and I'm fine with their care but I also have spent most of my life with no ins or state ins and the same for my kids so my expectations for a doc are much different. I don't expect a "relationship" with a physician and I have a pretty thick skin for their advice so it's easier for me to be fine with a doctor.
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I lived in Austin up until about three years ago. It was so frustrating trying to find a good ped. We would find one we liked, only for them to leave the practice.

You might call Austin Birthing Center to get the list of peds they give to their moms. However, one on the list they gave me was Elaine Hamilton. I'll never forget her arguing with me for ten minutes about wanting to give my family flu shots when my younger dd was just born.

We used Bee Caves Pediatrics, but I just looked at their website to find that I dont' even recognize any of the physicians remaining. David Ruiz was the one in demand years ago. I was never particularly pleased with the care we got there.

We also used the Seton clinic when my now eight year old dd was a baby. We had CHIP at the time---she got better care there than anywhere since. We used a FP or NP for our family care now--they seem less full of ego than the peds I've seen.
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we use kristy heatly, D.O. in georgetown. she is cool with no or selective vax. I love the way she talks to my children.


they do not address it on their website but I have told Kristy about how hard it is to find a pedi who will respect parents choices about vax and she told me to feel free to post any where that she is fine with no vax if the parent request it. I have never felt pressured in any way to vax.
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Just replied to a different thread recommending Dr. Hargrave--he is very easy-going on delaying vax and probably is fine with no vax. Central Austin office.

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We love, love, love South Oaks Family Medicine (next to Seton Southwest Hospital). Dr. Cox is amazing. The wholes staff there is great (doctors, nurses, P.A., N.P.). We no longer vaccinate at all. Dr. Steigler did give me her opinion about our 12 month old needing his DTP, but she didn't push it when I told her that I appreciated her sharing her opinion with her and then moved on. Dr. Cox is so respectful of a parent's right to choose if they will vaccinate or not. Even if you choose to vaccinate he will tell you which shots he thinks are unnecessary. They never push meds unless they think it's really necessary.
We used Dr. Woods at ADC South until we started researching vaccines and she did not take well to us questioning her medical authority.
Did I mention that we love Dr Cox and his practice? I also love the fact that since they are a family practice the whole family can see them. Oh, another added bonus is that since they are family practice the waiting room is not full of sick kids. I felt like every time my kids went to the pediatrician before for a well child visit they would get sick a few days later. They take Chip but not Medicaid.
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