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Babysitter needed Lacey, WA

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My husband and I just moved to Lacey, WA and don't know anyone, but need a babysitter for our two little ones. We want to work on our marriage and start going to counseling and having time with just the two of us.
Does anyone have any ideas or know of a trusted babysitter?

thanks so much!

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finding a good sitter

Hi, I have no idea where Lacey is, but I thought I would give you my Aunts tip to finding a good babysitter. I have never had one yet, but she always has the most wonderful girls sit for her. She finds them through her local High School and Red Cross babysitter classes. She's in AZ, but I bet WA has something similar. The red cross and ymca's usually have baby sitting classes and the high school would be a great resource too. Kudos for you and your husband taking time! It's a gift to your children.

Good Luck.

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I know of a great babysitter who is getting ready to graduate from high school and will be going to college in the fall.  She has lots of experience and is great with kids.  Where are you located.  Her starting rate is $10 per hour but she is worth it.

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If you need are interested,  contact me with your number and I will make sure she gets it.  kimberly.johnson5@us.army.mil

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