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upper right quadrant pain

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i have been having a very weird on again/off again sharpish point of pain under or inside my lower ribs on the right side. sometimes it will go away with repositioning but not usually. usually i just have to ride it out. it isn't so bad that i am doubled over but it is definitely annoying. doesn't seem to respond to pressure, or if anything it feels slightly better when i press on it (but only slightly if at all).

last pregnancy i had intrahepatic cholestasis which apparently is likely to return in subsequent pregnancies and i am worried this might be a sign - i have had a little itching but nothing intense, though i seem to recall itching got worse with time. i have read that upper right quad pain can be related to liver function (hence me bringing up the intrahepatic cholestasis..)

anyway just wondering if anyone else has this. doesn't seem to be related to babes movement or anything, though that is what i thought it was at first...
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My guess would be gallbladder issues, though liver and gallbladder pain can be pretty close. It's something I would bring up with your CP - my gallbladder attacks were horrible, and if I had changed my diet at the first signs, I may not have had the major ones later.
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I agree with Ivory-you should mention it to dr. I tore soft tissue in my right rib cage back in January from coughing so hard but they sent me to the ER for a gallbladder u/s because the pain was in the upper right side. I don't know what intrahepatic cholestasis is but I'd have them check your gallbladder and liver to be safe.
Hope it's just stretching ligaments, etc.
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I think the danger in pregnancy is that we assume every pain is pregnancy related and don't clue in that something else might be going on. With baby number 2 I ended up with a ruptured appendix and we didn't figure it out until four days after the birth. The nurses just thought I was being wimpy when I complained of pain :-( Make sure you speak up for yourself and make it clear to your doctor that you feel something is wrong.
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i am feeling totally blown off by my doctor today. last time i was pregnant and developed cholestasis they monitored the baby regularly to make sure it was ok. this time (different doc) she just said there wasn't much they could do about it if i did have it so ignored it.


and said the pain i was having was probably a displaced rib. but didn't seem that interested in that either.

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The same type of thing happened to me in my first pregnancy. I was blown off completely, but it turned out I was having gallbladder attacks throughout my pregnancy. The told me it must be the baby kicking me . When the 'baby kept kicking me' after it came out they finally did an u/s and I had to have my gallbladder removed right away.
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it is so frustrating! not being listened to, i mean. i liked my doc at first because she basically was willing to back me on whatever i wanted to plan for the birth (VBAC or c-section etc..) but now it is like she doesn't want to hear what is happening - and if i can get her to slow down and listen to me, she doesn't say much about it, or makes it seem like nothing.. i miss my OB from my first pregnancy!
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So very sorry. That has to be frustrating.
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