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March Portland Thread???

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I haven't been on MDC in awhile but was surprised that I could not find a March Portland thread? How is everyone doing?
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Hi there! We're very new to Portland, but March is treating us well. Have been doing LOTS of planting/seeding/digging, picked up some chicks last week, working on our chicken coop/run... just being busy busy busy!

DS is starting to play in the grass, which he adores. So cute. Loving the spring here though!
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Hi! I am also a very part timer at MDC. We used to have an extremely active thread, but I think all those mamas moved to facebook (kinda sad IMO because one of the cool things was how welcoming everyone was and how new people could join right in).

I hope spring treats you well!!

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Oh, Italiamama....I think we're in foster/powell now too. (115th and foster-ish) but I work evenings from 3-1130. I have a 1.5 yo and a 4.5 yo. So, not a lot of afternoon walks, but we are around in the mornings and weekends.
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I planted some seeds yesterday and the rain was a treat last night. Don't get me wrong I am ready for Summer but I do love the rain as well.
italiamom are you building your own coop? We have chickens and am thinking about redesinging the coop situation. We currently let the chickens run around the yard during the day but as we get the garden planted I need a plan B for the chickens.

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the rain sure remedies my guilty conscience! it's such a pita to water with the hose. we'll need to get our soakers set up this weekend.
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I've been mourning the Big Portland Thread lately. I never really understood what killed it; I guess it's time was just done. FB isn't the same at all.
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I agree. I don't do facebook like I used to and I really miss our old big thread. There isn't even a babywatch thread anymore.
Not much going on here. Loki has pneumonia, but he's doing really well. That's about it. How is everyone else doing? How's the tummy Karen?
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oh yay congratulations Karen!!!!
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Oh, shoot! Forgot I'd changed my signature! I haven't chatted with PDX peeps on MDC in a while. So, shhh on FB. I'm only 5weeks, and given what happened last time, I'm waiting a bit to tell people.

How's YOUR tummy, Eliza?
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My tummy is doing well..lol. Rolling and flipping all over the place.
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shockels -- We're smack dab between Powell and Holgate in the 60's blocks. I can understand no afternoon walks. With a 1.5 yo and a 4.5 yo you must just RUN everywhere

dahlia960104 -- We are building our own coop, or rather, DH is driving me crazy building our coop. It will have an attached run so that they'll have someplace to stay that's enclosed but not in their actual coop. Have you had any problems with racoons? Any other predators that I'm not thinking of? And yes, that rain last night was lovely!! So soothing on the roof...
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Popping in! I seem to lurk more than post, but trying to get better about that. I'm due in July!
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Originally Posted by *Christa* View Post
I'm due in July!
Oooooh! Exciting!! I love all the little summer babies. I have 3 friends who are pregnant right now. It must be something in our water
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Originally Posted by Italiamom View Post
Oooooh! Exciting!! I love all the little summer babies. I have 3 friends who are pregnant right now. It must be something in our water
I agree. lol
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I see some familiar names! Doesn't seem like we can sustain a whole thread these days. I spend some time on FB, but I am still around on MDC too. I work 6 days a week, so I don't get out much IRL and I need the internet to stay connected, sadly. I love how we all used to get together for picnics, swaps, cake parties, etc. Those were the days lol.

DD is now 7! and doing great. I love hanging out and reading with her. She's on week 2 of spring break, coming to work with me. It's like the old days when we spent every day together at work, before she started school.

Congrats to the preggo mamas!
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Karen, I had no idea...congrats!!!! :

I miss the big thread too. I agree that FB isn't the same. Maybe we need another cake party challenge? I think we aimed for 1000 posts in the month. I remember it moving so fast, it was almost like a live chat. And I laughed my head off! But I also had a newborn and a little one and life was much different. MDC totally saved my sanity in those days. : I can't believe my oldest is 7 now.

Eliza, when are you due?

I haven't even replaced my signature from when they wiped them out. I usually only hop on to check out the "Learning At Home" thread when I need some inspiration.

We're homeschooling. Hesitant to label ourselves since everyday is different, but unschooling is close to my heart. Planning a trip this summer to Yellowstone and going to a family wedding this winter in Puerto Rico. Pondering whether or not to put the youngest into preschool. When we talk about it, she says no way. She doesn't want me to leave. Not even to take a DoJump class, not even with her big sister. I'm trying not to resent how clingy she is and trying to comprehend how it is even possible when she is with me all the time. I know it won't last and one day I'll miss carrying her around and all the snuggle time but it would be nice to not be yelled at when I leave the room.
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I just thought I'd say hello. I'm in Hillsboro, and I'm due with my first in July. I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and love it!

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Italiamom- I am in the woodstock and 52nd area, I have not had any problems with racoons or hawks with my hens. (Knock on wood). From what I have heard though once you start to have a problem they remember and will keep coming back.

I was wondering what happened to my signature line. Do you have to pay for a signature line these days?
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Originally Posted by dahlia960104 View Post
I was wondering what happened to my signature line. Do you have to pay for a signature line these days?
you don't, but they changed a lot of the signature rules a while back (no links was the big one) and just wiped out everyone's signatures to make policing easier. If you click the "User CP" link at the upper left, you can redo your sig.
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