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food thrower

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I have a 19month old who loves to throw food off her high chair. I have tried to get her to say "all gone" instead, but it doesn't work because she throws it off almost immediately. If I say that all her food is gone and she's not getting more, she doesn't care, and is just as happy to get off her chair and play. But, I know she can eat too because once I get her more food, she may eat it. It's basically hit or miss all through a meal time whether she throws it or eats it. I hear my sitter saying, "no no no" but it doesn't work. I feel like if I say "no" too much she just ignores it anyway. Any suggestions?
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What if you give her smaller amounts. Put 2 or 3 items on her plate & refill as she eats it. I find sometimes ds gets overwhelmed with too much on his plate.
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Lots of food throwing here too.

Other than ducking, repeatedly cleaning the floor and feeling thankful that we have a dog, I try to not let it get to me. My dd (16mo) doesn't seem to get it at all when I tell her not to throw the food or feed the dog so I just figure you win some you loose some and I've lost this one for now. Every once in a while lately she'll say "all done" and hand me the bowl. I make a huge deal over it and get super excited and she seems to kind of get that. I consider it a major improvement lately that she drinks from her cup and puts it back on her tray instead of tossing it over her shoulder. Hopefully the food will follow... (to return to the tray, that is, not over the shoulder

Ultimately, my child has the manners of a visigoth. I just try to ignore it for now.
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DS is 23 months old. He still throws his food.
Sometimes he'll say "finished", but if he's not hungry, the food goes on the floor. I just tell him not to throw it on the floor. When he gets to that point, I clean him up and take him out of his chair.
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