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40+ TTC Blossoming Baby Bellies! watching our BFP list grow

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Welcome to the 40+ TTC Thread!

Previous Thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1185367

Babies Born

noordinaryspider (42) Terran born 1/18/08
Hockeylover/Juls (44) Twin Girls born 12/08 (juls is 44)
kbhlmh/Karen (44 at the time) Kevin (boy) born 12/05 - natural conception!
Juneau (44): Baby Girl Eliza Jane born 1/12/09
DoulaMomVicki: Edie Mae born 1/25/09
WV Mommy/Erika (41): Josiah Born 2/5/09
Veganmama719 (41): Declan James born 8/2/09
saoirse2007 (39): It's a Girl!!! Rauri born 8/16/09
ElliesMomma(41) Welcome Shawn Robert born 09/8/09
Pookietooth/Jen (44) Baby Girl 10/28/09
Stealthee A new baby boy, born 1/31/10
Grace24(39) Xavier, born 2/15/10
Sunrise/Sara (43) Lucy, born 2/28/10
LisaSedai (42) Lily Elise, born 6/17/10


zonapellucida (40) EDD 3/09/10
Buzzer Beater/sara (45) EDD 6/07/10
pitchfork (40) EDD 8/27/10
kel32brown/Kelli (43) EDD 10/15/10
karen1968 (41) EDD 11/25/10
Ompath (40) EDD 12/1/10
NeverBeenHappier (39) EDD 12/5/10
M0xxie (43) EDD 1/23/11
2bpeaceful (40) EDD 2/1/11
LROM (44)


amydearmas (41)
bagare (42)
beachlover (44)
BHappy/Karen (42) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/27628e
carfreemama (42)
contactmaya (43)
edwardsmom (44)
enigo (40)
heathenmom (39)
jenjersnap (41)
Jennifer1970 (39)
Joyluc (45)
karmab (41)
kbhlmh (48) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fcb8
kittyl/Kitty (41)
Kristin0105 (44) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1dfb40
LitMama (42)
lovestolearn (47)
lovbeingamommy/Kate (45)
mamapajama (39)
MassaginMommy/Laurie (46) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fe89
mentalgiant (43)
MI_Dawn (39) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/212b8a
Miracle and Wonder/Candida (45)
Msgoodbuns (46)
my other age is 34 (45)
nicksmom03 (43) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1734a6
reikibirth/Toni (45)
salt phoenix (41)
saoirse2007 (40)
Sapphos/Laura (41)
SecretBeach (40)
Shellbell62/Shelli (46) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/16f6a4
shy (40.5) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25ec6f
sneezykids/Kelli (40)
Waturmama (43)


bookwormommy (42)
halifax40(42) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/20a8a0
homebirthy/Amy (42)
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It's a new thread for spring! May we plant the seeds in our bellies that grow and blossom into the sweet babes our hearts long for and spirits connect with.

I had a thread title idea, but don't feel like it's quite where I want it. Suggestions for edits happily received.

I also did some spring cleaning and removed some names I didn't think had been around in the last year. If I inadvertantly removed a name of someone who wants to be there--let me know and may that extra moment of putting your intention out there help bring your babe soonsoonsooner.

Good wishes everyone, the current TTC and the folks who come back and visit. I am grateful for you all.
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Thanks WaturMama for starting the new thread and continuing to serve as threadkeeper. You're doing a wonderful job. Thread title sounds pretty good to me -- only ... could we be more clear as to our intentions

Please add my chart on the intro page: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25ec6f
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I'm hoping we see that BFP list grow and grow and grow this year! Happy spring, everyone!
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WaturMama yes, thank you so much for starting a new thread.
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Welcome, everyone! I'm trying to stay positive while TTC! This will be our first real month of trying, so here goes.

Hearts and hugs to all with losses and may your baby dreams come true very soon!
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Good morning and Happy Spring. Here in our beautiful mountains we have daffodils and forsythia blooming happily in my garden. I wanted to know if I could join you ladies. I am 38 and am hoping to conceive our next baby this year!! I am breastfeeding right now and no sign of returning fertility yet. I would so love to be pg by this fall!

Mainly I would like a little encouragement. Everyone says I am too old to have another baby and I guess I am a little scared I might not get that next baby I want so much. I had a c/s with my 10-month old and that worries me because I read somewhere that the surgery can reduce your fertility, but I don't know if it's true or not. My recovery was great other than a small infection on my incision which cleared with no problem. No internal infections or anything like that. The midwife I talked to said she saw no problems with getting pg after cesareans. I also had a miscarriage that was followed by an infection, but I did get pregnant with my daughter a couple of months after that, so I don't think that will be a problem. The midwife basically told me the biggest problem would be the age of me and my husband (38 and 44). Ugh!

I just would love to receive some positive encouragement on the age thing. Thanks so much!!
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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to tell everyone to keep hopeful! I will be 40 in May and just got my BFP yesterday. My EDD is 12/5/10.

After 3 months at almost 40 years old we have succeeded! I was getting worried that it wouldn't happen, and now I just have to hope it sticks, but I just wanted everyone to keep the HOPE!!!

This will be my 5th child, and our 2nd baby together. Our little boy just turned 2!

Good luck to everyone!
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Congratulations : ) What a wonderful way to ring in spring!! Welcome to your sweet baby : )
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NBH, congrats to you! Many wishes for a sticky bean.

Waturmama, thank you for starting the new thread. You may update my age...today's my bday, and I'm 46 (so hard to believe). Still ttc'ing...I'm waiting for my period to start so that I can start my FET cycle. Since my IVF attempt in Dec, my cycles are much longer than before, and thus, unpredictable. For the first time in a long time, I'm having EWCM (which probably means I've got a week or so before AF comes). Wishing she would get here sooner so I can get started.

Best wishes to everyone.
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Happy Birthday Mrs Goodbuns. And many happy returns (well at least one happy return this year, maybe even this month )

and Congratulations NeverBeenHappier

afm ... finally into week 2 of 2ww. trying not to think about it till April 1st. (good luck). At least till Tuesday, if I'm in the game that long.
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Happy Belated Birthday, MsGoodBuns! (I love this flowers smilie!!) I hope you are having a wonderful b-day weekend! Yay EWCM, that seems like such a good thing right before your FET cycle. It strikes me as your body getting its fertile ground ready well for this next cycle. Sending so many good April wishes to you.

mommymcnair, I send lots of encouragement. I got pg easily at 37 and at 40. Many people here did. I'm sorry that folks are psyching you out about your age. It sounds like you have gotten pg easily before. I've never hear that having a c/s makes it hard to get pg. I know many people who have gotten pg easily after a c/s, even after 2. So I'm sending lots of good wishes.

In my threadkeeper role, I'm finding myself reluctant to add a 38 year-old to our hopefuls list. For me, it is really supportive having that list full of people closer to my age. I'm open to other thoughts about it, but mine is you are very much welcome to visit and to give and receive support, but in more a visitor role. I also wonder if you are getting so worried about your age you are thinking of yourself as being 40 before you are! So I also encourage you to embrace being the age you are--if the 30+ thread is too full of young people, maybe it is time to start a late 30s thread.
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mommymcnair, c/secs do absolutely nothing to impair future fertility. who ever told you that didnt know what they were talking about. and i just wouldnt pay any mind to anyone who says you are too old at 38. yes, fertility declines as we age, but it's certainly do-able. a few years ago i did my family genealogy, and one thing i saw was that in each generation before birth control, when women were having 8 or 10 or 12 kids typically, and breastfeeding, they had a birth every two years until maybe the last one or two, which were usually 3 years apart, and were born when mom was in her early 40s in most cases.
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Can you add me as a hopeful? Im contactmaya, 43
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I guess I feel the same way about adding someone who is 38 to the hopefuls list, WaturMama; though I can understand being 38 and breastfeeding and feeling closer to 40 in terms of fertility. I, too, got pregnant easily at 35 and had dd at 36. I would be THRILLED to have the fertility odds of a 38 yo, being now 42. I hear so much about fertility dropping so fast once you hit 40. All I want now is to read the good, the bad and the ugly from everyone here. The losses are heartbreaking, of course; but I feel supported and encouraged here and I hope others do, too.

I think the idea for a late-30s thread is a great one.
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It is Tuesday and my temperature hasn't dropped so I am getting hopeful. Of course, after the 2 week wait comes the 12 week wait. But right now, its the 2 day wait before I test.

mommymcnair you are young. Oh so young ...

elcome contactmaya
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Hello, hello lovely mamas! We moved on 3/8 into a new house and have had no internet (can you imagine?) all this time so I am waaaay behind. Thank you for the new blossoming bellies thread, WaturMama.

Ugh, it is heartbreaking to log on after all this time and see that so many of you have experienced losses this month. Edwardsmom, Kate, and Beachlover, I'm so so sorry and sending each of you a big hug

SunRise, thank you for sharing the picture of your beautiful babe! It's inspiring to see her sweet face.

MsGB, it's GREAT to see you here and continuing your TTC plans!

I have much more catching up to do with the rest of you...

AFM, we are in a sea of boxes at home and busier than ever at work and in the rest of our lives. I O'd the weekend we moved in, but we were too busy and exhausted to BD. I was secretly relieved, though, because I just felt too overwhelmed and discombobulated. Now, I feel ready, ooooh so ready (I'm practically ambushing DH )! And the timing couldn't be better... my fertile days begin this Wednesday (with O forecasted for Sat or Sun). I took an OPK today and saw a ghost of a line (I get the gradual fade-in pattern typically). I did my Day 21-23 labs and had normal glucose and a progesterone level of 14.5. Does anyone have any perspective on the progesterone level? From what I can see from my research, it looks fine. Also, my acupuncturist is pleased that I'm no longer having cramps before I bleed... she says this means I don't have any stagnant blood or blocked flow.

Question... someone posted earlier that OPKs could be misleading without seeing an ultrasound picture of ovarian reserves. What about having FSH, LH, estrogen and progesterone tested in the lab (the tests that RE's order)? Can those also be misleading without an ultrasound?

And, some of you ladies were posting earlier about timing issues... I can relate. My work is tied to an academic calendar, and I keep hoping for a winter break baby so I won't have to give my teaching load to a colleague... and for my first trimester not to happen during conference season so I'm not turning green while presenting, etc. the list goes on. But, it's all out of our hands and perhaps beautifully so. It's kind of nice to just participate in the mystery. Besides, I know the odds are that I'll be having more m/c's before I get my sticky bean, and that adds another layer of time and complexity to the calendar as well.

to you all, and for everyone!
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Hello everyone!

I just popped in to see if there were any new BFP's.
Congratulations to Halifax, Karen and Neverbeenhappier!!!

Congratulations Sunrise on your baby girl!!! She's just adorable!

Condolences to those who have recently suffered losses: Edwardsmom, Kate and Beachlover. It seems that most of us 40+ ladies have survived one or more M/C and we know how heartbreaking it can be. Wishing you all strength and healing.

Mommymcnair6: For goodness sakes, don't listen to the naysayers! In 2009, my sister, 2 close friends, 2 sister-in-laws, 1 old classmate and I all had babies or had successful pregnancies (3 of us gave birth in 2010) at 38+, 4 of us are 40+.

Waturmama: Thanks for starting the new thread!

Ms. GB: Good luck with your FET. I'll be stalking you now and then. There's no one I'd rather see on the 40+ thread get knocked up than you!

Pookie: Very cool that you've got embryos in storage. I'm a little jealous! DS is only 8 weeks old and I'm already thinking about #2.

AFM: DS and I are doing well. I get very little accomplished these days, but I'm loving my new role as mama.

to all!!!
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Thank you all for the b-day wishes. Turning 46 wasn't a big deal at all, although I still find it hard to believe that's my true age.

Stealthee, I appreciate your support. Your comment brought me to tears. It's so nice to have the support of friends during this journey. I still encounter people who give me 20 reasons why I shouldn't be ttc'ing as a single woman. I do my best not to listen anymore. I'm so glad you're enjoying being a mommy. I look forward to that day.

Warm (sunny and dry) wishes to everyone!
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Welcome, contactmaya!! I added you to the hopefuls list. May your hopes turn into a sticky bean and a sweet baby soon! Here's some good wishes for babes in all our arms soon!
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