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YAY, WaturMama! Congratulations! Sending many PTs for a sticky bean!
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Congratulations Waturmama!!!!!:jum pers:jumpe rs
: sticky:s ticky
ElderSon was born on 1/3. Embrace the holiday birthday! You'll never look at it the same way again.

kbhlmh, I am 45 and still trying with my own eggs and donor sperm.

s: Maya and good luck for your next cycle. Getting the timing right is difficult and I hate the guilt when I know it's "user error".

Well, my donor isn't local so I have to do some predicting (my cycles are regular but my O date isn't) and it looks like I have another "maybe" coming up. Hopefully I'll get the +OPK when I think I will and he'll get the time off work, but I don't really have any control over either of those things.

So many :bfp:s lately! They really do seem to come in waves, don't they?
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Oh WaturMama that is wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

AFM I'm 12 dpo on my first cycle after my m/c at 9 weeks. We went ahead and BD and timing was perfect, but no pregnancy signs at all, BFN and I think I saw a tiny speck of brown this morning so I guess it didn't work.

I know that many docs say to wait at least one cycle, and I've usually waited at least two after a loss, but with getting older, I just feel like every month wasted is just one less chance it will ever happen again.

But I suppose it's all for the best if I'm not pregnant this cycle.

I have one more chance to get pregnant before my 44th birthday and praying hard it works.

Anyways. Good Luck to everybody in the TWW.
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WaturMama -

beachlover -

noordinary - I hope your egg and your donor have perfect timing!!

TGIF ladies!
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It's been a while since I've checked in and noticed that my age is listed as 41. Well, I'll be 43 in a few weeks. LOL!!! We're still trying and not stressing one bit about things. Anyway, I have been having some odd "lady issues". I ignored things for a while because I've been on meds for an ear infection and respiratory infection. Not at the same time but a couple of times over the past year. Then I started mid cycle spotting and was treated for a yeast infection brought on by the antibiotics. This week I got the untimate surprise...2 periods in one month. After seeing my Midwife I was diagnosed with Transitional Menopause. Ok, now what??? Well, she put me at ease and offered many helpful suggestion. The long and short is that we're not giving up on having another baby although I was advised to step things up a bit. LOL!!!

Hope everyone is well!
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I was having midcycle spotting and some cycle length variations and went to my doc. He said it was probably due to my age but if it continued to come back in. A few months later I went back, he did an US and it showed that I had a giant uterine polyp (caused the bleeding) and an ovarian cyst which probably was the reason my cycles were whacky. Did you have an US to rule out a polyp?

My age needs to be updated, too. I am in two places on the front page (babies born and TTC.) I am now 48!
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I was just thinking about a cyst that was noted during an U/S when I was pregnant with my daughter ( she's now 2 ). My midcycle bleeding was fairly light and my period was on time...or so I thought. I have always had low progesterone and was told to chart the next 2 months very carefully before we procede with meds.
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WaturMama, yippeeee!!!

What a blessing!

You made my day, grinning ear to ear!

Sending joyful super sticky vibes your way!
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Thanks for the happy support and good wishes everyone! You are all so dear!

Hi gerlassie! Good to see you. I updated your age to 42. Enjoy being 42 while you are and let me know you are joining me in happy 43-land. I updated your age too kbhlmh/Karen.
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Congratulations waturmama!

Following along with everyone's story.

Getting used to the "new normal" of TTC again. This is only the beginning of month 2! Dh still ambivalent, it's really me who wants this second baby. The dynamics are so much different than when we were TTC for our daughter. We both wanted it so much. He is not grudging, it's just that's it's me who's pushing this and so it feels awkward. I want him to get excited.
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carfree - That's a hard place to be! I hope hubby gets more excited about it in the near future!

Watur - Thanks for updating the front page! Can you post your BFP pics?
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CONGRATULATIONS Waturmama!!! and thanks for the welcome back...and for updating my age (LOL!!!).
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Im so happy for you Watermamma! Sending you plenty of sticky bean energy!!!!!
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Waturmama :j oy

How cool is that! I am so happy for you!!!!! Fingerscrossed for you and sending lots of sticky vibes your way.

I was just coming on to lament that here I was at 14 DPO and no pregnancy tests in the house. I used the last one at 11 DPO Of course it was negative. So now I wait to see if AF shows today or tomorrow. I had some signs she was going to show as I started to break out the day before yesterday and this AM I have a headache. On the other hand I couldn't sleep last night, I have a headache, and kind of weirdo on and off pains in my breasts, I am not cranky, oh and feeling pretty nauseous on and off the last few days. Funny how premenstrual symptoms are the same as early pregnancy signs. On the off chance she does not show and I were to be pregnant my EDD is 01/01/2011 too.
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Kristin - FX that AF stays away for a VERY long time!!
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Thanks so much for all the well wishes!

Kristin that those are pg symptoms. I agree it is crazy that the symptoms are so similar.

carfreemama, same situation here--dh so much wanted 1 and not-so-much for 2. I have been grateful that he has truly gone for it with me. I am conscious of the fact that if we were younger I might try to process through this with him more, but in the current situation have usually felt it is best not to rock the boat. I hope you find peace with the situation and that you and your dh have a short and sweet time before moving into the pg stage.
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Kristin, I'm hoping along with you that these are more than the garden-variety LP symptoms! I'm finding myself feeling bummed about starting progesterone suppositories this month for that very reason... I know I'll feel bloated, nauseated, crazy boobs, etc. and won't even be able to get excited about it. for you!

Carfreemama, that does sound difficult... I hope that once you get your BFP, your DH will have time to process and ultimately embrace it. I think it's very common for partners to have unequal levels of acceptance/ambivalence about something so big.
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Does anyone here use Vitex? I am almost 44 and have used chasteberry the last two cycles. I know it says it takes a few months to really work....but the last two cycles I have O'd pretty early. The last cycle I chalked it up to a fluke early O.

But now again it appears I might have O'd early. Today is only CD14 and my temp. went up (had a pos. opk yesterday). I don't believe it for sure for a few days, but what the heck? I usually O anywhere from CD18 through CD23.

Could the Vitex be doing something this fast? Am I just getting old? Has anyone had their O shift forward like that? I know when you get older your cycles get shorter....is that from a shortened LP or an early O?

I'll be happy if I O'd already, but it's weird for me.

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Dee - Yes, that could be the vitex. And you are probably better off O'ing on CD14 instead of CD23!!
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Dee I use Vitex but my TCM doc. has me use it after ovulation so I don't know if it could effect when you O. I do know that being 44 sure can effect when you O starting at 42 my ovulation date went from my normal CD13 or 14 to CD8 in a matter of 2 months. Anything is possible. But as long as you are ovulating and it's not too early in your cycle all is good.

So here I am 15 DPO no sign of AF. But no real preg. signs either. Some pains in my breasts this AM but I'm willing to say psychosomatic I asked DH to drive over to Dollar tree for a test and he's like what day are you? 15 DPO what's normal for you? any where from 11-13. So it's only 2 days past normal, a test can't tell anything now anyway. I 'm like hun where have you been? Either what he doesn't know about biology may be simply astounding or he's really afraid of getting his hopes up. I am guessing it's the latter after our m/c last year. But gee don't second guess just drive
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