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starting at 42 my ovulation date went from my normal CD13 or 14 to CD8 in a matter of 2 months. >>>>

See, that's what I'm wondering.......but it's just weird that it lines up exactly when I started Vitex. Hmmmmm....

BTW, did you get that test? And.......?

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It's so hard to tell sometimes with our 40+ year old bodies they just start doing the craziest things hormonally. It does seem like a coincidence that you started taking the vitex and then your ovulation changed. Just wait and see what the next few months bring.

No test yet, DH is procrastinating. But I think it won't matter. Spotting started a little while ago. So I am guessing I'm out this month. I was beginning to think it was possible especially yesterday when DD was getting ready to nurse and she said to me "Momma,I've been thinking about it I don't want you to have another baby." The only time she has ever expressed not wanting another baby was when I was pregnant last year. So I was thinking she might sense something but with the spotting I guess not. Onward and upward.
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Kristin0105 I'm still for you. I had spotting when I expected my period for my ds pg. I hope that is the case for you.

MamaDee4 I haven't used Vitex, but I started doing TCM last year and my cycles got much more regular and shorter in general. Maybe it is helping you get back in balance already. I hope you get some more informed answers! Would you like me to add you to our Hopefuls list on the first page?

AFM, I am 16dpo. I took a 3rd HPT today. The line was nice and solid. I haven't seen one like that in a looooong time. Very nice to see. It is sitting here on my desk.

Despite my cycles having been shorter and more regular in recent months like I just told MamaDee4, this one would have been on the long side. Probably because I was sick for most of March. I O'd on CD24. Though otherwise wonderful, the nurse I talk to at the RE's office insisted on recording and using the first day of my last period. That is a 9 day difference! I want to continue with them because they are otherwise so great and I want to get the early u/s which they will do, but I realized last night that, though I don't care what they record in my chart, I need them to be willing to tell me how my results compare to *my* calculated EDD otherwise it really won't be useful info to me, and I'll need to go somewhere else. She wants me to get HCG tests this coming week, which is why I want to find out about that now. that it will be fine. I'll talk to her tomorrow.
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Happy Monday everyone!!

Watur - Glad to hear you got a nice line on your test. The RE will probably do an early US and then change your EDD based on that so I wouldn't worry about it! It is somewhat annoying though when they insist on using your LMP when you absolutely know that you O'd on a certain date!
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Hey ladies, I could use some imput....

As a reminder I had a m/c on 3/24 at 9 weeks. It was natural and went as well as you could expect physically so we went ahead and BD without getting an AF.

I ovulated April 11th. I tested with an hpt negative on the 22nd at 11 dpo and the next morning noticed a tiny bit of brown when I checked my cervix so figured she was on her way.

Since then I've had some spotting every day. Not really enough to need a pad, just there when I wipe. TMI, if I check it's sometimes pinky/red but nothing on the pad.

I thought for sure AF would come full foce yesterday as I had a 14 day LP for years and she had gotten back to that right before I got pregnant this last time, but here I am at 15 dpo with still just more of the same.

Anybody else ever have something like this happen? I tested again on Saturday night and it was still negative btw.

What would cause a longer than normal LP and all this spotting? What hormone is out of wack+ When the spotting had started I figured it was due to low progesterone, but I would figure that would aslo cause a shorter than normal LP, not a longer than normal one with continued spotting.

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Hi everyone!!

I've lurked a bit on here the last few months but now I can say I'm officially HERE, TTC at 40. My dh wasn't really on board fully until this cycle and wow, is he ever in the GAME! LOL. I have been begging for a 3rd for three years or more...and now well, he's 'ready' as he put it, just when I had nearly given up hope!

I chart and my cycles are textbook 28 days with day 12/13 being my O time. I have midcycle pain and backache, CM. Those are my indicators. Day twelve is tomorrow and we DTD all weekend. So...hopeful here

We joke that maybe we'll even have back to back babies, like a second family...our youngest is 8. The 'older' ones and the 'little ones' how nice does that sound?? But, LOL...one more would be WONDERFUL.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Waturmama, I would insist that they use your o date because although it does not matter now what they put in your chart, in 9 months it will. Because they may be considering you 9 days late when you are actually on track for a normal delivery. BTDT and you cannot rely on the US in my case the U/s dated my dd 2 weeks older than she was and wouldn't you know it she was delivered 2 weeks past the date the u/s put her at. So since you have such detailed and helpful information perhaps you might need to adjust the date of your LMP to coincide with your ovulation date.

AFM negative HPT and spotting so I guess it's just an odd cycle.
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Congratulations WaturMama. I am *so thrilled* for you.

am just catching up, to you and others with bfps,
have a happy and healthy nine months.

and welcome to all the new folks.
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Well hello everyone.
I kept thinking of posting here ... took a short break to catch up with other things in life that got behind when i was spending so much time online while TTC. unfortunately, now that I am back I must report bad news.
I lost my pregnancy at what would have been 7 weeks. I had a bad feeling when my bra was no longer tight. Then I had a blood test and hcg level was falling. so was progesterone, which was already low.... Had I waited a few more days I wouldn't have even needed those tests. But I guess for $50 (on blood tests) I was spared the shock when the mc began. I was actually relieved that it got overwith right away. In December I was waiting weeks :-(
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Oh Shy, I'm so sorry mama. I'm glad it was physically not too bad, but that doesn't do the heart much good.

Take care of yourself.
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Welcome, Sneezykids!

I am sorry for your loss, Shy. (((HUGS)))

Beachlover, I don't have much advice or experience. Have you tested again? With my first pregnancy, I spotted quite a bit (irritable cervix) starting from my first BFP and all turned out just fine.

WaturMama, I hope your RE will take your O date into account, but, in any case, early U/S is extremely accurate (unlike later in pregnancy) and I bet your date will prevail. GL!

Well, AF arrived today. This means that I did indeed O on CD10. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to do clomid this cycle or soy or nothing but supplements. *sigh* None of the three of them have worked so far, LOL, so I guess it's a crapshoot. Feeling very discouraged right now.
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Oh, shy, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Welcome sneezykids/Kelli! With your cycle and long LP, sounds promising to get kid #1 of kidphase #2 soon.

beachlover, sure doesn't sound like a progesterone issue! That seems promising. Maybe a BFP late to show up or a chemical pg. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for the former. For you, too, Kristin!

I thought about "adjusting" my first day of last period date, but I couldn't do it.
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Hi everyone...

I read this daily and must say when I am having my "why the heck do I want to be on this rollercoaster" moment you all give me hope...so thanks.

WaturMama...I was reading your question about you RE using the date of your lmp instead of your ov date. When you go for your early ultrasound remember that they are basing it on your lmp date. For example..when I was pregnant and went for my 8 week early u/s I was only measuring at 6 weeks 3 days along and there was no heartbeat. They kept telling me I was not measuring where I was suppose to for someone 8 weeks along but I kept telling them that technically I wasn't since I ovulate late. One week later there was a heartbeat..when I would have been 8 weeks if they had just dated my chart from when I ovulated. I hope this makes sense.

Please add me to the hopeful list as well. Thanks so much.
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shy I'm so sorry for your loss, mama.

Waturmama, I actually adjusted my LMP when reporting it to my midwife in my first pregnancy. When I switched to the midwives (hospital CNMs), though, I just said, "Well, LMP was XXXX, but I was charting so I know I ovulated on xxx." They just marked it down. I don't remember how many days off you are, but if it's less than a week, they should catch it on just one ultrasound. You could also say "well, I'm not sure...." But I see you couldn't bring yourself to adjust. I hope it all works out with u/s dating, if you choose to go that route.
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Welcome mentalgiant! Did you stop by here before? Your "name" seems familiar to me. I added you to our hopefuls list. Can you let me know your age? It's nice to see all those 40s we're in good company with. May you move to the BFP list with a sticky bean soon.

jenjersnap. AF can be so very discouraging. I can't remember if you have tried or have interest in TCM. Many of here have found it helpful. Just one of many things to consider. I hope you find the path that feels right to you.

Thanks for the support and stories everyone. I traded messages with the RE's nurse yesterday. She said she can tell me how my numbers relate to both dates and when I have an ultrasound we can see who's "right." Not a great choice of words on her part I thought, but otherwise she has been so helpful, I'm okay with that. I am resisting a self-righteous speech about how even if she only trusts me to observe the start of my period, I have done that for 73 cycles over the past 9 years and not one of them has been 28 days. With DS my O date was just 2 days off LMP so it wasn't a big deal. The midwives still wrote my date, the docs the LMP date. But this one is 9 days different so it is a bigger deal. Hopefully it will be clear at the ultrasound, and then I just need to make sure they put it in my chart. I hope I get to worry about such things!
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Congrats Waturmama That is such great news!

Shy - I am sorry for your loss. I am not sure what is going on with you but cycles can be so strange after a m/c.

Welcome to all the new people!

AFM - I have been away a bit - just trying to keep this whole thing from taking too much of my mental energy. I am CD 10 today. DH is leaving for the weekend - not good timing - but we can't plan our lives around this either.

Just enjoying a particularly beautiful spring this year.
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Good morning everyone!
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