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Originally Posted by LitMama View Post
Does anyone know when you are supposed to *stop* using the progesterone supplements? When you get a BFP or AF? Just realized they didn't tell me.

That is horribly irresponsible! You need to continue the progesterone supplements throughout the first trimester and then wean off of it slowly while being carefully monitored. A sudden drop in progesterone can cause miscarriage.
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Oh, halifax40, I am sitting here just blown away. I am so so sorry. It seems a lot for someone to endure. My heart goes out to you and your dh.

Your physical situation is very similar to my first loss--discovered at 11+ weeks, growth had stopped 3 weeks before. Some MDs may pressure you to have a D&C for fear of infection. My midwives advised me that if there were an infection I'd know before it became dangerous--the signs to look for were a temperature, tender abdomen, foul smelling cervical fluid--definitely let someone know if you notice any of those. Both acupuncture and homeopathy can help bring on a natural miscarriage (if that's what you want). There are herbal methods as well, but they can be intense. I tried acupuncture and homeopathy, and they did not work for me, but they work for many people. I encourage you to use your intuition about what method or directions will be of most support to your grieving process and health. As you may know there is great support on the Pregnancy and Birth Loss board.

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WaturMama- Thank you for your kind words and support. I knew that I wanted to do things naturally if at all possible (the same as i was hoping for the birth had we been lucky enough to get to that). Well it seems my body just needed the confirmation of the U/S and to try to accept what had happened. At just after 9:00 PM I had a gush of bloody fluid and things started. I had some cramping off and on, passed a lot of tissue/clots and blood, and soaked through a number of heavy flow pads and by about 4:30 AM I seem to have passed the last of it. I am still bleeding now, but it is more on the level of period bleeding, not the crime scene it kept looking like last night with each bathroom trip. Sorry to be graphic, it was just so much more blood than I had anticipated (more than my second trimester loss) and so continuous once things started.

Yesterday I was numb from the news at the ER, last night I was just in get through the worst of the physical stuff mode...this morning I am starting to feel very empty and sad, the reality that I am no longer pregnant is hitting. I know there will be many hard moments ahead. I swear that every time I go out or turn on the tv I see babies and pregnant women, I know how that felt during after our first loss and the 19 long months of trying...I hate to be back to that place.

Again thanks for your support, wishing you all the best with your pregnancy!
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Oh Halifax!!! I am so, SO very sorry for your loss!! Healing vibes heading your way!
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I am damn sorry, halifax40. It sounds too like my last two m/cs - spotting around 12 weeks and then finding babe had passed a 2-3 weeks before so please know that you have much support and understanding here too, if you want it. Sending thought of healing to you.
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Halifax. That sounds just like my loss in October, except I chose a d&c. My heart goes out to you.
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Halifax, oh, I am so terribly sorry... what a heartbreak! I'm glad the worst physical part is over and I'm hoping everyone's support here can help you emotionally. Sending healing thoughts your way.
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Halifax40. I'm glad you got to have the natural way since that is what you wanted. I remember the empty feeling. So much to get used to. The sense of "going back" sounds hard too. I'm sending healing thoughts and wishes for you to find your way with your grieving all the way to Nova Scotia.
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jenjersnap, thanks for that insight that the nurse may have been circumspect because of the LMP date. That makes a lot of sense.

LitMama I asked my TCM practicioner last week about BD in my post-BFP situation. She thought if it felt the desire it is fine, but more importantly I should use my intuition about it. Though simple I liked the intuition advice (my intuition says 'no') and am thinking that may be good for the 2ww situation too.
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I am so sorry Halifax40. It is so hard and seems so unfair. Take care of yourself.
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Good morning, everyone!

Do any of you use royal jelly and/or bee pollen? I wondered if you could recommend a brand? Sounds like a near miracle for diminished ovarian reserve. I hope so!
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Jen - I don't use either but I know that a lot of women do with success.

I am back from my baseline US and BW. I have a small cyst on my left ovary but we are proceeding anyway and I start my injects tonight (Menopur 150 iu!!) Woohoo!! I go back on Friday morning for another check up!
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Halifax I am sorry for your loss. That really sucks! Last year after my m/c I found TCM herbs vital to my sanity. I was really hormonally imbalanced and my TCM provider prescribed herbs that helped me feel more emotionally balanced. Without it I was really out of whack emotionally. Hopefully, that won't happen to you but if it does know there is help out there.

Jen I used royal jelly for about a year. I heard really good things about it. I did get pregnant last year but m/c I only stopped taking it because my supplement list was so long and very expensive I just needed to start cutting things and my TCM provider thought it was a good one to cut. I used the NSI brand through Vitacost.
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Kristin, I hear you on the cost of supplements. It seems like my list is as long as my arm!

Well, I ended up getting Y.S. Organic Bee Farms Royal Jelly & Pollen in honey. I hope it works since it is going to wreak havoc on carb-limiting diet! :-)
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Herbs and roots and berries, oh my!

Hola mamas

Since we're on the topic... would anyone be willing to share their list of supplements? It would also be great to hear what you pay for them, any side effects you might be experiencing, and whether you feel they're working! I know this would be helpful to me and I imagine it would be to others as well.

I'm not currently taking any supplements because I feel overwhelmed by the decision-making process (I can't take *everything* because I can't afford it, so how do I choose the best one, two or three?... same reason I don't use any skincare products to speak of, ha!).

I asked my TCM provider about her opinion on a handful (I think it was False Unicorn, Vitex, Maca, Cramp Bark, Partridge Berry) but she said she couldn't comment because her training hadn't included western herbs.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute!
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Im taking a prenantal vitamin that contains 50mg of vitb12, and 2000 of vit b6, i dont have the name handy, and will post it when i get it.

I have a question about the return of your cycle whilst breastfeeding, especially to those of you here who have done this a few times over,and can compare. I did post this question elsewhere, but hope i might get some interesting answers on this thread too.

he first time i did this, i was breastfeeding my first child 8 times a day approx. By 23mths pp, i was o'ing on day 17-20, and had a short luteal phase. Took progesterone, and got a lucky bfp in my first cycle.

2 years later, i am trying again, and current nursling is nursing about 6 times a day. Post partum month 23, i was like last time, O'ing day 17-20, short luteal phase.

Month 24, 25 pp, have been my cycles ttc. PP month 24, i O'd on day 15, and pp mth 25, day 13.

I took progesterone last month so do not know what my true luteal phase is like. Im taking it again this time.

My question is, what was your luteal phase like, once you started O'ing earlier in the cycle, whislt breastfeeding? Did it return to normal? Did the return of your cycle change each time?

I guess it would be nice if i didnt have to take the progesterone, but im taking it anyway, and i'll never know.

Grateful for any btdt :-)
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Hi Y'all!

I'm sorry I haven't been lurking or posting for a while. Just browsed to see what's been going on, and I want to express how sorry I am that both Shy and Halifax had m/c's recently. I hope that you both keep trying. Getting pg is a sign that you're still fertile, tho the m/c's must be devastating.

Waturmama, congrats to you! Keeping my fingers crossed for a full term pregnancy.

Welcome MamaDee4, SneezyKids and JenJerSnap. Love the names!
AFM, I'm taking a break from ttc while I search for a job and search for signs that it's the right (or wrong) thing to be pursuing. Odd that I've had a change of heart after trying for 4 years, but I've got to go with my gut instincts on this one (like with everything else).

Just spent 2 partial weeks in FL with my mother, who had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor (group of) in her lung. They removed the lower lobe of the right lung, as well as the lymph nodes. After I arrived home today, my mother sent a text saying that the dr. called with fantastic news....no cancer in the nodes! Whew! She's already had breast cancer twice and polyps removed from her colon, so this makes 4 cancers. Otherwise, she's very healthy and active. You would never know she is 71. She looks 60. I think she's upset that she keeps getting cancer, but she holds it together so well.

Hello to everyone else...old friends and new. You're all in my thoughts, even if I'm not here online very often.
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MsGB - Sorry to hear about your Mom's cancers but glad to hear that she is beating them all back!!

Maya - I am not a BTDT when it comes to what you're asking about so no help for you there! Sorry!

LitMama - I take a prenatal, extra folic acid, B-6, E and calcium, fish oil (1000 mg), CoQ10 (600 mg split - 400 mg in the morning, 200 in the evening), Expecta and grape seed extract with resveratol (3 pills per day.) I don't know the costs off the top of my head but the CoQ10 is torturously expensive.
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Halifax40, I am so sorry. I hope you have lots and lots of support IRL; but if you need more, I'm in the area and you can PM me.

WaturMama, glad to hear of your good news! We'll all be cheering you along the way.

msgoodbuns, I hope you find peace with this big, personal decision! I've been wrestling with it, too; though I find myself TTC and this would be my second baby, if it ever happens. It sounds like you're pretty clear on the stuff you need to be soul-searching, though.

Me, I am in waiting; though I have serious doubts IT happened this month. Only month 2 and not really taking it too seriously; as in, I haven't even written down the dates of my cycles, let alone temping or checking my cervix (which is what I did very successfully last time). I keep thinking I'll remember when AF came and of course, a week or so later I have no idea. At least DH seems slightly more on board than he was. For us, it's almost as much a DH-dance as a BD. No hard feelings though (yet).

Here's hoping for healing and luck for us all this month!
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MsGB, always so glad to see you here. It sounds like you are doing such a good job of listening to yourself--which I think is impressive and inspirational given that it is a path you have been on so long. Things always open up when I do really listen like that. I wish you well finding clarity.

On a more logistical note as threadkeeper, I'm not sure what to do with you on the 1st page. "Hopefuls," where you are now, maybe isn't a fit. Nor is "Getting Ready." Maybe we need a new category: "Considering"? "Considering Next Steps"? Any thoughts? You of course need to be on that page.

LitMama I take a 1/3 recommended dose of Rainbow Lite Prenatal vitamins when not pg and a 1/2 dose when pg. (I am nursing my ds a little, so that is part of the reason for those). I take a tsp of Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oil each day. I often am taking chinese decocted herbs from my TCM provider. When I was not pg I was drinking red raspberry, nettles, and oatstraw tea (semi-consistently, sometimes had trouble getting the herbs).

carfreemama, for a surprise for you!

AFM I met with a wonderful midwife today. I thought you'd all like to hear that when I asked her if she'd worked with women in their 40s much, she said she had and that last year she had two 45-year olds due in the same month.
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