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LitMama, so exciting that you are moving in and making a home with your dh!! May all that nesting make this your lucky, broody month!
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Originally Posted by mommymcnair6 View Post
The midwife basically told me the biggest problem would be the age of me and my husband (38 and 44). Ugh!

I just would love to receive some positive encouragement on the age thing. Thanks so much!!
i think it's a good sign for your fertility that you recently had a child (at age 37?) i had my first at 37, and got pregnant *super easily* with my second, at 40 (i was 41 when he was born). oh, and my husband was 58.

age is just a number. it's your health that really matters.

just checking in, ladies, to see who is pregnant! congrats on so many BFPs. i hope everyone gets their hoped for babies in 2010!!
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Originally Posted by ElliesMomma
age is just a number. it's your health that really matters.
Thanks ElliesMomma, I needed to hear that.
Things are still mysterious here. temp dropped yday, but still above coverline. did not drop further today. AF due, 13dpo, BFN. what next?
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Thanks for stopping by ElliesMomma!

shy, I hope that temp stays up.

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! I figured, if you BD today and have a temp shift on Saturday, your EDD will be Christmas, which I think is quite fitting for April Fool's Day. No foolin'!
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I forgot to do the OPK today and just found myself with a bunch of ewcf. Dang. Yes, a weird reaction to ewcf, but I'd like to figure out how the OPK correlates.
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temp is still up today. but will not test again till tomorrow (at least). I am reading too much (again). Either I want or I want two solid lines. (Okay, actually I really want 2 solid lines) No faint bfp for the faint-hearted!
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Hello ladies!

I've been lurking on and off. So, so nice to see this new thread in place by our dear Waturmama. I am also comforted to read Elliesmomma's post regarding our age group.

Pookie, I'm jealous, too, of your embryos. A few years ago I toyed with the idea of having some eggs put in deep storage, but never got around to it. I was naive!

Congratulations Neverbeenhappier!!! I hope this is a sticky one and wish you all the best.

Happy Birthday msgoodbuns! (lol, what a username!) I think it's awesome that you are TTC as a single woman. An ex-coworker of mine got pg at 41 by accident and wound up as a single mom. She planned to give the baby up for adoption but changed her mind at the last minute, and LOVES being a mom.

AF just visited me again, after a month of not actively TTC. We will have to get back to it with a vengeance this month. The cat has been acting up too...I never get a full night's sleep or a temp reading. Grrr...

Living under a toddler does nothing for my ambivalence - all we hear are high pitched screams and much running back and forth and back and forth.

Anyway, here's to spring and success!
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Hello kittyl.... enjoy your vengeance

temp is still up. no yet. either the maca + B6 have really worked to lengthen my LP, which would be great in itself or .... we prepare for the 12ww
feel like waiting till after easter to test.
fortunately i dont have any more tests, so it involved going to buy them.
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Hello everyone:

Well, we are officially into our first month of TTC! Boy, does it ever feel strange to be back in this place in our lives again. Dd was a planned only, hence why it has taken me until I am 42 to try again. DTD under these circumstances is so very sweet!

Right now everything feels fun and light. I am telling myself that whatever I do to TTC, it must enhance my life and health regardless of whether it results in a baby. So that means yoga, more veggies, no (or at least little) sugar and caffiene, lots of sleep...and bringing dh and I closer.

God, how I want to keep this lightness, whatever happens! I am so afraid of becoming obsessed, because I have waited for this time until dh was ready and stuffing down my own longings for so long. I don't resent him, I really don't. I just feel so very vulnerable right now.

Congratulations to Neverbeenhappier! Welcome, contactmaya.

Here's to a wonderful April!
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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to come out of my m/c sadness fog and move foreward, but still find myself saying things like, I should be 10 weeks pregnant now, or thinking about the fact, that I thought I might have the beginnings of a belly to hide(since we don't share until the second trimester) under my Easter Dresss tomorrow. Yesterday, I went shopping for a dress to wear to our daughter's First Communion in May, and I realized that I should have definitely been looking at a roomy one for that. Just all those little moments that make you feel blue.

I've been down this m/c road before, and while it was obviously never a guarantee, I always felt pretty certain we'd have another. This time, I'm a bit more nervous that my age is going to be a problem. I was so happy to be pregnant again before my 44th birthday in June and now that's pretty unlikely.

I think I've finally stopped bleeding. Gone all day today without any, so hope it's finally done.

Anyways, sorry to ramble, but just trying to process all of this and trying to get excited about TTC again.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.
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Beachlover. I can so relate to sadness over missing those milestones on the lovely road you thought you were on. Are you due for a good sob about this? I find those can be so cathartic, though I know not everyone does. Feel free to ramble here more, if that keeps helping you process.

Carfreemama, I love hearing about your fun and light and embracing attitude. You sound too awake to be obsessed for long. Happy car-free TTC ride!

shy, I hope AF is still staying away.

kittyl, sorry to hear AF came. I hope your TTC with a vengence is a lot of fun.

AFM I forgot to do the OPK again today! The weekend threw me off my routine I guess. I'm CD18 and my temp has not shifted yet. Not too surprising given that I was sick, but probably soon, so I would have liked to have seen that OPK. I'm not liking this needing to remember the OPK thing, but I'm not done trying to get used to it yet.

Dh just turned 45 and I turned 43 last month. Ds is 5. I realized if we are fortunate enough to have another dc this year, when s/he is 5 like ds we would be 48 and 50. I get a little tired thinking about it. I haven't worried about that much before. We are usually healthy and fit, but we've both been sick this past month so that might have something to do with it. I still feel so drawn to have another and have for so long. I guess I'll just let those thoughts stew and see where they go.
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beachlover, Glad to hear that the bleeding stopped. It is very hard. So very hard. At times I too found a good cry to be just what the doctor ordered. Charting also gave me something constructive to do, in fact I looked forward to it. I hope springtime helps to lift the fog. In case you haven't seen it yet, I found Randine Lewis's book The Infertility Cure, quite encouraging, esp wrt age.

CarfreeMama, what a lovely approach to TTC! And I love your name ... I am also carfree. And though it can be inconvenient at times, I have no doubt it has added greatly to our quality of life. DD is a pro at catching buses and trains! Not to mention she is used to walking , though nowadays she complains if it is more than a mile. Or even half

Originally Posted by WaturMama
shy, I hope AF is still staying away.
happy to report that she is. wanna see my chart?
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Thank you Shy. Now, how about you???Did you test yet??? Your chart looks great:-)
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I agree with Beachlover, shy, your chart looks great! I see a stairstep.

I had my first positive OPK today! This is my second month trying. Last month I got sick and gave up. It was the first time in a looong time I have seen 2 dark lines on any stick I peed on, and, though it wasn't my first choice test for that, it was very nice to see any 2 dark lines. Definitely helped motivate us to bd tonight. I'm curious if my temp will rise tomorrow. Mostly, I hope it helps us get the timing for healthy sticky babe.
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Hi everyone, just dropping by to see how everyone is doing.

Shy - Took a peek at your chart... Congratulations on the BFP!!! I am so happy for you!

WaturMama- Best of luck with catching that egg!!

beachlover- Glad to hear that your bleeding has stopped. I know how hard it is to be aware of dates and what they could have been, our loss at 19 weeks was so very hard and it took a long time before my mind stopped reminding me of every possible milestone...even now I still have moments when I think of how old our little girl would have been. It is hard any time, but that feeling of time running out only adds more intensity to the loss. Wishing you all the best in becoming pregnant again as soon as your body and heart are ready. You are in my thoughts!

carfreemama - Best of luck getting a BFP soon. Sounds like you have a wonderful relaxed attitude. I know what it feels like to start to become rather obsessed with TTC...I hope you can keep your "lightness" as you put it :-)

Best of luck to all the rest of you that are TTC. Hope to see more BFPs as I check back in here.

AFM - 7 weeks 5 days today. Trying hard to stay positive, but hard not to have fears, have simply seen way too many losses on here and another board that I frequent, and of course our own loss still weighs heavily on me. Just taking one day at a time and hoping that things work out for us this time. Have my first doctor appt today (unfortunately way too early to hear heartbeat yet and my first U/S won't be until 11-13 weeks for the NT scan). It is so hard not knowing if everything is progressing as it should. I also haven't had any morning sickness and not much for symptoms (other than sore breasts and being a little tired)...glad I feel good, but it doesn't help with alleviating fears.
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Did you test yet???
and Yes.

I can't believe it. I can hardly say it. I sing it: How precious did that line appear ....
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for all of us.

I'm 6w5d today and my morning sickness seems to get worse every day I feel more pregnant that I did with last fall's loss, so I'm taking that ad a good sign.
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Oh shy!!! Yay!!!!

And karen1968, yay to sticky-bean quesiness!!

Halifax40, so glad to see you here! I had one midwife and one fertility specialist tell me that when I'm pg again we could do an early ultrasound (I thought I they said 8 weeks, but that seems so close to 7.5 maybe it was 8.5 or 9) to check for a heartbeat to give me peace of mind. I'm not for extra testing usually, but that did sound worth it to me. Just want you to know that is an option that is out there in case you aren't aware. Tons of good wishes to you!
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CONGRATULATIONS, Shy!!!!!!! Yippee!!! Wahoo!!! Believe it!

Carfreemama, your light spirit is inspiring! I love the idea of the positive changes being a way of taking care of yourself, BFP or not. And, I think it's very natural to feel vulnerable when you want something so much.

Beachlover, glad that your bleeding is over, and I hope you start to heal and feel comforted soon. It is sooo hard to pass those milestones without the what-ifs.

Halifax40, sorry you're feeling worried! I too like the idea of scheduling an additional ultrasound so you can hear the reassuring sound of that heartbeat.

Karen1968, yay for icky vomitrocious morning sickness! What a good good sign.

Waturmama, hope your experiments with OPKs are going well. I just started using them myself recently, and I notice sometimes they jibe with FF (and my body), sometimes they don't, and I have no explanation for it. My acupuncturist smiles patiently at me when I discuss OPKs (I can tell she trusts my chart far more). And, I can really relate to that fear of fatigue! :yawning I always tell myself, I may have had more energy in my 30s, but I was a wimp! After 9 years of heavy lifting, sleep deprivation, games of tag, etc. I know my well of maternal strength is deep.

AFM, we had a blast with our TTC lollapalooza last week (TTC BD is the absolute best). OPK and FF and all my signs aligned perfectly this week, and our timing could not have been better. I felt so incredibly in tune with my body and very empowered. It was also very healing... when my marriage to XH ended, I had a 2yo DD and was deeply longing for another baby (and XH never wanted more than one child anyway). I never thought I would get this second chance, so circling back to TTC feels miraculous and sacred and poetic.

So, I O'd on Friday and now I'm 4 DPO and already feel a bit pregnant. Could just be the usual luteal-phase progesterone talking, but today I had tingly boobs and a bit of uterine cramping and super-yawniness a the end of the day. I always have very early symptoms, so I suspect I'll know one way or another before the 2ww is up. Tonight we go to celebrate my SIL's birthday, and I feel a bit self-conscious about conspicuously abstaining from drinking, especially as SIL and BIL have been struggling with infertility for the past few years, and I want to be sensitive to that.
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Halifax40 thanks for peeking at my chart. Right after I posted I saw your post and thought, wow, someone is already interested I feel very much the same way re: staying positive, but can't help worrying.

Karen1968 glad that you feel more pregnant, even though it does involve morning sickness I didn't have it with dd (or with the mc last year) and have been already fretting that I don't have any symptoms .. then last night I took a nap at 8pm. So maybe that is a good thing?

LitMama, hooray for you for enjoying ttc ... maybe we already know where you're going to be New Year's Eve? to you and WaturMama, our valiant threadkeeper. opks sound fun though I never managed to actually use them (still have them in the envelope).

thanks everyone for the wishes, for
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