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Hi ladies just popping. I have been MIA Took the kids to Oregon so we could all spend Spring Break with DH. We closed on our house and the day after I got back to Idahowe decided that the kids and i need to just tie up all loose ends and move. So Dh will be here this weekend to pack up our house and take it to the new house. The kids, pets, and I will be heading out April 23rd.
I had a normal cycle finally am just waiting to see how this one shapes up. I am not really charting anymore. I do temp mid cycle to try to figure out when af is coming since I can depend on the calender alone anymore.
It's good to see all the bfps I am excited for all of you.
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HAppy Belated Birthday MsGB !!!
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Litmama, I totally agree, TTC BD da best. So happy for you having so much falling into place. that you'll have a BFP soon.

Great to see you here, massaginmommy, and happy for you your whole family will be together in your new home, soon, though I know there's so much to do to get there, good wishes on that part!

I'm doing yet another post today, because I'm having pg symptoms, too, and this is totally confusing because I don't even know if I ovulated yet. But I am super nauseous, I've got senso-boobs. . I had my pos OPK yesterday. I had tons of ewcf today. And not yet a clear temp shift, but if it weren't for the other things I'd think it was yesterday. Very confusing, but I am hopeful--my boobs feel itchy and I feel wishy--a terrible rhyme but it keeps going through my head. I don't know what's going on, but like karen1968, I think nausea=good.

Lots of sticky baby dust for us all
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WaturMama, LitMama, and Shy- Thanks for the support. Would love to have an early U/S to set my mind at ease (hopefully it would all look fine), but unfortunately here in Canada it isn't an option. Our U/S are done at the hospital and require referral from your doctor and they would only do an earlier one if there were an actual issue, so it seems I have to wait it out. Also no private clinics that will do pregnancy U/S, except the 3D places much later on in one's pregnancy. In 3 weeks I have an appt with my doctor to try to hear the heartbeat with doppler, but it may be too early (especially as I have a tilted uterus that may make it harder to detect). It seems like such a long wait.
It is so great that all our prenatal testing, care, and delivery are free, but I must admit I would love to have the option to pay for an U/S to let me know how things are progressing.
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LitMama - Wishing you luck this cycle...sounds like you are in a great place right now!

massaginmommy- Best of luck with your move, lots of work, but very exciting for you!!
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Hi! I've been lurking here for over a year, but am now officially "Getting Ready" - please add me. I'm 42 and have a 3 1/2 year old DD. I started charting in earnest a couple months ago, and am hoping to start trying soon.

I really feel encouraged by reading this thread!
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Ladies... been gone for sooo long.

We gave up.
I came to this board in Fall of 2008 and stuck with you all for a while, and my heart dropped out... really though it was all over. i have so much catching up to do here. so much.
And such a surprise I have for you: !!!
I'll be 41 this coming Earth Day, 4/22 -- I think I am 7 weeks pregnant (a shock, wasn't even testing!), will find out tomorrow. Should be due about Thanksgiving.
PRAY for a sticky, please?

I'm posting here because you are the only place I ever went, and once I tell you my story, I think it may help some, and perhaps some could help me.

Glad to be back, hope everyone is well... need to modify my profile here and TAKE A NAP!
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Hi Ompath! I remember you

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. I am 7weeks tomorrow, so looks like we'll be due around the same time
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Ompath! I remember you, too. Yay about the BFP! Yes sending lots of good vibes for stickysticky sweet babe I'd love to hear more of your recent story and definitely hope you'll check in after tomorrow.

Welcome bookwormommy! Glad to have you here.

I got so excited last night. I set myself up for a "pie in the face." And I got one this morning. No shifted temp, like I expected. I still have senso-boobs today, and some cramping. I'm very confused and like to be able to read my body. It let open the flood gates of all my feelings about all the new babies at my son's preschool, all the families who's child is going on to kindergarten (like mine will), but have a second child (the age the one that didn't get here) so they will still be around, about our new ages after our recent birthdays--I had a good sob. I think it helped ground me a it but I feel a little tender now. Still for this cycle.
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Shy and Ompath

Belated happy birthday. Ms. Goodbuns and best of luck on your FET

I'm just dropping by to say that I've had a few disappointments, but I'm still trying. The single mom/donor drama has been a bigger deal for me than the advanced age: my cycles are regular, I still have tons of EWCM, and I'm still ovulating.

This cycle is a washout for me, but I've kind of had a feeling about May all along so we shall see what we shall see.

Terran is doing well and is still a fun, easy, and delightful baby. I just have to say that even though my life circumstances were hardly perfect and I did doubt myself along the way at times, deciding to TTC him was the best decision I ever made. I am so glad that he is here and I wish the same for all of you when it is your turn to graduate from this thread.
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Happy belated b-day, MsGB!

Massaginmommy, congrats on the house! How wonderful that your whole family will be under one roof. Good luck with the move!

Welcome, Bookwormmommy! What are you reading right now?

Ompath, I think your previous visits here were before my time, but welcome back and congratulations on your BFP!!

Waturmama, wow, that does sound very confusing. Thermal shift aside, did you have other signs of O this month? Oh boy, I know that feeling you described re: your son's preschool. A good sob does sound cathartic. and !

Noordinaryspider, sorry the single mom/donor stuff is more drama than joy right now. There's a single mama in my daughter's classroom who had twins last year via donor (so she now has 3 girls) and she's doing great, though I know it hasn't been easy. Fingers crossed for May!
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The story:

Hi everyone! Congrats to all who are pregnant, and BIG hugs to those with losses.
I'm hoping to remain with the latter, but today my doc said his only cryptic comment "Don't tell anyone for a month - 50% of these end up not working out."

Here is as much of the story as I can muster.

- Met: March 2007

- Vasectomy: May 2007, because we though his 3 kids were to live with us, and that would have made 3 kids under 10, and one just over. We only got my son and his daughter. His ex has been a money-grubbing pill.

- Married: April 8, 2008 (2 years ago today!)

- Vasectomy reversal: September 2008
Tried and tried and tried until we started with a ferility doc in April 2009 -- all I had done then was an HSG, and my uterus was double normal size, with a 3cm fibroid.
Depression over the drama, and busy traveling until August 2009. Stopped tracking anything, didn't return to fertility doc until August, 2009.

- Became VERY ill last Fall from Anemia. Was in bed for 2 months trying to avoid a blood transfusion. Lost 35 lbs from Summer to December (200-165). That has turned out to be a blessing, but I went through a myriad of tests so they could see if the Anemia was caused by anything other than the tumor. Upper and lower GI, EGD, Capsule Endoscopy, Heart evaluation tests/stress test... probably more, it became a blur.

- December I got an ultrasound (first since April's HSG), and the fibroid had grown to almost 6cm. I was in a lot of pain, too. My periods were killing me. So, in the doc's office, without telling me ANYTHING about the side affects, he got me to take a shot of Lupron-Depot. That threw me into menopause. Stopped my period. Mid Dec-Mid Jan was severe night sweats, weird neurological things... anyone need more info on that, let me know...

- Took 2nd shot of Lupron-Depot in mid January, vowing never again, crying in the office because I really didn't want to, looking a little nuts... but the doc wanted to shrink the tumor and then remove.

- Meanwhile, I decided I did not trust that doctor. I changed hospitals from UC Davis (teaching) to Sutter (non-teaching), and it was the BEST decision. My sister referred me to her GYN, and he is really on-it, and kind, and attentive. I'm lucky.

- In February I was sent for a 3-D ultrasound. They detected that the tumor was sub-mucosal and could not be cut out. The doc recommended either a) do nothing and continue with anemia b) endometrial ablation-I think... something that would render me unable to get pregnant or c) hysterectomy.

- I chose denial. I took a break from thinking. I got cleared from the heart doc to excercise after I got my blood count up, so I joined a gym with a trainer. Than my husband, kids and I went to Disneyland (Mar 1-5). I swore to be relaxed on that trip, and I was. When I returned, I thrwe myself into strength training and cardio...calorie counting, healthy eating. My physical state improved greatly in 2 weeks. I could control my heart rate, and I felt great. Then I had a weigh-in, and while my lean body mass was up, I only lost 3 lbs. Something was weird. I just wasn't feeling well during week 3. I thought I was down about the weigh-in.

- Last week, at the beginning of the week, I got a fever and became very congested. In my fever stupor, I became worried about my period starting again, and the blood clots that go with. I felt like I was not willing to carry on with Anemia. For a couple weeks I had been taking OPKs, and for a week was fading in and out of single and double faded lines, but for 3 days the lines were coming in freaky dark purple. I know that could be that I was ovulating, but I'd tried for so long, I just wasn't interested in dealing. I hadn't had a period in 5 months. I just wanted it over.

- I called the doctor's office last Wednesday the 31st of March to schedule my hysterectomy. I got a date for 6 weeks out. I was laying in bed after that thinking about the OPK. I flashed in my mind to two things: I vaguely remember reading that I could still get pregnant without having a period, and that OPKs can detect pregnancy. As a last shot, and I really thought this was more of a waste of money than anything, I had my husband go to the store and get a 2-fer box of preg sticks.
POAS 1 and both of those lines came right up. I was frozen in the bathroom. I said "Hey, Eric?" He looked. He said "How soon can you pee on another?" I said "Next time I have to go..." Yup, #2 positive!


(Why is it one has to make some sort of resolve that it won't happen to get a result?)

- Today was the ultrasound. I counted wrong. I think I am newly dyslexic, on top of my short-term memory loss...

I'm 6 weeks and one day, due December 1st <3

We saw the baby's hear beating, and my husband is just overjoyed. I've never seen him so bright and cheery, and he's a pretty happy guy.

So very tired now... Kerri
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Please put me with an EDD of 12/01/10 and also please remove the FF link - haven't been there in ages.

The heart beat looked so strong. Please cross your fingers for us!
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Originally Posted by ompath View Post
Please put me with an EDD of 12/01/10 and also please remove the FF link - haven't been there in ages.

The heart beat looked so strong. Please cross your fingers for us!
Done, and absolutely for you. Thank you for telling your story. That is so wild, mindboggling really. Wow. Lots of good wishes to you.
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Originally Posted by LitMama View Post

Waturmama, wow, that does sound very confusing. Thermal shift aside, did you have other signs of O this month? Oh boy, I know that feeling you described re: your son's preschool. A good sob does sound cathartic. and !
Thanks, LitMama. Not really other signs, besides the OPK and ewcf. My cf is still like pre-O. Still no shift this morning.
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Wow, ompath, that's quite a story! How wonderful that the little one has a strong heartbeat! I'll be for you and sending lots of vibes!

Waturmama, I hope you get your shift soon.
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Ompath, wow, thanks for sharing that amazing story! You're right, it is inspiring. I'm so glad you were able to preserve your fertility. Many, many congratulations on the BFP and the super-strong heartbeat, that sounds GOOD!

Yes, WaturMama, I hope that shift comes your way soon, too!

AFM, I am 7dpo and feel very positive (in more ways than one)! Too early to test of course, but my temp dipped on O day and then shot way up and has stayed up. I had one tiny bit of spotting, have tender, tingly boobs, bloating and a touch of nausea, dizziness, shooting vaginal pains, and *lots* of uterine activity... cramping, pains, weird sensations. My acupuncturist said my pulse was quicker than usual. My acu treatment is now "for the baby more than you", very gentle and designed to support and strengthen rather than change anything.

I'm dreading (and resenting) an out-of-town conference I'm presenting at tomorrow (with another, out-of-state one in two weeks). It's been very stressful preparing for it, I feel like I haven't had a moment to just relax and focus on this exciting feeling. And, I worry about how the stress is affecting implantation. But, I'm trying to not worry and have faith in my body's ability to handle this, especially after 3 months of acupuncture and other positive changes in my life. I'm down to 1/4 cup coffee in the morning (this has been the hardest thing, yargh!) and trying to replace it with green tea. Oh, I hope hope hope this was a good egg.
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Thanks, all

I'll be less self-centered, soon... when I get past the sleepies.
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Wow...two new pregnancies! Congrats, Ompath and Shy! I'm very excited for you both!

Laurie, good luck with the move.
I'm sorry I can't keep up with everyone's status, but know that I'm wishing each and every one of you very fertile cycles!

AFM, I had a horrible PMS for several days last week, with severe mood swings. It was very hard to have a positive outlook on anything. I def. had some depression. When AF came, it was time to start my estrace and gear up for the FET cycle. I did order everything, and started taking the estrace, but now I'm not so sure this is the right thing to do. No job, no man (support), no STD insurance, FMLA or anything to rely upon for potential bedrest and post-delivery and job protection (if / when I do get a job). And I'm beginning to feel that having a child at 46 / 47 is selfish and financially irresponsible / stupid. When the child is 18 I'd be 65, and should be about to dip into a nest egg for retirement, not shell out $50K / year (or more) for college. So I'm about 99% sure that I won't complete the FET cycle this month, and honestly, I'm not sure if I'll go forward at all. How strange to go from an ED IVF cycle in Dec to a complete turnaround in my plans.

On the upside, I've been interviewing with one organization back in Maine...should know in about 2 weeks if I'm invited for the final round of interviews. Been trying to get myself to write a thank you note from my interview the other day, but keep procrastinating. I'll get it done soon, I promise! (Update...sent out an amazing thank you letter...finally!).

Not expecting anyone to have the answers...just wanted you to know what's going on with me.
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Room for one more?

Hi everyone,
I am 38 (will be 39 in June). Since I'm closer to 40 than 30, I'm hoping this may be the tribe for me. Hoping to conceive #1 this summer.
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