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can you add me to hopefuls
8 mos
no ppaf
want a couple more,,,tough when bf'ing....grrrrr
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and holy poop !!!!!

yeah on the bfps

i will be 41 in a few mos....go girls!!!
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Ms GB, I'm having my own second thoughts but I did want to remind you that I'm going through the student loan process with an 18 year old this year, and it's looking very good as far as grants. No, he's not going to a $50K/year school, but he's very glad to have a little brother instead of a college fund.

saoirse2007, I hear you on the TTC while nursing; it took awhile for PPAF to come back, but my cycles quickly returned to normal and my pre-Terran CM issues magically resolved themselves! I'm still nursing and will be tandeming if I conceive--BTDT and not exactly my favourite thing to do, but it sure beats premature weaning.
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Originally Posted by Kelly71 View Post
Hi everyone,
I am 38 (will be 39 in June). Since I'm closer to 40 than 30, I'm hoping this may be the tribe for me. Hoping to conceive #1 this summer.

Hi Kelly71, I wish you so well conceiving #1. Very exciting! Many of us here conceived quickly at your age. As threadkeeper, and someone who recently turned 43, I'm resistant to letting our age creep down. We've added 39s, and I don't quibble there (this is so borderline because I see you are close), but I know some of us (including me!) really find it supportive to see those 40+ ages on our front page lists.

I encourage you to embrace and enjoy your still-in-the-30s reality. Maybe start a 35+ TTC if that feels like a better fit than 30+, and feel free to lurk and visit/ask questions here.

I am sending wishes that by the time you turn 39, you'll be joining pregnancy, not TTC, threads and by the time your turn 40 you'll have a sweet babe.
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Originally Posted by saoirse2007 View Post
can you add me to hopefuls
8 mos
no ppaf
want a couple more,,,tough when bf'ing....grrrrr
Gotcha on the list...with hope AF cooperates and #3 comes soon!
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Sounds promising, Litmama,

MsGB. If it helps, I'm imagining it being helpful to you to do whatever it is that helps you connect with your intuition, your wise voice, the wise mama part of you--maybe drawing, meditating, journaling, praying, dancing, and see what comes to you.

AFM, I'm 3dpo. . My temp shifted on CD23, so it looks to be a long cycle, but I am still hopeful. I thought the RE wanted me to go on progesterone suppositories this cycle. I had been resistant because I'm generally a minimal drugs type gal and there is plenty of evidence that I produce progesterone just fine. But then I got used to the idea and thought it can't hurt. So today, I talked to the RE's nurse, and she tells me my progesterone is probably fine and they don't usually do that unless the person is doing Clomid or IVF. . I guess we had a misunderstanding. At least she was nice about it and was willing to ask the doctor, but since the idea was mostly (I thought) from them I think I'll skip it--as we talked more it sounded pricey. Also, she kept saying it was messy, which doesn't worry me too much, but I'm curious how it is messy. Anyone know?
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As I understand it, the progesterone suppositories are oil-based, hence the "messiness" as they melt, once inserted. Here's an article about Progesterone and fertility.
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I'm Back

Hi Ladies - I have been so busy and really trying not to think about this whole baby thing. But, here I am again, 5 dpo, thinking about it. I know I should be really happy with what I have. And I am. But these m/c this past year or so have me really feeling that something is missing. KWIM? Some days I think things are perfect just the way they are and other days I can get teary eyed thinking about the little ones I have lost. And to tell the truth, I don't know if I can go through losing another pregnancy. So, what am I doing here????? Sorry, illogical rant over.

Anyway - Congrats to Ompath and Shy! That is so awesome. Sticky vibes to you both. That is quite a story Ompath.

As for the progesterone, the suppositories that are in the glycerin can be really messy - but it is so not a big deal if it helps you hold onto a baby. Just wear a panty liner.

As for college funds, MSGoodbuns, if you are semiretired your income will be low and your kid would be eligible for all sorts of financial aid. Either way, those things tend to work themselves out. I hope you figure it all out.

Nice catching up with you all.
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Hi, everyone. May I join you?

My name is Jen and I am 41. We've been TTC our 4th living child since 12/2007. Since then we've with 3 chemical pregnancies and 2 m/cs (one at 9 weeks, the other, twins, one lost at 7 weeks, the second at 10 weeks). We keep plugging along in our belief we'll get a sticky bean, but we do not discuss it with other people IRL because we've been told we're nuts. I could certainly use some support.

I do not chart because it makes me anxious, but do use a Clearplan fertility monitor and OPKs.

Last cycle, I took 50 mg of clomid to help mature the follicles only to have it delay my ovulation - for the first time since I began tracking it 10 years ago - until day 23. This month I am not taking clomid and, yesterday, at day 10 I had a nearly positive OPK which is so early that it is just as odd as a delayed O! Still, I am hoping it goes positive today and I've got some mature egg(s) waiting in there.

Looking forward to getting to know you.
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Hey fellow travellers,
im in my first tww :-). Im 6 dpo, and started taking 200mg of progesterone on 4dpo because im still nursing ds2...not sure how many times a day, maybe 5 or 6...

am 43, feel like the odds are stacked against me, but am confident nonethe less (delusional thinking maybe)

I *felt* pregnant in the first few days before taking the progesterone...slight nausea, cramping...but maybe thats just a reaction to the sperm. Now any symptom is just the progesterone, maybe my own, maybe the promotrium.

Just wanted to say hi, and ask to be added to the tww list :-)

Baby dust to all!!!
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Welcome jenjersnap! I love your user name. So sorry about your losses. I believe in beliefs that a babe is coming your way. I hope it is soon and trust that it will be at just the right time.

contactmaya . We don't have a separate 2ww list--just a hopeful list. I *hope* this will be your stickybean.

nymomma. I hear how much your heart is connected to spirits of new people.

I am 4dpo myself.

Check out this very hopeful story on mothering.com's home page: http://www.mothering.com/pregnancy-birth/new-mom-50

Thank you very much for the link lovestolearn! Very interesting. I never looked into progesterone cream before. I wasn't rejecting the suppositories for messiness, but for cost, which would add to our stress, especially dh's, which I believe would hurt our TTC journey. But the cream sounds much less expensive. I'd love to hear from those who are using it and any brand recommendations.
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I use Pro-gest made by Emerita--great price on Amazon. If you get it, make sure to order the paraben-free version.

It's great. Has helped my insomnia a bit and I'm on my 4th month and have gone from having very painful periods, requiring a lot of ibuprofen, to a completely painless AF in 3 months of use! Am experiencing some recent breast tenderness (...and perhaps growth? Great for my A cups!), but understand this will likely subside over time. Do read Dr. John Lee's site for more info.

We are taking a brief break from TTCing to focus on other things, so I can't attest to its effects on my fertility yet. I do see that it is having a positive effect on my cycle and my peace of mind.
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Thank you Waturmamma for the link to that story. It is really inspiring. And a homebirth on top of that! Wow.

And welcome Contactmaya and Jenjersnap. Hope your stays are short and sweet.
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Waturmamma, i used pro gest when experimenting with my luteal phase whilst nursing ds1, and thinking about ttc for ds2 (who is now 2:-) ) Because of nursing, my luteal phase was about 9 days. When i used the cream, it crept up one or two days. I was never sure if it was the cream, or the fact that my fertility was returning naturally. In any case, i didnt want to take any chances with ttc, and just asked for the promotrium (by prescription only, whereas the cream is over the counter). My midwife didnt think i needed it, but i took it just in case. I got pregnant on my first try back then, at 40, nursing 8 times a day (not at night)...course, i still dont know if i needed it or not, but it was better to be on the safe side....

However, if your luteal phase is long enough, then i see no reason for progesterone. It is really just to ensure you have enough time to allow for inplantation. After that, in my case anyway, i slowly reduced my intake from 200mg a day, down to nothing by then end of 2 weeks...gradually tho.

Not sure about progesterone in relation to age...

We are very close in our cycle, so i wish you a sticky bean this time!

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Thank you for the welcomes, WaturMama and nymomma.

WaturMama, I have used Pro-Gest for years in the 2WW. The compounded progesterone was too expensive and my MW told me it was a fine substitution as long as there wasn't a severe LPD. I think it falls into a "can't hurt, could help" so I feel better giving my progesterone that little boost.

Either I missed O on fertility monitor or I had a little surge that came close but didn't happen because yesterday's OPK was very negative. Hope I am not out for the month already at day 11. Makes me wish I temped so I could know for sure!
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Hi ladies, is my story really that wild, or is it just that I wrote it out?
Hope I wasn't too forward with all I revealed.

I've been going through exhaustion. Just trying to keep up, but today trying to catch up on writing that I've delayed... I am a little pre-occupied with the concept of telling people I've known about the pregnancy, and decided to put together a Q and A. If any of you ladies are interested, I've put together a thread for fielding questions that are thrown at those of "advanced maternal age". I thought a better location for me might be on the pregnancy thread, so I'll primarily stick over there, but would welcome connections with anyone here who has questions regarding what I went through to get here.

While we over-40 gals seem to get more strife in the way people react to us either being pregnant or trying, I opened this new thread to those 35+, as that is what the general public is told is "old". Blah. Would love your input. Should be fun!

Here is the link:
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Thanks for the progesterone cream answers everyone. I'm confused about it. I don't have a short luteal phase. It is usually about 13 days. When I had a chemical pregnancy a couple months ago my progesterone was 20 on day 12. From what I see on a quick internet seach that is fine. I put calls in the RE's office and my TCM person today to see their opinions. I like knowing that the progesterone cream is an option, but I'm thinking if I don't need it maybe best to keep things simple in the name of the lowering stress cause.
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My TCM person called me back and said she'd prefer for me not to do the progesterone cream not to muck with what is working. The the RE's nurse called back. She also thought it was fine not to do the progesterone, but it turned out I had written my progesterone number down wrong and it was 10, not 20 on 12 dpo of the chemical pregnancy (when my HCG was 13 which was just barely considered positive.). So that 10 is not as fabulous as 20, but she said it was fine. Meanwhile I am 6dpo and having some tingly breasts today, so .

Here's baby dust to all of us on the 2WW:
And sticky dust to the BFPs:
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Yay for tingly breasts, WaturMama! for you!

Must catch up with everyone else tomorrow! My apologies for being a board-hog tonight...

I am just home from quite a journey. After a week of increasing pg symptoms, all of them quite physical and unmistakeable (including tingly breasts), I got a BFP on a home test this afternoon at 13dpo (a very faint line, but definitely visible, DH could see it too). The minute I'd texted DH the good news, I began to spot. I emailed my Gyn, who was out of town but suggested I call the advice nurses. I then went to teach a 3-hour class! When I was done, I called the advice nurses who sent me to the ER. In the ER they did a pee test, a blood test, and an ultrasound (very exciting for DH), all of which came up BFN. The good Dr. looked me in the eye and said, "You're not pregnant, and you NEVER WERE pregnant. Your home test was in error." When I had mentioned in the ER that I'd had symptoms and was charting, he had been very dismissive.

Now that I'm done seething about the hubris of the medical establishment, I'm left wondering... what just happened? What keeps happening to me? Why do I feel pregnant, and get positive tests, and then the next day get negative tests and begin bleeding? Is it even possible for an RE to help me? Or will they just think I'm crazy? Am I crazy? Are my symptoms just caused by normal LP progesterone? This is the 4th time this has happened.

I guess at this point I'm BFN, but I still don't have AF, just very light intermittent spotting.

I am hoping wishing praying our experience with the REs will be better than this and that they can help us untangle this mystery.
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I am so sorry Litmama. That sounds so frustrating.
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